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The Quest for Peace: Redux Chapter 2


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The Quest for Peace: Redux Chapter 2

  1. 1. Chapter 2<br />The Quest for Peace:<br />
  2. 2. With Hestia growing like a weed it was necessary to expand the house further. I had finally found my dream job to become the Hand of Poseidon and I was well on my way to the top. Of course being a close, personal friend of the god himself helped me along as well I have recently made it to Deep Sea Diver. Alana found a job at my old precinct of the HCPD and her career is taking off to new heights as well, she's in the top ranked class which will receive hero training. While our home was growing, our family was too...<br />
  3. 3. Alana and I decided to have at least one more child if by some chance something happened to little Hestia, gods forbid that ever happening. But with Dalen still biding his time I wasn't about to take any chances with my legacy, though I haven't had any memory warnings lately. The voice in my head seems to have quieted for now.<br />
  4. 4. Imagine our surprise when our one more child turned into two. We welcomed them of course, our odds are better with three anyway. We had fraternal twins, a boy and girl we called them Adonis and Daphne. This little bundle is Daphne, our younger daughter.<br />I wanted the honour of tossing our son into toddler-hood. My only son, I don't play favourites with my kids of course but every man needs a son at least in this place. Male children are still preferred since it was a big part of the Greek's religion but I'll be just as happy if one of my daughters inherits my mission. I just hope Adonis doesn't follow the path of his namesake and end up entangled with the goddesses Persephone and Aphrodite.<br />
  5. 5. Our little Hestia was also growing up too, so as soon as her brother and sister were settled we went into her room to watch.<br />Alana: That's it baby girl!!<br />"Come on sweetheart, you can do it."<br />Hestia: Daddy!! Daddy!! I did it!!<br />"That's my girl."<br />Alana: We're so proud of you honey, your siblings will love to be able to play with you now.<br />Hestia: I wanna play with them too mommy.<br />
  6. 6. Our renovations took most of the money so all we could afford to get for the kids was a simple activity table. It was well worth the price if it allows them to bond with each other, because I know they'll need that strength and bond if they are to survive against whatever Dalen may throw at them after I'm gone. I shudder to think what the God of War has planned if he even knows what I'm up to down here.<br />
  7. 7. Hestia, our little helper. She kept up with the cleaning around the house despite the fact that our butler is here for that reason. I would often see her flitting about the house cleaning the counter, sinks, toilet and shower while she would hum a soft melody. I have never taught her that melody, nor has Alana it makes me wonder where she got it from. When I asked her about it, she said she learned it at school.<br />
  8. 8. "Honey, why don't you let the butler do that. He's paid for it."<br />Hestia: But daddy, it was grungy. And how can I play tub pirate if my deck hasn't been properly swabbed?<br />I laughed; she definitely got her playful side from me.<br />"Oh I see, well carry on Captain Hestia. Make sure the SS Tub is cleaned and prepped for sailing."<br />
  9. 9. Where does the time go? Before I knew it was already time for the twins to join their older sister at school. Alana had just made SWAT Team leader that day I remember, and I was getting closer to my goal. I had recently become a Protector of Whales at work. Sending the kids to college wasn't going to be that hard anymore at least.<br />Adonis: Alright!! I can see myself in the mirror now!!<br />
  10. 10. Daphne had a talent for art, it was a rare sight to see the easel alone while she was around. Daphne preferred her paints to getting familiar with the mirror like her brother, I just hope Adonis doesn't become like his namesake. If I remember the myth correctly, Adonis was a very handsome god which caught the attentions of Aphrodite and Persephone, he had the two goddesses fighting over him and who would get to be his lover. Naturally this made him extremely obsessive with his appearance. And it seems that my Adonis is following that same pathway now given the amount of time he spends with the mirror, I hope he doesn't repeat the mistakes of his namesake but in Hidden City...who knows?<br />
  11. 11. Adonis: I just want to know, how can you possibly like that red head Chandler over me? I'm soo much better looking.<br />Leslie: He also doesn't brag about it to everyone in the class.<br />Adonis: How else is everyone gonna know who's the bestest?<br />Leslie: ....<br />
