Sense and Sensibility Chapters XLI-XLV


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Sense and Sensibility Chapters XLI-XLV

  2. 2. CHAPTER 41 Mrs. Jennings goes to see Lucy and confirms that Edward and she are happy, also because they will be together at Delaford Parsonage and gives credit to Elinor and Colonel Brandon for their assistance. Elinor feels obliged to visit and goes without Marianne, but with her brother, John, to see Fanny who is always happy to see his sister. He wonders if it is true that Coronel Brandon offered Edward a job. He wants to keep it a secret for his mother in law, for now. Elinor thinks that it is not Mrs. Ferrars business since she outcast her son completely, but John disagrees because he knows she loves Edward and would be concerned if she knew anything bad was happening to him. Then they talk about the Ferrars brothers and Miss Morton marrying to Robert, which is the one with the money now.
  3. 3. CHAPTER 41 John wanted to tell Elinor that Mrs. Ferrars had admitted that she would have preferred it if Edward had just married Elinor, instead of Lucy. Robert ridicules Edward and laughs at the idea of him as a clergyman, and does not take into consideration that his family has screwed him over. Elinor and Robert talk about his future sister in law and he admits was unimpressed with her and thought it was a mistake for Edward to marry her. Fanny enters to see Elinor and acts surprisingly friendly.
  4. 4. CHAPTER 42 Elinor goes to see her brother again before leaving to Delaware to the Coronel’s house and everyone is expecting for him to marry Elinor. The plan was that in April, the Palmers, Mrs. Jennings, and the Dashwoods leave London to go to Cleveland and that the Colonel and Mr. Palmer to meet them there. Marianne is sad to leave London with all her memories. Elinor is happy about the trip. Cleveland turned to be lovely and Marianne imagined she could see Willoughbys house, Combe Magna from where she was. Marianne vows to spend her time at the Palmers taking long, lonely, rather romantic and sentimental walks. Bad weather settles and everyone settlers down in the house.
  5. 5. CHAPTER 42 Colonel Brandon and Mr. Palmer arrive and Elinor gets to know him a little better and thinks he is better than she thought, but in general, worse than Edward. Colonel Brandon tells Elinor about Edward and how Parsonage at Delaford would be improved before Edward settles there. Mrs. Jennings takes Colonel Brandons affectionate treatment of Elinor to be a sign of his love for her, but Elinor knows that he is still in love with her sick sister, Marianne. Marianne had gotten ill by getting wet in her walks and Elinor convinces her to rest.
  6. 6. CHAPTER 43 Marianne gets up the morning and is still sick. They call the doctor and he says the infection will be okay in a a few days. They send away the baby to protect it and Mr. Palmer would go in a few days to join her. Marianne doesnt get any better and Mr. Palmer have to leave to meet up with his wife, and Colonel Brandon stays with Mr. Palmer and Mrs. Jennings. Colonel Brandon is extremely worried when Marianne doesn’t get better in two days.
  7. 7. CHAPTER 43 On the third day, Marianne gets delirious at night and asks for her mother and Colonel Brandon gets her. The next morning she was even worse. The doctor goes to check Marianne and tries another solution and she reacts to it and is pout of danger for the moment. Elinor stays with Marianne all afternoon. That evening, Elinor awaits the arrival of her mother and Colonel Brandon around ten, but at eight Willoughby arrives.
  8. 8. CHAPTER 44 Elinor is horrified by his visit but agrees to talk to him, even though she knows it is potentially dangerous if Colonel Brandon finds him there. Willoughby wants to make sure that Mariannes out of danger, and Elinor realizes he’s drunk. Willoughby tells Elinor about his relationship with Marianne. He said he first saw her as a play thing and was unable to marry her because he was dependent financially of an aunt. Then he realized he really loved her.
  9. 9. CHAPTER 44 He abandoned Marianne in the pursuit of wealth and that the time he was with her was the happiest. At that time, though, Mrs. Smith found out about the Eliza situation and Marianne was also hurt with that out into the light. Mrs. Smith, told Willoughby that she would forgive him if he would marry Eliza but he refused, and he was booted out of her house and her good favor. Willoughby spent the night deliberating on his situation – in the end, his fear of poverty outweighed his love for Marianne so he left Devonshire, hoping that he would never see Marianne again, and thus never doubt his actions.
  10. 10. CHAPTER 44 Elinor feels bad for the poor guy, but is worried that Colonel Brandon is on his way. She pushes him to wrap up the story. Willoughby then relates the story of the letters that passed between him and Marianne in London. He was also tormented by the fact that she was there, so close, yet so far. Its clear that hes still in love with Marianne, even though hes married to someone else. Mariannes notes made him know he was loved but he was already engaged to Ms. Gray. He even admits to stalking them to know what Marianne was doing. The evening of the ball was the worst since he found out Marianne was dying. Elinor asks him about the letter that he wrote in response and he says that he wrote it under the stern eye of his wife, who forced him to copy a letter of her construction and send it to Marianne and send back all her mementos.
  11. 11. CHAPTER 44 Willoughby makes Elinor promise to tell Marianne all of this once shes better and that he found out of this when Sir John Middleton had made him feel bad for his acts at the theatre yesterday, and had worked. Elinor thinks about what he has told her and encourages him to be as happy as possible. He says it is impossible and that he dreads Marianne marriage to Colonel Brandon. Willoughby flees.
  12. 12. CHAPTER 45 Elinor goes to check on Marianne and feels bad for Willoughby. Mrs. Dashwood and Colonel Brandon finally arrive and after a brief moment of excitement, Marianne goes back to sleep. Elinor cant stop thinking about "poor Willoughby", and dreads to tell her sister about the message. Then, she feels bad for feeling bad about Willoughby because Colonel Brandon had suffered much worse. Marianne gets better every day.
  13. 13. CHAPTER 45 Mrs. Dashwood explains that she loves the idea of Colonel Brandon marrying one of her daughters, and Marianne would probably be happier with him. Colonel Brandon talked to Mrs. Dashwood in the carriage, and admitted that he has loved Marianne from the moment he met her. Colonel Brandon is cautious in his hopes; he doesnt think that Marianne will shift her allegiances to him so soon after Willoughby, but Mrs. Dashwood herself believes that Willoughby was worthless. As far as Mrs. Dashwood is concerned, its a done deal and she is already planning on moving the whole family closer to Delaford but Elinor feels anxious because she doesnt want to be too close to Edward and Lucy.
  14. 14. CHARACTERS Mrs. Jennings  Willoughby Elinor  Lucy John  Edward Robert  Ms. Gray Marianne  Doctor Colonel Brandon  Mrs. Ferrars Mr. Palmer Eliza Mrs. Smith Mrs. Dashwood
  15. 15. SETTINGS Dashwood home, London Combe Magna & Palmer’s home, Cleveland Parsonage, Delaford Devonshire