Once Upon A Kingdom: Chapter 4B


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Once Upon A Kingdom: Chapter 4B

  1. 1. ONCE UPON A KINGDOMA Build A Royal Kingdom Challenge
  2. 2. It seemed strange, lights in the sky, odd whirring sounds, clouds parting when there was no wind or anything of the like to do so;Hyperia had never seen or heard of such things happening before. Many were convinced it was sorcery or witchcraft and that theywere being punished for some great misdeed by the gods. Reports of it where quickly quelled when the first cries of dark craft were heard. And so no one spoke of it happening again, until it happened twice…
  3. 3. Life at the Starr Estate was carrying on as usual, the youngest Starr child. Rose learned that playingyourself at chess is harder than it looks since you know every move your opponent is going to make…
  4. 4. Having your big brother teach you how to study is no fun either. Rose would rather sit at her chess boardand outwit her siblings rather than herself. She was ever the serious child and sought the company of study books rather than childish games.
  5. 5. Her triplet brothers were upstairs in the game room playing with the new girl at school Alise Cooke. It seemed rather lonely to be one of the only children left when everyone else is growing and maturing into young teens all around you. As an adopted child, Alise was usually the topic of gossip around the private schoolcircles, she was not in the same private school as they were, she was still in public school. But that did not stopthe names like “Little Orphan Alise” and “Charity Child” from spreading throughout the school. Rose paid them no mind, she just went back to her book instead. Let the cruel harpies like Rangiku Kasumi and her sister Hinamori gossip and sneer all they liked, she would never see a point in it.
  6. 6. Her and her brothers were about to join the teenager classes as well. She had already picked her life path young so she knew exactly what she was going to choose to study in school.
  7. 7. If Rose cared for such spiteful gossip, then surelyher transition and that of her brothers would be the new topic, she was grateful her mother had the foresight to purchase more respectable attire from the local mercantile shop.
  8. 8. Ani-Mei: So Dee, we’re now parents of six teenagers…I can hardly believe it. Diamos: I remember those days, I had six myself remember.Ani-Mei: That was another lifetime Dee honey, not here, not now so shush about that. Diamos: Okay, okay. And no wish to Cheat Death this time either. Ani-Mei: Yes, please no. I don’t need anymore game borkage from that. Diamos: Now who’s breaking character? Ani-Mei: Shut up. I’m allowed, you’re not. Diamos: Uh huh…
  9. 9. Often, while Diamos was at work, Lady Ani-Mei would head down to their store. The change of the business’s nature was essential to maintain a profit so they changed to an art supplies store, to brighten and enlighten people of Hyperia with the joys of art. Lady Ani-Mei managed to raise it to a Rank 5 businessand they began to turn a tidy profit. It helps when your easiest customers are also your close friends like Lord Thai here, who simply had to take three easels and couple of dream catchers off their hands.
  10. 10. With six teenagers at home, the Starr Estate became one of the preferred hang out spots for half ofHyperia’s noble children. But Kira had other reasons for wanting to come home with one of them, he could nolonger bear the burden of carrying the knowledge of his family’s plot against the Royal Family; he had to tell someone.
  11. 11. Kira: My Lord Starr, I must tell someone what I know; withholding it is killing me. Lord Diamos: What is son? Does your father know you’re here? Kira: Yes sir, but he knows not why. Lord Diamos: Are you alright? Has something been going on with you at home? Kira: Yes, but not with me sir.
  12. 12. Kira: My family, in particular my father, he plots to overthrow the king and his line…and heplans to use my sister and brother to do so. He wishes to be king and have our family rule this kingdom. Lord Diamos: But Prince Derek is his heir, and he has three other sons. How can he plan to overthrow the monarchy with that stacked against him? Kira: If Prince Derek has no sons, they it would fall to Prince Xander to bear the next royal heir, my sister Hinamori plans to be the one who will wed him to do so.
  13. 13. Kira: And if that fails, Rangiku has her sights set on Prince John I am at a loss as to what to do about it. I do not want to bear the name of the family who usurped the crown…but Iknow that if I go against my father, he will disinherit me and I cannot lose my family’s name I will not survive. Lord Diamos: Why come to me? Kira: You are the king’s General sir; he values your input…and you irritate my father so it works out for both of us.
