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Once Upon A Kingdom: Chapter 1B


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Once Upon A Kingdom: Chapter 1B

  1. 1. ONCE UPON A KINGDOMA Build a Royal Kingdom Challenge
  2. 2. Hyperia’s Noble families are the epitome of success to those below them, everyone aspires to some day be one of them.However, even among the Nobles there is still jealousy and scheming, the other Noble families of Kasumi and Tracehave long since held a grudge against the Starr family for being the first choice of the king when selecting wives for the princes. How else were they supposed to gain thefavour of the king when he hardly looks at their line? LordErian and his Lady Amaya are seeking to change the king’sopinion about the Starr family being the only choice for the princes, they were determined to prove to him that they had much better to offer him. Having a daughter of theirs bedding the prince would greatly increase their range of influence over the lower classes.
  3. 3. Lord Erian: This is excellent my love, I knew you would not disappoint me. We shall be ready when the king comes round to choose a bride for his heir. Lady Amaya: I have a feeling my Lord that we will be chosen, our family deserves a fair chance to mingle with the royal line.Lord Erian: I do as well my dear. That is why I am working on positioning myself high enough in the Political ranks to have a say in the kingdom’s law.
  4. 4. Lord Erian: Our daughter shall be the one to bear the next royal heir, I will make certain of it.Lady Amaya: Do be careful husband, we do not want to risk arousing the king’s suspicions of our intents. Lord Erian: Of course not my dear, I will be careful. Once I am Mayor, I will be in direct contact with the king and I’ll have the people’s votes on my side.
  5. 5. Lord Erian: The midwife informs me that you will be due very soon. We shall continue the trend of twins that the king has set, it will better our odds of having a daughter. Lady Amaya: I pray that you are right my Lord.
  6. 6. The midwife was right, and the next day the Lady Amaya began labour.
  7. 7. Lord Erian’s prediction was right; she gave birth to twins. One boy and one girl. Their son and heir, Shuuhei and their daughter, whom would be the one to marry Prince Derek, Hinamori.
  8. 8. They prepared their respective gendered children to enter the world of toddlerhood and begin their training.Lord Erian was moving up the ranks of the Political ladder in his effort to become the mayor of Hyperia, and the one whom would have direct contact with the king. He would use that connection to assure his daughter’s future as the next queen.
  9. 9. Shuuhei Kasumi Hinamori Kasumi Scorpio Scorpio 10/7/10/3/3 9/7/9/3/1
  10. 10. Young Shuuhei was more reasonable than his sister when it came to learning his basic skills of talking,walking, and learning the potty. He seemed to prefer his mother over his father and that pleased Amaya, but not Erian so much. His son would be the one to carry on his name and he was not about to let him become weak in the eyes of his opponents.
  11. 11. His daughter Hinamori had more of a stubborn streak than her brother, Lord Erian knew that she would be very persuasive when it came time to plead her case to the prince to choose her as his bride, this pleased him. She would do their family proud when she became queen.
  12. 12. Lord Erian made sure to impress upon his young sonthat carrying on the name of Kasumi was important. Though Shuuhei was too young to really understandhis father’s words, he did understand their importance to a certain extent.
  13. 13. Lady Amaya wanted to bond with her daughter while she was young. She had things she needed to learn as well, and some of those things can only betaught by a girl’s mother. Teaching her skills such as needlepoint and sewing would greatly help her outwhen she became queen and increase her value to her future husband.
  14. 14. Taking a break from child training, Lord Erian also knew of how important it was to maintain ties withother Noble families, even if that family happened to be the one he was trying to unsettle from the king’s favour. Maintaining appearances was also key to becoming a successful politician. Lord Diamos had connections with the king, and if Lord Erian could get in good with Lord Diamos he could use that to get closer to the king.
