Interlude Chapter 6


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To Save the Future

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Interlude Chapter 6

  1. 1. The temple, once under the control of Xylen, it has now returned to its original state. The ones who live here are tempted to remain out of the way of the legacy as it enters its final days leading up to the inevitable war once Xylen returns with fullforce. Although some choose to avoid this place, others just stroll right up to the front doors…
  2. 2. Zeus: It needs to be done, she has to come back. And I know you can do it. So I’m giving you an order: Make it happen. “Why? Her time came and went it was woven.”
  3. 3. Atropos just glared at Zeus, why is he ordering her back now? Her time was passed and she should remain in blissful oblivion. Zeus: She will help, we can’t lose the Triad pieces to Chaos again. Atropos: Daphne Reed’s time was ended once Dalen changed her Fate; she does not belong in this time and place. Let her be at peace where she is. Zeus: Are you willing to defy me?
  4. 4. Atropos: His heart does not belong to her anymore. He has mourned her and movedon. Why do you want to re-open healed wounds? Hasn’t Reias been through enough already? Zeus: She has insights that we need to fight Chaos with; being where she was isvaluable knowledge that even we gods cannot find. She would know how to hit Chaos hard where he lives.
  5. 5. Atropos: If we do return Daphne Reed to this plane of existence she will forget everything she learned while dead; those insights you claim she has, she will not remember them. It is the way of the universe and even you cannot change that.Zeus: They always remember something, it’s just a matter of when it’s required to be remembered. She’ll need training of course; and I know just the people to do it.Atropos: Why her? She was second born and not the heiress, her power is very weak and the strength of the family line now will crush her.
  6. 6. Zeus: Exactly why we train her to become stronger. That child she had with Reias, Callie was it? That half god was far too strong for when she was born, if Daphne comes back now, that kid will be born in the right time for her powers to work at their best.Atropos: The Fates of the two offspring Reias has now are already being laid out; reintroducing the first one he had would unravel the very fabric of his tapestry, I cannot condone such a thing. Hera: Perhaps she is right darling…perhaps Daphne should remain gone.
  7. 7. Zeus: Having her back is what we need to win this, you should already know how the battle ends being one of the Fates and what you know I know as well. I want her back in this time and you will do it; understand? Atropos: And if this should back-fire? How will you repair the damages? Zeus: I’ll cross that bridge when and if I come to do. Get it done. Atropos: Very well. I shall obey…but be warned; this is on your head should it fail.
  8. 8. Hera: Artemis, were you listening to that? Artemis: Yes, I heard it all. What do you want me to do?Hera: Train her; as Goddess of the Hunt your abilities are best to teach her with. Daphne Reed is needed and you will train her so that she will be ready. Artemis: Why do we need her? Aren’t the current generation kids enough?
  9. 9. Hera: It’s not so much Daphne herself we need, it’s the child she had with Reias that we need. Artemis: Whose to say that they would even mate to produce her again? How can you be so sure that she would come back exactly how she was? I thought he was happily married to Roxie and happy with their boys. Hera: A first born child is always the strongest one, Callie’s power is superior to that of both Solan and Derek combined. Twice bred through both sides; Reias and Daphne. Daphne was originally descended from Ares, if you remember and Roxie was only a mere mortal.
  10. 10. Hera did have a point about that; and training a strong woman is exactly whatArtemis loved to do, but there were still some doubt in her mind. Is bringing Daphne back really wise? And what happens if Callie doesn’t get reborn? Odds are 50/50 that she won’t be, Reias could easily produce a third son. She, like all the gods, was bound to obey Zeus and Hera even if she didn’t like the idea of what they proposed. If Zeus ordered Reias to produce a child with Daphneagain, then he would have to obey…even if it meant ruining his happy life with Roxie and his sons in the process.