  14. 14. Lord Diamos: I will tell the king immediately at the next meeting. Be sure of that son.Kira: I knew that I could trust you sir. I believe I have always known that I could. Haven’t the foggiest idea why… Lord Diamos hid his smile; he knew why but as Ani-Mei had chided him on more than one occasion, he couldn’t break character.Lord Diamos: If worse comes to worse son, we will not turn you away. You have a safe harbour under my roof and my name. Kira: I—I thank you sir!! I do not know what to say…
  15. 15. Lord Diamos: Prince Derek will have a son to carry on his name, my Violet has the twin gene in her and she is guaranteed to have at least one son. Kira: I am not sure what a “twin gene” is but it sounds important. Lord Diamos: *cough* Well then never mind…have you met my daughter Rose? Kira: No sir, I have not had the pleasure. Lord Diamos: Oh, well I’m sure you could find her upstairs if you wish to talk to her.
  16. 16. As Fate would have it, young Lilly had caught the attention of Prince Nicholas. He is third in line for thecrown being born seconds before his twin Prince John was. Once it came time for the announcements of the four princes’ engagements, it was going to be a clear tug of war between the Kasumi and Starr Noble lines for succession. The Trace line was the third party in the war for succession due mainly to the philandering of itshead Lord Thai. The kingdom’s people and its ruling parties would not accept a queen from a line as scandal-ridden as the Trace line. At all the meetings that was made most clear by everyone in a unanimous vote against it.
  17. 17. Prince Nicholas: Lilly, Lilly, Lilly; my lovely Lilly. If I had to marry it would be you, I cannot imagine being without you. Lilly: My prince…I am of the same mind-set. Prince Nicholas: Call me Nick, please. Lilly: You know I cannot do that, it’s not respectful enough. Prince Nicholas: I insist. Only you may call me that.
  18. 18. Lilly: Nick…my Nick.Prince Nicholas: That’s so much better don’t you think? Lilly: Yes, it is actually. Prince Nicholas: I am glad.
  19. 19. Prince Nicholas: Once I am of age, I will ask your father for your hand formally and with all due course of my rank.Lilly: Daddy would accept your proposition even if you just asked him normally. He wants all of us to have partners we love like he has with mother.Prince Nicholas: He is a wise man indeed. I only wish my father felt the same; he would insist on all formalities being performed properly. Lilly: He is the king after all.
  20. 20. Lilly: I am most blessed indeed to have won the heart of a prince.Prince Nicholas: Nay, it is I who is blessed to have such a beauty as you give me her heart. Lilly: You really are a prince. Prince Nicholas: That I am.
  21. 21. Unlike his middle sister, Tyler was not so fortunate to have the one he loved as a wife. He was the heir to his family’s name and therefore forbidden to marry below his class. Ruby was the daughter of a Merchant, not suitable for the heir of a Noble family to wed. He had only one option; pass his heirship to his brother Dalen.But he recently learned that his brother Dalen had the same dream to attain 20 Lovers, such as was the case forLord Thai. Even he knew he couldn’t let the Starr name fall into the same category as the Traces; not when theking favoured his family for spouses for his heirs. That left Kyle; the youngest son. The youngest son was usuallyexpected to go into the trades rather than handle the reigns of heirship; and taking over for him just so he could wed the girl he loved was highly unprecedented and unlikely to garner favour from the king…it was a tough dilemma.
  22. 22. Ruby understood his position; she knew the law just as he did. Unless her father or her brother successfullymaintained 5 Top Level Businesses she would never have a shot at Tyler and even if they did, that honour ofbecoming Nobility would fall to her children and those of her siblings, not her. If she had to let him go, then she would have to move on as would he.
  23. 23. For Dalen, he rarely had such dilemmas of the heart. He just wanted to string along 20 Lovers and enjoy the fun it would bring him. He knew he would have to choose one to wed, it was his mother’s wish that he marryand settle down; but until he did that he saw no reason to stop browsing the market now, so to speak. His FirstKiss and first lover was none other than the class gossiper Rangiku Kasumi. That made him nervous; there was little that escaped either hers or her sister’s notice and their wicked tongues…
  24. 24. Rangiku: Well, well isn’t this just precious? I get you? How droll. Dalen: I know our families don’t like one another…but…Rangiku: I heard you want to be a philanderer like that loathe-some Lord Thai, I can tell you right now, cheat on me and I will destroy you…count on it. Dalen: *gulp* Rangiku: There’s a good boy. Know your place.Dalen: You aren’t serious are you? I mean really? Rangiku: I do not jest; I should think that you would know that by now. Dalen: What have I gotten myself into? Rangiku: Hmm, what indeed?
