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Altered Fates: Chatpter 16


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The legacy lives on!! Praise back-ups.

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Altered Fates: Chatpter 16

  1. 1. Okay, let me just say that ever since my other laptop suffered motherboard failure I was sure this legacy was gone in only the fourth generation.Turns out the Geek Squaddies hid my Documents folder inside another one and it was easy to miss. So first I tried to copy/paste my hood onto my desktop here, then I realized that the N00x number of the hood was wrong and I was going to have to go in, rename all 700+ character and lot file names to get it to show up in the UI. Ani-Mei is not patient enough for that so…next best thing. I extracted all my heirs and spares from both hoods using SimPE then waited 10 minutes for Body Shop to load to get them saved into an installable file (only to realize that SimPE had already made them all show up in the CAS) >_< I lost my Jedi/Sith plot from Duality B, I can still use Loki though. So here it is, the first reboot chapter of 2016!!
  2. 2. *tickticktick* PSST!! Ani-Mei!! *turns up volume* ANI-MEI!! Ani-Mei: Oh what? What do you want? Can’t you see I’m busy procrastinating for four months!! I saved them, my Alpha and Beta heirs, they’re fine.You need to get over there and tell Pips. Ani-Mei: Do I HAVE to tell him that his whole family is gone and he’s all alone?
  3. 3. They’re not gone, I said I have them all. I just haven’t figured out what I’m going to call them so I don’t have fifty houses with the same last name in one hood. He knows you. Ani-Mei:Yeah, well it’s not you who is in hitting range if he doesn’t like what he hears, is it? This is Duality A, Pips has his fixed Nice personality…since he lost pretty much everything else in the computer change *cough* Ani-Mei: Well at least I don’t have to deal with the angry Sith lord wannabe, Alema Rar hehe. Gabriel can suffer.
  4. 4. Pips: So tell me again, what happened to everyone…I don’t think I understand. Ani-Mei: Well, it involves real me lamenting for four months over your family’s supposed deaths and then finding your hood safe and sound hidden away inside another folder on her back-up… Pips: I said I didn’t understand, you’re just making it worse.
  5. 5. Ani-Mei: Okay…breaking it down.You’re the heir in a new Duality A, twice motherloded, so you get to make a fresh start here. Pips: Oh now I get it! I’m free to act like a real Romancer here!! Sweet!! I felt so confined and weird in the other Duality A! Ani-Mei:You still need to marry have generation five…otherwise the Alpha name dies with you.
  6. 6. Pips: Uhh, well you will perma-plat me first before I have to be shackled down right? Ani-Mei: I can do that…sure. Pips: Awesome!Then until I become a Rock God I can Romance all the ladies I want right? Ani-Mei: I guess… Pips: I think I may actually like this heir stuff now.
  7. 7. Ani-Mei:You’re taking this well…don’t you even miss everyone? Like Azrael? Or your parents? Pips: Who? Ani-Mei: Oh dear… total memory wipe. Pips: I’m free to Romance…yeah this will be awesome. I can’t wait.
  8. 8. Pips: Ah...umm, small problem.There’s no where to go, no Downtown, no community lots.You think can build some for me to get my thang on at? Ani-Mei: I guess… Pips: Great, call me when they’re done. Ani-Mei: Right…
  9. 9. Pips: Strike!!This bowling thing is a cinch. Body points help too…you’re welcome. Pips: Oh great, you’re back. I thought you were gone. Sorry, no. Just in a different place. Pips: People are staring at me, I’m not going to say anything more to you.
  10. 10. Pips: Sandy, my fair Sandy…do you feel those three bolts as much as I do? Sandy: Or great, a punner. Just because my name is Sandy Fairchild doesn’t mean I appreciate the punning on my name…but yes I do feel those three bolts calling me. Pips: I thought so. Did I mention I’m rich and going to be the next Rock God? Sandy: Really? Rich huh?And going to be a Rock God? *twists hair*Tell me more.
  11. 11. Pips: Sandy baby…won’t you please slide down my chimney tonight? Sandy: Punning off Christmas carols now?You really are shameless. Pips: Musician. It’s in my job description. Sandy: I’m in Business, I wouldn’t know. Pips: Hey, you can be my manager then. I need a foxy one like you.
  12. 12. Pips:Then she just left, what did I do wrong Jace my man? Jace: She has to work unlike you heir types. Pips: Hey I work too! I just wanted to spread a little love around you know what I’m saying? Jace: Plenty of fish in the sea. Pips:Tru dat dawg, tru dat.
  13. 13. Pips: I need a hot chick, I got the dough if you got the girl. Gypsy:You Romancers keep me in business. Let’s see what I can find. Pips: Make her hot. Gypsy: Ooh, yess this one looks nice…she’s perfect for you.
  14. 14. Pips:Where is she? Can I see her? Gypsy: Sadly you do not possess the Sight like I do, but here she comes now. Look out. Pips:Where?
  15. 15. Pips: AwwYea!!A lady with experience, I like that. Gypsy:You may want to buy something extra for this one, she’s a biter. Pips: Ooh, kinky. I like it. NPC!! Cannot have!! NEXT!! Pips: But…but triple bolts…*sad face*
  16. 16. Pips: Umm, no one saw that right? My rep as a Rock God is on the line here. I’m sure the other bad dancers got you covered. Pips: So let’s give this place a scope. Gotta be someone here right? Sure…always.
