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Where Angels Fear to Tread: Episode 8


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Teenagers and Secrets, what else could be going on in Angel's Haven?

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Where Angels Fear to Tread: Episode 8

  1. 1. Last time, Adam came face to face with his own imminent mortality and begged his little brother Cain to turn him into a vampire. He moved in with the other resident vampire Fricorith Tricou, who had explained to Eve when he first arrived that he had travelled all the way to Angel’s Haven from Hidden City in Greece. He also planted a small seed in Adam’s head about his paternal grandmother Ani-Mei. Adam, who had never met his grandparents took this seriously and started to consider looking into her past. Though one has to wonder if it’s really Fricorith that should be investigated…why would he come all the way across the world to settle in a devastated region? Is he trying to escape from something? What, or who, is he trying to forget?
  2. 2. Joseph sat on the floor with his triplet siblings, with no school to go to the teenagers were bored out of their minds. And there was no where to hang out in Angel’s Haven… Joseph: I’m just saying, why don’t we go do something? I’m losing my mind here staying in all day with our aging parents and vampire uncle. Come on guys…
  3. 3. Margaret, the go-between for her brothers had been feeling the same way recently. Margaret: Where would you suggest we go? There’s no parks, no arcades, no theaters, nothing but a coffee shop across the street from us and a cabin thing…not cool for teens. Joseph: We could go downtown, I heard that they still operate illegal clubs like the Crypto Night club and the Midnight Flows. Margaret: Mom will kill us. She’s afraid we’ll be ransomed off by the mob or something.
  4. 4. Isaiah was the next heir, he was fighting the boredom as well but was not willing to break the rules…yet. Isaiah: In the land of Eternal Winter, the flowers of youth are struggling to bloom. The cold, grey gloom makes even the most fragile blossoms wilt and fade away; much to their dismay. Joseph: Huh? Margaret: He’s bored and feels like he’s being stifled trapped in here all day too.
  5. 5. Sometimes even Isaiah would crack…like taking out his frustrations on his brother’s Evil Snowman. Isaiah: Avast ye wintery villain, for I am here to vanquish thou, and save the Tower from your cold evil grip… He even spoke without a poetic tune in private…
  6. 6. Isaiah: GRAAH!! HAHAHA!! *smash* I have vanquished the Evil Snowman of Doom!! The Tower is safe once more!!
  7. 7. Evil Snowman 1: I have regenerated!! Let us take the Tower my wintery brother!! MWHAHAHA!! Evil Snowman 2: Yesss Master…take the Tower…yess…
  8. 8. Good Snowman: What will I do Penguin Boy? I can’t take on two of them alone!! Penguin Boy: They are criminals Good Snowman, they will eventually succumb to their combative egos, just wait for the right time to strike…we can save the Tower. Good Snowman: You’re a genius Penguin Boy!! What would I do without you? Penguin Boy: You would be in far worse trouble without me watching your back.
  9. 9. Evil Snowman 1: I am the leader here!! I say we storm the front minion!! Evil Snowman 2: And I say take away their resources first, cut them off!! And you don’t pay me enough to keep calling you master!! Evil Snowman 1: WHAT?? How dare you!! I made you!! I can destroy you!! Evil Snowman 2: Oh yeah? Why don’t you come over here and make me obey!!
  10. 10. Good Snowman: What do you know? Penguin Boy was right. They will destroy each other and I just have to watch and wait…*dumdidumdidum* Evil Snowman 1: Curse you!! The Boy Who Speaks in Rhyme didn’t give me legs. Evil Snowman 2: Haha!! All talk and no action huh?
  11. 11. Two days later… Evil Snowman 1: Almost…almost…I moved half an inch… Evil Snowman 2: My voice is almost gone from laughing at and taunting you… *wheeze* Good Snowman: She’ll be comin’ round the mountain when she comes, she’ll be comin’ round the mountain when she comes… Man are they still at it? Oh she’ll be comin’ round the mountain, she’ll be comin’ round the mountain, she’ll be comin’ round the mountain when she comes!!*toottoot*
  12. 12. Evil Snowman 1: Noo!! I’m melting!! I’m melting!! Oh what a world, what a world…eyahhh… *melts* Evil Snowman 2: BOO YAH!! I win!! I win!! HOO RAH!! Good Snowman: Well this was unexpected… Evil Snowman 2: Now it’s just you and me Goody-Good…
  13. 13. Five minutes later… Evil Snowman 2: Oh bollocks… Good Snowman: Ah man, I was so close to winning too…where’s Penguin Boy when I need him? Evil Snowman 1: *still dead* Thus concludes the Ani-Mei Was Bored slides. Now back to your regularly scheduled Apocalypse chapter.
  14. 14. The kids did go out to the Atomic Bean, the coffee shop across the street after night fall. Taz was back with the car by then and Eve insisted they take the car even though it was right across the street. Isaiah: What smell through yonder window breaks, it is the eastern grown coffee and Isaiah is the desperately caffeine deprived heir. Barista: Umm okay? The radiation got you good huh kid?