  25. 25. Diamos: So here it is, the last birthday…are you saddened my love? Ani-Mei: Kind of, but such is the circle of life. Rose: What are you talking about?Ani-Mei: Nothing my precious one. But I willmiss that lovely raven-coloured hair of yours Dee, so mysterious, so sexy… *fans self* Diamos: I love you, you know that? Ani-Mei: I know…I do too.Rose: I am not sure whether to be happy or sick…you two are so…involved with one another. Diamos: Let’s get it over with then. Ani-Mei: If we must…
  26. 26. Ani-Mei: Granny Headmistress? Really? How come you’re going second? Diamos: Got lucky I guess. Ani-Mei: *grumbles* Diamos: Love you too honey.
  27. 27. Ani-Mei: Oh come on, that’s not fair!! You’re still hot!!Diamos: What can I say? I am truly gods’ blessed! *smug grin* Ani-Mei: To the closet then…
  28. 28. Diamos: Is it really that bad? Ani-Mei: No…it’s not…Diamos: I would have thought you’d pull some Simself magic and keep us young or something. Why didn’t you? Ani-Mei: Have to stay in character here, that means getting old and grey. Diamos: I suppose.
  29. 29. Ani-Mei: I still adore you my beautiful Peace God. Even now. Diamos: I know, but hey we can always come back right? Ani-Mei: Maybe one day. Diamos: Or just watch from afar somewhere else right? Ani-Mei: We’ll see.
  30. 30. I still adore them, even old and grey. Still triple-bolt stalkers. Under the eyes of their portraits, this concludes the Starrs fourth week. ******
  31. 31. At the Trace house, the younger twins Aliya and Shawn were ready to join their siblings in teen hood, time moves swiftly on for all in Hyperia.
  32. 32. Like the Starr house, this one too was filled with teens. It seemed that even the Royal heir-potentials were notdeterred overly so by the scandal of the Trace house. Prince John did not see what the problem was, he knew Eric and Dahlia quite well; his older brother was currently infatuated with Dahlia.
  33. 33. Aliya’s clothing choices had everyone thinking about her. Her twin fared better in that department though. Aliya didn’t mind, she knew she had something much better to wear in the wardrobe anyway. Aliya Trace PO/K Capricorn 10/3/3/10/8 LTW: Be Mad Scientist Shawn Trace FO/PO Capricorn 9/3/5/9/8 LTW: Be City Planner
  34. 34. Aliya: You won again?Shawn: Best two out of three, come on. Aliya: Fine…one more time.
  35. 35. Aliya: Ready, one…two…three!! Aliya and Shawn: Draw!! Aliya: We’ll never resolve this will we?Shawn: Three out of five, come on!! Go!!
  36. 36. Kindle: Do you think father even considered what his philandering would do to our family’s reputation?Dahlia: Father rarely gave it a passing thought…he does what he wants when he wants to do it, damn everything else. Kindle: It has affected everything we do now, Kira…his sisters are vicious gossips. I have heard that their father will not allow us to be together because of it. Dahlia: I know, I am in love with Prince Derek, but because of father I will never have a chance to be with him. The people will not accept a scandal-plagued queen.
  37. 37. Eric: I wouldn’t worry too much about it. People have short memories, most won’t even care about it; as soon as the next big thing comes along. Dahlia: Says the boy who wishes to bed 20 women. You know that will only sharpen their tongues if you do that. Eric: So maybe it’ll become a trend, we could be trend-setters. Kindle: I rather think not brother…
  38. 38. Kindle: How can we ever expect to find a worthy man to wed us? Dahlia: I don’t know sister…I worry about it too.Eric: Really, I don’t think it’ll matter for much longer, father will find someone for you two and Aliya too, I know that for a fact. Kindle: I do not think so. Scandals rarely go away…they only worsen with time.
  39. 39. Eric knew he wasn’t convincing his sisters any. He wanted to think it would go away, but he also wondered if Kindle was right and time would make it worse and not better…maybe he should rethink his plansomewhat. He surely did not want hoards of children around…and bedding 20 women meant that was a very high possibility.
  40. 40. Eric thought some harmless stargazing would ease his worries…unfortunately that was not the case. Nearlyas soon as he aimed the telescope, he saw a bright blue light fill the night sky and he was being lifted into the air!! What gods’ forsaken creatures were they that had him so ensnared in their mysterious beam?
  41. 41. Eric was not so inclined to find out…but he couldn’t escape the power of the beam so he had to resignhimself to whatever fate beheld him, as if their family needed another scandal to dog their steps…Kindle was probably right about time making things worse.
  42. 42. After hours of torturous treatment at the hands of the beings, Eric was tossed unceremoniously back to the ground where his entire family ran outside to witness his humiliation.