  12. 12. Leslie: Why did I even agree to come home with you?<br />Adonis: I'm the bestest that's why.<br />Leslie: You're a jerk Donny.<br />Adonis: Don't call me Donny, it's such a poor name for someone as amazing as me.<br />
  13. 13. Adonis: Mother!! So glad you're here!!<br />Alana: I'm glad to be here too baby.<br />Adonis: I'm the bestest, greatest, kid in the whole school right mommy?<br />Alana: Of course baby. You're my handsome little man.<br />Adonis: Leslie doesn't think so.<br />
  14. 14. Adonis: So Leslie's like, Oh you're such a jerk...blah blah ..<br />Daphne: Uh huh...<br />Adonis: I mean come on, how can you compare me to someone as common at Chandler?<br />Daphne: Right....<br />Adonis: I'm the bestest at everything, sports, math, even geography.<br />Daphne: Can you pass me the green block?<br />Adonis: Yeah sure. You're such a good listener Daph.<br />Daphne: I know. >.<<br />
  15. 15. Elsewhere in the outlying areas of Hidden City, where most of the gods have their temples set up, the feuding of the gods was getting worse.<br />Anna: Hermes, you jerk!! Get of my mom's temple!!<br />Hermes: Why should I half-breed?<br />Anna: Don't call me half-breed!!<br />
  16. 16. Artemis: Hermes what are you doing here, harassing my daughter like this!!<br />Hermes: Oh please, I can do whatever I want.<br />Artemis: Not in MY temple you can't!! Now take off Fly Boy!! And why are you dressed like that? You look like a hobo.<br />Hermes: Make me, if you can that is. Not that it's your business, but I happen to like these clothes.<br />
  17. 17. Hermes: What's that? You got a little bit of red there...<br />Artemis: What? Where?<br />
  18. 18. Hermes: Made you look!!<br />Artemis: Why you!!!<br />
  19. 19. Anna: How immature, calling me half-breed, using such a stupid prank on my mother the Goddess of the Hunt.... I'll show him. Hey Uncle!! Come mere a sec!!<br />Anna: I'll show you what a half-breed can do moron.<br />Hermes:* ZZZZTTTTTTTT*<br />Anna: Who's stupid now?<br />
  20. 20. At the base of Mt. Olympus, where it's dark and dreary most of the time, another pair of gods had taken over the old temple of Ares.<br />Batalia: You know I hate doing this brother, why do make me do it?<br />Dalen: Cuz it's fun for me sister that's why.<br />Batalia: This is the last time I bow to you, I'll cut your head off if you make me do it again.<br />Dalen: You do paint a colourful picture sister dear. So what's the problem?<br />
  21. 21. Batalia: A new mortal has set up a house in town, someone we've never seen before. He doesn't share the same level of devotions as the others and he seems to doubt our powers.<br /> <br />Dalen: So?<br /> <br />Batalia: So, I think we should make our presence known to him before he puts ideas in the others' heads.<br /> <br />Dalen: And what do you propose we do?<br />
  22. 22. Batalia: Send his brats a message; make them aware of how great our powers are.<br /> <br />Dalen: So other than that what else makes this mortal so interesting to you sister?<br /> <br />Batalia: He has the power of Diamos, I can sense it in him. It's diluted and very weak but the power of the God of Peace is in him.<br />
  23. 23. Dalen: DON'T LIE TO ME!!<br />Batalia: I'm not, our dear brother's power is still here.<br />Dalen: I will not lose everything!!!! I've worked so hard for to this!! I will not let peace reign again!!<br />Batalia: And I totally agree brother dearest. I didn't kill our father to take his power as war god only to have Dee ruin it with his soppy, worthless ideals of peace invading the mortals' minds.<br />Dalen: We can't let everything we've worked for fall apart now. I've finally come back to being who I'm supposed to be, the God of War.<br />Batalia: Hmm, yes I know. We can't have you going all good and nice on us again can we? Why else would I be here?<br />Dalen: Send out the call; everyone and everything who wishes to remain in my good favour, to come to my temple and propose their plans for killing off this mortal, and his entire line before they even get started.<br />
  24. 24. Dalen teleported off in a huff of fury; Batalia had the perfect plan to eliminate the line of the Peace God.<br />Batalia: I'll send in the Furies; they do so love a good maiming of innocent children.<br />End of Entry Three.<br />
  25. 25. *ominous music* It's the beginning of the plan Dalen has for maintaining his hold on the mortals. I hope you liked it, I thought about what creature or person I could send after Oliver's heir and the Furies came to mind. The Furies were vengeance deities who would inflict mortals with either persecution or insanity by request.. Come back soon. ^.^<br />