  15. 15. Margaret: Gee thanks for making me tell everyone that you played too long in the radioactive snow for that display Isaiah. I do so love making you look less nuts than you truly are. Joseph: Totally bro, what was up with that? Isaiah: Coffee, poetry Both go hand in hand don’t they? Since the culture is dead.
  16. 16. You may or may not have noticed the other towers in the background of my Snowman Theater shots, but they belong to the Gavigans and the Newsons respectively. Since there’s no high school, and no teens, I decided to use the Sim Binners for them until I get Education lifted in Generation 4. It’ll give the kids someone to date and/or play with. Though they won’t be having anymore kids, the Gavigans still had their Isaiah grow up. (I just don’t like Mary for some reason)
  17. 17. Isaiah G: Hey alright!! I got halfway decent clothes…uhh dad? Been sneaking a few too many treats there? Nathan: Shut up boy, I’m entitled. Isaiah G: Sure…whatever you say pops. Nathan: Man, he’s a teenager for two minutes and already he’s mouthing off to me. He got Knowledge/Family I think…
  18. 18. And at the Newson Tower, Georgia and Garrett grew up. So I have four kids and two teens in this house, and no high school. Yay. >_<
  19. 19. Meanwhile it was finally time for Taz to join Eve in elder hood. I am so glad Sake lifted Pet Service, I would hate to lose control of these two…but guess what? As soon as he began his spin…*crash* Yes…again it crashed. Don’t know why, Adam was gone, he took the clothing with him and I deleted and replaced the locker dresser after he was gone so only the household’s clothing would be in it. And yet…it crashes. So I reloaded again and tried once more.
  20. 20. It worked this time and no crash, maybe the lot’s bugged or corrupted I don’t know, but until Joseph lifts Politics and Isaiah lifts Law we’re stuck in the Corrupted Tower, but thankfully no more elders for a while. I wish Taz and Eve could retire, I hate sending elders to work if they don’t have to. As of generation 2’s end they have $180 000 something in the bank for the rebuild after the generation 3 lifts are done.
  21. 21. Isaiah was getting closer to his birthday and Cain still wanted to find him a wife. It took some convincing on his part to get Eve to let him take Isaiah to the illegal Crypto Club, but he managed. And while he was there… Fricorith: Cain? I didn’t expect to see you here. Cain: I’m spouse hunting for Isaiah, why are you here? Fricorith: Hunting in general. I know how that sounds, don’t look at me like that, but I have to eat.
  22. 22. Cain: I wasn’t judging, but since you mention it, I’ve also been feeling the Urge. How do you deal with it? Fricorith: Experience, I’ve been a vampire for, I don’t know 30 or 40 years now. I kind of lost track of time after I was resurrected by that thing controlling my cousin… Cain: What thing? Fricorith: Never mind.
  23. 23. Fricorith: It starts out as a small twitch, then it grows to a shaking, then you just get so frustrated, hungry, and angry that you lash out at anyone near you. And usually that’s when they start bringing out the torches and stakes…then you run. Cain: Speaking from experience are you? Fricorith: I didn’t realize how strong the Urge gets if you ignore it, I—I never truly had to worry until…
  24. 24. Cain: Until what? I must say, you’re kinda freaking me out. Fricorith: I left all that behind in Hidden City, no need to bring it back now. Cain: I see…well I’m at the Shaking stage so what do you suggest I do? Fricorith: Find someone and suck them dry, don’t worry about consequences. This club and the others around here look the other way when the Fanged come to hunt, it keeps them in business, oddly enough. No laws and all, you get the idea.
  25. 25. Cain: Find someone and suck them dry huh? Hmm… Sam*: Oh bollocks, did I ever pick the wrong day to come here…I didn’t want to see this. Cain: Find someone… *Simself Seraph of SuperFr0g. Writer of the Wrongway Legacy (<3), the Boon OWBC, and the Krunkles ISBI, as well as the After the End Apocalypse starring Miranda Blue as the founder. Also legacy-connected to Fricorith and Hidden City. /plug
  26. 26. Cain: Find someone…suck them dry… Fricorith: Maybe I shouldn’t have told him to do that…
  27. 27. Kisuke: Now I know what Eric was talking about…vampires…they are worse than the demons we hunt.
  28. 28. Isaiah: Avert mine eyes from the Grim Spectre of Death…for I fear the vision shall remain entrenched in my mind for all the rest of my days…
  29. 29. Shinia: Remind me again why I traded shifts with Morte…I hate vampire deaths. They are so hard to write up…and this one had potential too. Poor Jihoon…
  30. 30. Shinia: Damn you Morte… *cell tone Dooom, doom, doom Doommm*
  31. 31. Shinia: Oh well…job’s done for now. I still don’t know if I can tell Kaze that it was his own grandson who did this one in…somehow I doubt he would take well to that bit of info.