  43. 43. Dahlia: Oh gods…will we ever live down this scandal? Why has Fate turned so cruelly against us? Shawn: At least it wasn’t me! Dahlia: How mean little brother…think how Eric must feel…oh gods what did they do to him up there? Shawn: I hope to never find out.
  44. 44. Lord Thai: Way to take one for the team son!! Yahoo!! Eric: Father!! How could you??!! Lord Thai: That’s just who I am my boy.
  45. 45. Eric: I’ll never live this down!! My reputation is ruined!! Lord Thai: What reputation? Eric: We’ll never know now will we??!! Lord Thai: I suppose not…
  46. 46. Aliya: That’s what happens when you use the telescope at night brother, it’s much better used to spy on people during the day than at night. Lady Maia: Oh, my poor, poor boy…
  47. 47. The next day…Kindle: Are you sure you can be here Kira? I wouldn’t want you to get in trouble because of me. Kira: I don’t care Kindle, I’m not worried what father will think…much. Kindle: Oh, are you sure about that? Kira: Mostly…almost…a bit.
  48. 48. Kindle: I don’t want to lose you… Kira: I hope I won’t have to lose you either. You’re my best friend, my oldest friend Kindle. Kindle: You are mine too… Kira truly didn’t want to lose her, but the offer Lord Diamos made to him concerning his youngest daughterRose was still on his mind. His father didn’t like the Starrs, but he hated the Traces even more, it was really a matter of the lesser of two evils for him…Rose or Kindle?
  49. 49. Lord Thai: Guess we had to bite the bullet sooner or later too my dear. Lady Maia: I know, but I was hoping for the latter. Lord Thai: It feels strange to be aging this much… Lady Maia: How so? Lord Thai: Because I’m a—uhh never mind you first my love.
  50. 50. Lord Thai: Gahhh!! My hair!! What happened to my hair??!!Lady Maia: What happened to my back? I am creaking like an old floor board. Lord Thai: Uhh, wardrobe!! Lady Maia: I second that.
  51. 51. Lord Thai: One more time…scissors!! Lady Maia: Curses!!Lord Thai: I win!! I’m still foxeh!! Oh yeah!! Lady Maia: I concede defeat.
  52. 52. Lord Thai: Now, let’s see who gets to die first… Lady Maia: I find that morbid husband…Lord Thai: Oh come on it’s just a silly game, it’s not binding…I hope. ******
  53. 53. For Christopher Columbus, he was determined to make Columbus Curios the place to come and buy in Hyperia. He had a vast collection of rare and unusual relics from his days as a Merchant sailor and hewanted to share them with his neighbours. He was soon doing well, he had a growing clientele and a list of suppliers who were most eager in lending him a hand.
  54. 54. Of course his most revered clients were King Henry and Queen Celia whose interests often brought them to his door to buy and to look at the newest imports he had received. His business had achieved a stupendous Rank 8, making his little shop the most profitable in all of Hyperia. It appealed to his Fortune-seeking nature to have such wealth; even if it paled in comparison to the Kasumi fortune. He wanted to leave hischildren and grandchildren a legacy they could be proud of and to one day grant them Noble status. For that he needed to attain four more Rank 10 businesses. He planned on it.
  55. 55. Saphira was given a mysterious lamp one day, said to contain a powerful genie who would grant three wishes to whomever asked. Saphira took one, seeing as she was a woman and therefore she would never have been allowed toBecome the Law for Hyperia, Charmaine took one because her wish of having 3 Kids Graduate College would not beso since Hyperia had none, and finally Garnet took the last one, because women Scientists were not allowed either and she wanted to be able to live her life without fear or worry from now on.
  56. 56. However, her brother Kieran, being male was free to pursue any scientific interests he desired, even if thosedesires led him to take risks on what the general people called “sorcery”, “dark craft”, and would forever brand him as an outcast. But Kieran cared little for the opinions of the people and went ahead anyway.
  57. 57. His desire to meet “beings” from another world was soon granted. They came; and he was ready and willing to go with them…
  58. 58. Though it did concern him that they wished to spirit him away through the roof…he did not want to get stuck halfway through the rafters and heavy slate tiles…
  59. 59. Charmaine: So it’s come to this beloved, are you saddened?Christopher: No, I am at peace with it. Passing the reigns to Kieran and indulging in spending my hard earned money to invest in his future and that of our daughters, I am ready. Are you? Charmaine: No woman ever desires to age, but thus is life. I shall accept it. Christopher: As long as you’re by my side, I am happy.She did not speak of her involvement with Lord Thai…for he never knew of it. And for that, she was most grateful to whatever gods were smiling upon her. She truly did love Christopher more than anyone else.
