The Lion King


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Short stories are really good to read and thus to improve your language skills. Read this carefully, comprehend well and check your comprehension for its quality. Check your retention skills and recall abilities. Learning language is being made simple here.

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The Lion King

  1. 1. Walt Disney Series XIIThe Lion King
  2. 2. The Lion KingBabu Appat
  3. 3. Walt Disney Series XIIn this series I will tell you some storiesSelected from world classics.It’s to improve your• Language skills,• Listening skills,• Narrative skills,• Vocabulary, and• Comprehensive
  4. 4. Please Read on:It was an important day in the animalkingdom.
  5. 5. All the animals hadgathered at Pride Rock tocatch the first glimpse ofthe newborn prince Simba– the cub of King Mufasaand Queen Sarabi.
  6. 6. The wise baboon, Rafiki stoodon Pride Rock and held himup for all to see.
  7. 7. Later, King Mufasa,confronted his brother Scarfor not attending thecelebration. “ Oh, I feelawful.” lied Scar.
  8. 8. “I was next in line for thethrone till Simba was born,”he mumbled bitterly.
  9. 9. “What am I going to do withhim?” said Mufasa under
  10. 10. One morning King Mufasapointed the Pride Lands andsaid, look at the rays of thesun, Simba. Everything thelight touches is my Kingdom.One day it will be yours.”
  11. 11. But far to Simba’s left, theland was hazy and dark.
  12. 12. “What about that shadowyplace?” he asked.
  13. 13. That’s beyond our borders.You must never go there, myson,” replied Mufasa.
  14. 14. Simba tried not to bedisappointed. “I thought aking could go anywhere hewants,” he
  15. 15. Near pride Rock, he cameacross Scar. “Uncle Scar!Guess What?” he cried.
  16. 16. “I am going to be the King ofPride Rock. My dad showedme the whole kingdom!”
  17. 17. “Oh? Did he show you what’sbeyond the northern border?”demanded Scar. “He said Ican’t go there,” said Simba.
  18. 18. “of course. Only the bravestlions can go there,” said Scar.“I’m brave. Tell me what’s outthere,” pleaded Simba.
  19. 19. “An elephant graveyard,” saidScar, Scar grinned slyly asSimba and his friend, Nala thelioness ran to the forbiddenplace with Zazu the hornbill.
  20. 20. They had walked a long wayinto a territory where therewere no
  21. 21. Suddenly Simba saw anenormous elephant skull. Hewas delighted.
  22. 22. “This is the elephantgraveyard!” he cried. He wasabout to climb inside whenthree hyenas jumped out ofthe skull.
  23. 23. They were foul-smelling andfilthy. They circled theirvictims slowly, ready toattack.
  24. 24. Simba felt his heart beatingwildly as he and Nala ran fromthe hyenas.
  25. 25. Any minute now they wouldcatch up with them! He took adeep breath and kept running,when suddenly…
  26. 26. “ROAAARRRR!”
  27. 27. The hyenas spun around andlooked into the furious eyesof a huge lion.
  28. 28. “It’s King Musafa! Quick, let’sget out of here!” gasped oneof them.
  29. 29. Musafa roared again, and thehyenas fled howling into
  30. 30. “I was just trying to be bravelike you,” Simba tried toexplain. “I’m only brave whenI have to be,”Mufasa saidgently.
  31. 31. Then he looked up the sky.He said, “The great kings ofthe past look down on usfrom these stars.
  32. 32. They’ll always be there toguide you – and so will I.”
  33. 33. The next morning, Scar metSimba. “Wait here in thegorge,” Scar said.
  34. 34. Then Scar started a stampedeof wildebeests to get rid ofSimba.
  35. 35. But in his hurry to escape,Simba fell. Just then Mufasagrabbed his son in his mouthand rushed him towardssafety.
  36. 36. But a wildebeest knockedMufasa from the ledge.Injured, he managed to clingto a rock.
  37. 37. He looked up and saw Scarabove him. Scar dug hisclaws into Mufasa’s frontlegs.