  32. 32. They drove in silence all the way back to the Tower. Isaiah: Uncle…how could you? Cain: What? Isaiah: I saw…
  33. 33. Cain: You…you did? Isaiah: You killed that man…I saw you bite him…why? Cain: Isaiah…I had to. I had no choice. Isaiah: There’s always a choice… Cain: It was either some random stranger or one of you guys, I would rather not have to even think about what I would have done if I had ignored the Urge any longer…
  34. 34. Cain: Please, don’t tell Evie what you saw…keep it a secret. She’ll never trust me again if she finds out. Isaiah: I don’t know if I can…I’m just so shocked that I can’t even think of a poem to express my feelings. Cain: I made a mistake when I was your age, I made a deal with a demon. Then the demon double crossed me and now she claims she can call in the favour for this…what she did to make me this way. I’m most scared of that day coming.
  35. 35. Isaiah: What do you mean by that? Cain: The demon who bit me said that giving me this curse was a new deal entirely separate from our first one, and that she will reserve the right to “call in” the favour for it whenever she chooses to. Isaiah: She threatened you? Cain: Yes. And it’s my cross to bear, I don’t want to drag you, your siblings, Evie, Taz, or Adam into it with me. Evie doesn’t know anything about this…I’ve only told you.
  36. 36. Isaiah: Well I am going to bring the Law back to Angel’s Haven maybe I can help-- Cain: No. Isaiah: But uncle… Cain: Isaiah, I love that you want to help me but this is demonic law we’re talking about here, not the laws of man, they have different rules. Isaiah: Who would know about how to deal with demonic laws?
  37. 37. Cain: My grandparents would…but I don’t know where to find them. Isaiah: Your grandparents? Cain: Yes, they are—special Isaiah. Very special. Isaiah: How so? Cain: They are angels… ******
  38. 38. Let’s take a moment to meet the newest cat to join Angel Tower, this is Balin. He will lift Pet Show Biz for me. Yes, a stray and I was surprised that the game even spawned a Japanese Bobtail cat as a stray in Angel’s Haven. I nearly missed getting a hold of Balin, thankfully it was on Adam and Fricorith’s lot so I sent Adam out to befriend the awesomely spawned kitty. Once he did I found out that Balin is a mean little brat and was fighting with Sake and Rose all the time…he has an Aggressive Aries personality, perfect for the cutthroat world of Show Biz don’t cha think? He also came with all but three skills learned!! Adam taught him to Use Toilet since Medical won’t be lifted until this generation. Isaiah’s spouse, I’ve chosen Melissa Fancey for him, so I hope my memory is right and she is still in the Medical track…but Cain is the only one who knows her and I have to wait until Tuesday to call her over and move her in…and also after dark.
  39. 39. See? Mean kitteh is mean. I think this victim was Rose. How mean is that, beating up a girl? I wanted Apocalypse kittens too.  Then Rose and Sake started fighting, they had a 20/17 relationship too before Balin the Terrible came in and upset their household. Now it’s like -2/-3 boo. If anyone knows the cheat to control pets, PLEASE tell me…I haven’t had kittens in my game in like forever. Pets just hates me.
  40. 40. Deceptively cute, and a ham for the camera. Perfect movie star pet…the little terror.
  41. 41. Keika: How rude, three chapters and not single plot about us. Gabie: Hmm? Oh yeah terrible that. Keika: You’re not supposed to be so non-chalant about it… Gabie: Must study…shh.
  42. 42. Sam: I get wings and a pretty dress!! Pony: I know, cool huh? Sam: Fluttery!! Pony: Yep.
  43. 43. Pony: Yay!! My Angel Boy!! Mwah! Gabie: Where’s our Angel Boys huh? Keika: Speak for yourself, I got a vampire lusting after me…granted a hot blond vampire but still… Gabie: I’ll take him if you don’t want him. Keika: I didn’t say that…
  44. 44. Ever look closely at what’s in the jar when they catch butterflies? It’s a green branch thing and they are always Monarch butterflies. I have default replacements for butterflies installed but the jar is only programmed to show the Monarchs. Too bad though, I have some pretty ones. Why they spawn in Eternal Winter is still a mystery to me…
  45. 45. Keika: Those are my Flutterflies… I know. I took another picture just because.
  46. 46. “You are sure of this? We have been looking for months and months…” “I am. I am 110% sure it is here.” “I do so hope you are right, I hate winter.”
  47. 47. “It will not escape us this time…we will have our vengeance.” “We will?” “Of course.”
  48. 48. “Finally!! I can avenge my family!!” “It will pay for this…no one insults our Clan and lives.” “I can’t wait…and we even have our bait…right?”
  49. 49. “Right. Isn’t that so girls?” “Hai…” “Fricorith Tricou…your reign of evil will end here. Mark my words.”
  50. 50. “Our clan has hunted vampires for centuries, our will passed down from generation to generation. And it will end with you. The cycle of vengeance will end with your ashes. And we will eliminate any other Fanged that we come across too.” ******
  51. 51. Next time on Where Angels Fear to Tread: And this ends Eve’s chapters. Next time we get into Isaiah’s chapters and see the next heir take over. I have waited forever for the generation three kids to grow up. You have no idea how long teen hood takes with no college to ship them off to…and how long I’ve waited to rip down Angel Tower and rebuild it to satisfy my OCD about space. I hate being cramped and confined!! *angreeface* I have to take Isaiah’s banner shot sometime too…