  17. 17. Pips: Just call me the Smooth Criminal. Oi… >_< Tybold was never this much trouble… Pips:Who? Never mind. But I think you can do better than AL Sandy Clone.
  18. 18. Pips:Triple bolts!! And she’s not an NPC!What’s the problem? AL Sandy Clone: Are you talking to me Sweet Green Pea? Pips: Forget it babe, let’s laugh at the bad dancers. AL Sandy Clone: Okay.
  19. 19. Pips: Loser. AL Sandy Clone: He sucks!!TeeHee!! Says the guy who fell on his face not ten minutes ago… Pips: Bite me.
  20. 20. Oi… Waitress:Wish that was me. You’re an NPC, this is not Duality B. Pips: Triple-bolt Freewill serenade. *falling in love sounds* Damnit. >_<
  21. 21. Pips: Smooth Criminal. Now her, she might work. I do like La Shawn. And she’s aWelcomeWagonTownie. Pips: I just wanted to fall in love with 3 Sims, she’s number three. Also no triple bolts and she’s FAMILY!! Uhh. Nothing but babies, babies, babies with her. You’re a legacy heir!!That’sYOURJOB. Also you just hit perma-plat so time’s up. Pips: Crap…really?
  22. 22. So welcome the new fourth gen spouse, La Shawn Cameron who is a natural brunette by the way. She will be changing once she’s official. And well with a sip of ReNuYu potion we can maybe squeeze two bolts out of these two. She’s Family/Pleasure and wants to Be Education Minister.
  23. 23. We have our fourth gen spouse, with a quick engagement and marriage (to avoid back-to-back -5000 fears from Pips), we can finally start generation five again. Let’s hope this time I get some green alien babies. I’d hate to see Diana’s contribution disappear so soon. But this is only half our story, let’s check in withAlema Rar and see how she’s getting along with being in a new place. ******
  24. 24. Alema Rar:You wanna say that again? Emmet: I just asked you to pay for your tab before leaving… Alema Rar: I am Alema Rar Beta, fourth generation heiress of the Beta dynasty; I will pay my tab when I’m good and ready to!! Not before!! She seems to be adjusting well…I think. 0_O?
  25. 25. Hey… Alema Rar: Oh great, just what I need…YOU!! Why are you back in my head? You seem to be taking the adjustment well. Don’t you want to know what happened? Alema Rar: No, and your pathetic representative already tried to explain things, I tossed him out on his well toned, sexy, red leather clad ass…damnit. I thought I was over that.
  26. 26. You already met Gabriel?Where?Where’s my pics? Alema Rar: He didn’t stay long enough. I was using my telescope to spy on his workout, those hot, sweaty work outs…and he tried to pick a fight with me. He was out of my house real quick after that. Well if he did tell you, everyone is safe here and I can bring them all back to you soon. Alema Rar: Don’t bother, I like the idea of being an only child. Keep ‘em.
  27. 27. Oi, moveTownies!! I’m trying to talk to my heiress here!! Alema Rar:They can’t hear you. Damn, right. Anyway, you know you have to find a nice NPC man to carry on the legacy with right? Alema Rar:Yeah, yeah. I will in good time. On Alema Rar time. My time. I have a career to top first.
  28. 28. What career is that?You want to Graduate 3 Kids from college. Alema Rar: Music of course. How can I possibly not become a Rock Goddess? I am Alema Rar! Freaky… O_O It’s like the theme of the legacy keeps on coming back. Alema Rar: What are you on about?
  29. 29. Wait, is that the poor bartender you were yelling at? Alema Rar: He deserved it, how dare he tell me when to pay my tab. He will suffer. What is it with you and the bartender hate? Alema Rar: Can’t explain it; I just have a need to make a bartender my toy. Seems she does remember more than I thought…
  30. 30. Emmet: She’s so mean…but for some reason I like it…I like being bossed around. Oh I hope I don’t displease her. Poor guy…I have to see what his personality is like, he’s got all the Shy sim motions. I just hope he’s not a 10 Nice pointer, that would suck for this hood. And he’s got custom eyes, eyes I like.
  31. 31. Alema Rar: Laugh minion, this is Alema Rar gold!! I don’t show my perfect ass to anyone. Emmet: Oh right… *nervous laugh* Alema Rar: We’ll work on that.And call me Mistress. Emmet:Yes…Mistress.
  32. 32. Alema Rar:Very good, you’re learning. Come here. Emmet:Yes Mistress. Poor guy…and no this is not Keika’s red-headed third gen heir Des. He just has the same face and hair style.
  33. 33. So he moves in with $9000 and get this…ZERO outgoing points!! No wonder this guy looked so shy. He does have only three Mean points so this may work out after all. But then again genetics have messed with me before so I don’t know…
  34. 34. He’s Family/Knowledge and wants 6 Grandkids. Should be easy enough since my heiress wants three. He’ll be in Oceanography for the time being, the money is good.
  35. 35. Not to worry, Blacky the Poodle made it back to the new Duality B.Yes, in my other game she was already gone but I liked her better than the replacement they got after her. I also recreated Caramel to the best of my ability for Duality A, though her name is Cara now. For some reason the CAS does not save pets that are extracted by Sim PE, unless I’m doing something wrong. But anyway, Blacky is back-y.Yes…bad joke is bad.
  36. 36. Until next time, we await the births of generation five. I’ve decided that both will have three kids this time around to triple the chance of getting a correct heir/ess for the next generation …
  37. 37. Next time on Altered Fates: I have more pictures but they can wait. Hehe. Happy 2016 everyone!!