  38. 38. Then, with a deadly push, hesent Mufasa down to hisdeath. Mufasa slid down andwas still.
  39. 39. Simba ran down to his fatherand sobbing loudly, buriedhis face in his father’s mane.
  40. 40. “Simba, what have youdone?” demanded Scar.
  41. 41. “It was an accident,” wailedSimba, “He came to saveme,”
  42. 42. Scar shook his head, “If itweren’t for you, the kingwould be alive, Run away anddon’t ever return here,” hesaid.
  43. 43. With sadness in his heart,Simba ran down the length ofthe gorge.
  44. 44. Meanwhile Scar readiedhimself to assume the title ofthe king.
  45. 45. Simba ran till his legscouldn’t carry him anymore.Exhausted he fainted.
  46. 46. Just then, a fat warthogPumbaa and a skinny meerkatTimon saw Simba and helpedhim.
  47. 47. Pumba asked Simba to staywith them for a while and hewillingly accepted.
  48. 48. Years passed, Simba now hada great mane around his headand shoulders.
  49. 49. One day, Simba met a lionesswho jumped on him just likeNala used to.
  50. 50. She looked very familiar.“Nala?” he asked.
  51. 51. “Simba” Nala replied. Whydid Scar tell us that you weredead?”
  52. 52. Nala said that Scar was kingand he let the hyenas do whatthey wanted.
  53. 53. “Simba, with you alive, Scarhas no right to the throne,”said Nala.
  54. 54. But Simba refused. Nalalooked away. She couldn’tbelieve Mufasa’s son wouldturn back on the pride.
  55. 55. That night he met Rafiki thebaboon. “Look up there,”Rafiki murmered.
  56. 56. In the sky Simba could see ashadow of a lion with a mane.
  57. 57. “Dad?” asked Simba.
  58. 58. “You see, he is watching overyou,” whispered Rafiki as hedisappeared into the darknight.
  59. 59. The next day, Simba returnedto Pride Rock which had beenstruck by draught.
  60. 60. He saw his mother, QueenSarabi being ordered by Scar.
  61. 61. “Step down or fight, Scar heyelled. Why don’t you telleveryone here who killedMufasa,”
  62. 62. Scar roared, Sorrow floodedSimba’s heart.
  63. 63. Simba backed away in horrorand his hind legs slipped offthe cliff.
  64. 64. “Scar went to the edge andsaid”
  65. 65. “This is how Mufasa lookedbefore I killed him.”
  66. 66. “Murderer!” cried Simba ashe lunged at Scar’s throat.“Tell everyone what you justsaid,”
  67. 67. “I killed Mufasa,” Scar yelled.
  68. 68. With ear piercing battle cries,the lioness chased thehyenas away.
  69. 69. “Please don’t hurt me,”pleaded Scar.
  70. 70. “I am your family.”
  71. 71. Simba paused to consider hisuncle’s plea. “Run away then,and never show your faceagain,” said Simba.
  72. 72. Scar pretended to leave, “Y-yes your Majesty.” Then,snarling, he spun around andstruck Simba.
  73. 73. Simba moved quickly.“You’ve lost your chance!” heroared as he heaved Scarover the edge.
  74. 74. The Pride Lands came back tolife. One bright dawn, all theanimals once again journeyedto the foot of the Pride Rock.
  75. 75. On top of Pride Rock, Rafikiraised a cub – the daughter ofthe King Simba and Queen Nala– high in the air.
  76. 76. She would be the futureQueen of the Pride Lands.
  77. 77. The Lion King is a 1994 American animated epic musical dramafilm produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation and released by WaltDisney Pictures. It is the 32nd animated feature in the Walt DisneyAnimated Classics series. The story takes place in a kingdomof anthropomorphic lions in Africa, and was influenced bythe biblical tales of Joseph and Moses, and the WilliamShakespeare plays Hamlet and Macbeth. The film was producedduring a period known as the Disney Renaissance. The Lion King wasdirected by Roger Allers and Rob Minkoff, produced by Don Hahn, andhas a screenplay credited to Irene Mecchi, JonathanRoberts and Linda
  78. 78. Some Questions:1. Who is Mufasa?2. Who is Scar?3. List out all the characters in this story.
  79. 79.