  60. 60. It was a moment Charmaine wanted to remember; aging along with her beloved husband surrounded by her loving children, she could live happily in her golden years with him at her side.
  61. 61. Christopher aged into a distinguished gentleman, though the suit was not his style… Though the same could not be said for her, sweet gods, what was this abysmal thing she wore? Kieran: Nice digs mother, truly.Ruby: Ditto…ye gods mother, please tell me you have other clothes… Charmaine: I do, you two…
  62. 62. Christopher: I love your colours my dear, very becoming. Charmaine: You as well husband, suitable for your status as most well-to-do shop owner of Hyperia.Christopher: I plan on acquiring four more businesses of top rank; I wish to see our grandchildren earn Noble status by the time they grow up. Charmaine: A lovely sentiment my love, I would surely live longer just to see that become a reality for them. Christopher: As would I my love, as would I. ******
  63. 63. While the Columbus family planned for their grandchildren’s futures, for Aaron Hood he was trying to find someone to begin his family with. Though the conditions of his birth hampered his efforts tremendously; therewas very little tolerance in this kingdom for his “kind” and finding a woman to wed and breed with become ahard-paced dream. However, because he was born to a Peasant family, that really mattered little to the Nobles and the Royals.
  64. 64. Vyn was slightly interested in him, however she did not show it on the surface. Aaron figured she was expecting someone of higher status and wealth to fall for and not someone like him. Of course he couldspawn children as his mother had him, but that would remove him from the line of his father Robin, his half-brother John was their true heir, he could never hold claim to the family name.
  65. 65. However, when he came home from work one afternoon, he was shocked to see the king and his queen in hishome!! Why would the Royals take an interest in his lowly family? Surely they had better things to do? Hismother was falling over herself, trying to please the king and apologized frequently for the shabbiness of her home; for she felt it truly unworthy of His Royal Self being inside it. King Henry dismissed her frequentgroveling and said he merely wanted to get to know his people and especially those who caught his attentions as being “unusual”. Word of her condition had reached His royal ears, it was humbling to say the least.
  66. 66. Aaron knew the truth though, he and the queen were good friends and had been for a while now. He was madly attracted to her, but he knew that as a peasant he could never dream to have a woman of her beautyand status in his arms. He dared not speak it aloud for fear of repercussions from the king. Aaron dreamed of having a wife as lovely and beautiful as Queen Celia one day…
  67. 67. He soon learned his mother was with child again. Aaron knew why, Robin had a desire for another son tocarry on his name with. He loved Aaron as a son but because he was not his blood, he could not allow him to carry on the family name. It hurt, but such was the way of things in Hyperia…
  68. 68. He worried for his mother being out in the darkness of night; they were dependant on the sun to sustain themand a child would put more stress on her body and drain her much faster than normal. Maid Marian assured him she was fine and the child would not drain her overly so.
  69. 69. The birth was difficult, Marian was tired. She held the tiny infant in her arms, then frowned. Robin: What is it my dear?Maid Marian: A daughter, I am sorry for not bearing you a son husband.Robin: A daughter…what shall we name her? Maid Marian: How about Annabeth? It is pretty is it not? Robin: Lovely my dear, Annabeth it is. ******
  70. 70. Sorry about the abrupt ending, I only took 12 pictures for the Hoods this time around. Toomuch is going on with the Nobles and I fear that the others will fall somewhat by the wayside while the plot plays out, I hope no one was disappointed… Anyway, here are the final stats of Week 4 : # of Households: 7 # of Playables: 41 # of NPC Community Lots: 1 # of Owned Community Lots: 3 (Columbus [Rank 8], Kasumi [Rank 3], Starr [Rank 5]) SM: (2x7; two generations in each household), SM=14 Population: 41x14= 574 Careers Unlocked: Criminal: 3 of 5 filled (Columbus, Trace, Hood) Military: 1of 1 filled (Starr) Oceanography: 0 of 5 filled (Gold Fishing Badges for Kira, Shuuhei, Erian, Diamos, and Ani-Mei) Politics: 0 of 1 filled (Kasumi retired) Law Enforcement: 1 of 2 filled (Cooke) Education: 0 of 2 filled (pop. 250x2) Intelligence: 1 of 3 filled (Hood), Diamos is still a General so that earns another spot in Intelligence Architecture: 0 of 1 filled (having 10 lots=1 opening)