  15. 15. Lord Diamos: So you’re making a bid for a political seat in the king’s court? Lord Erian: Yes, and I was wondering if you could use some of your sway with the king on my behalf. It would be in both our best interests. Lord Diamos: I see. So that was why you asked me to come here today. And how would this benefit me?Lord Erian: Diamos, may I call you Diamos? Do not make it sound as if I have a hidden agenda here, I am merely doing my civic duty to the kingdom. Lord Diamos: No, you may not call me Diamos. We are not on that level of familiarity yet.
  16. 16. Lord Erian bit back a scathing remark, it appeared that Lord Diamos was not about to let him getchummy with him just yet, that would take some work still. Which suited him just fine, he was not afraid of a challenge. Lord Erian: As you wish. But pray tell, will you vouch for me? Lord Diamos: I’ll think about it Lord Erian: I shall be truly grateful if you could.
  17. 17. After Lord Diamos left, Lady Amaya came to inform her husband that she was with child once again. He was delighted to see her glowing, it went along with his plans perfectly. Lord Erian: I am thrilled my love, this is working out better than I had hoped. Lady Amaya: All goes well then? Lord Erian: Yes, all is going well. Soon I will be mayor and we can begin. ******
  18. 18. The third Noble house was that of the Trace family. Usually neutral in the politics of the kingdom, this house was fairly new and had not yet formed any particular affiliations with anyone yet.
  19. 19. Lord Thai Trace was also an unusual Noble; preferring to keep a consort around rather than a wife. His consort Maia would be the one whom would bear his heirs, but she would not be the only one he would haveeyes for. His fondest wish was to woo 20 ladies at the same time, it was not usually done so openly however, it was to be expected of one in a position of class such as he was to take on many lovers.
  20. 20. To minimize the scandal, Maia would never learn of his other lovers. To maintain appearances of course, and to make sure that the king especially did not know.
  21. 21. Diamos: Ani-Mei never said there was another simself joining us here, did she tell you about keeping in character? Thai: I got the jist of it yeah. But I make no promises.Diamos: Err, right. But no fourth-wall breakage and no using simself powers. Can’t have that. Thai: Sure.
  22. 22. Later that night…Ani-Mei: So much for not breaking character…good thing Maia has no clue.
  23. 23. Thai: You sure I can’t have one little fling with you? Please?Ani-Mei: No. Rules are rules and since the only woo-hoo is Try for Baby here, I would think you’d worry about that more. Now stay in character… Thai: You make the life of a Romancer way harder than it has to be here… Ani-Mei: …
  24. 24. Well if rules were rules…he wasn’t going to complain really. Only because he was going to get the chance to have those 20 lovers, what more could he ask for?
  25. 25. Lover #2: Marie Mazza, Pizza Delivery girl.
  26. 26. Next Day: Lover #3 Marie, Officer Marie.
  27. 27. Lord Thai’s trysts did not interfere with his duty to the kingdom and to sire an heir. Maia remained oblivious, distracted by her new condition. It allowed him more time to indulge in his wants and desires.
  28. 28. Lord Thai did remember to ensure that his heirwould be legally able to carry on the name despiteit being against his better judgements. Laws were laws after all; to be a legal heir, the parents had to be wed.
  29. 29. Lover #4: Danielle LillardLover #5: Sandy Fairchild
  30. 30. Lady Maia gave birth to their first child, a girl. Her father was not present at the time so it fell to her mother to name her, Maia named her daughter Kindle. She took after her father with the same dark locks, but she inherited her mother’s eyes.
  31. 31. The night of Kindle’s birth saw Lover #6, Nicki Zhang and a trip to Nerissa’sRaiments saw the beginnings of Lover #7, Melissa Fancey. All the while Lord Thaihas managed to keep his secret lovers from his wife.
  32. 32. Lord Thai: Let’s get started on that son shall we? Maia: You read my mind. ******
  33. 33. And here ends the Week 1 rotations. Four families equals one community lot, and with transition clothingbeing one of my pet peeves, they get a clothing store. Most other BaCC writers do a stats card at the end of one week’s rotation so here’s mine so far: # of Families: 4 # of Playables: 15 Population: (1x15=15) # of Fires: 0 # of Robberies: 0 I think that’s right, I have never done this before.