  11. 11. Up on Olympus… Ashika had heard rumours of what Zeus had ordered the Fates to do, but actuallyseeing her in front of her was entirely different. Ashika could see her entire past; her gift as Oracle of the Past often worked with a single face-to-face meeting with a person. She could see their history in a blink of an eye; and Daphne’s was full of pain and tragedy. Ashika only met Callie briefly; a long time ago and she didn’t get to know her that well before she was gone.
  12. 12. Ashika: Daphne, do you know who I am? Daphne: No…should I?Ashika: I am Ashika Genia, daughter of Athena. My gift is being an Oracle of the Past and I can see yours clearly.Daphne: I see. Well care to enlighten me on it? I don’t seem to remember any of it.
  13. 13. Ashika: You don’t remember anything? Daphne: No…well flashes here and there. I know my name and that I born here, Ithink my mother was named Alana, and my father….Orson…Octavius…I know it was an O name… Ashika: Oliver. Oliver Reed was your father.
  14. 14. Zeus: She remembers nothing about her past?Hera: Well Atropos did say that she would not remember anything coming back from where she was my dear. Zeus: Yeah, but I thought that meant she would remember eventually, not be a complete blank on everything…this is a problem.
  15. 15. Athena: Father, maybe this was not such a good idea after all. If she doesn’t remember her past, how can we expect her to bring Callie back?Zeus: You too? Athena, don’t you see the strategy in this? We’re facing a war, you’re the Goddess of Disciplined War!!Athena: I do see certain merits in your strategy, but not the planning of it. You knewthat her memory would be wiped if she came back down to this plane of existence.
  16. 16. Athena: In war, a strategy is no good if you don’t have the knowledge of therequirements to enact it. You didn’t think this through father, and now we’re left with a blank slate.Zeus: Well we can’t send her back now, she has to remember. Get your daughter to make her. Athena: Ashika’s power is not used that way.
  17. 17. Daphne: I can’t!! I’ve been trying to really…what do you want from me? Zeus: You have to, it’s crucial. Daphne: To what? I don’t understand…Zeus: Fighting Chaos, saving our world, making sure we have a proper Peace God again.
  18. 18. Apollo: Gee Pops, lighten up. Give the poor girl a chance to breathe. Let me help her out, I’d be willing. Daphne: Aren’t you the Sun god? What could you do for me? Apollo: What couldn’t I do for you baby? They don’t call me the Shining One for nothing you know.
  19. 19. Artemis: She’s not another conquest for you brother; she’s my responsibility to prepare Hera has ordered it. Apollo: Sure, ruin my fun…Artemis: What do you think Ashika? We could work together with Daphne, I can train her, you can help her remember the past she lost.
  20. 20. Ashika: Sure, I can do that. Hephaestus: I’d like to help too, I can train her in weaponry.Ashika: I don’t see why not. You would be best for that Hephaestus, it’s your specialty after all. Hephaestus: I’d be glad to.
  21. 21. Daphne: It’s great you all want to help me, but what if I mess up? I’m only mortal after all. Ashika: She is right you know; we should ease her into things. Daphne: Thanks.
  22. 22. Zeus: Alright fine; do whatever and however you have to do it, just make sure she’s ready before the tenth generation is born. Athena: But don’t push too hard daughter, take it slow. Apollo: Sure I can’t help? Ashika: I don’t think so, but I appreciate the offer Apollo.
  23. 23. So Artemis began her training the next morning. For a mortal she was pretty quickat picking up on what she had to teach, it surprised her. Daphne had a lot of power,but no idea how to use it, this training would help. She was only second generation though, so her power is not nearly as strong as it would be now. Her time was one of transition; her birth was early in the legacy and Oliver had some of the same issues she does. He didn’t remember his past either.
  24. 24. Little by little, it would come back to her. Daphne was willing to learn and that wasalways a good thing, Artemis hoped that when she did remember everything that she would be able to handle it. Perhaps losing a child is something she should forget…
  25. 25. Or perhaps it would make her resolve stronger if she knew what was lost. It was atoss up as to which way it would go; good or bad. But right now that didn’t matter,Daphne needed to build up her strength, being dead for six generations is a huge hurtle to overcome.
  26. 26. Training her body was only one half of the equation; training her mind was also required. She started taking meditation lessons with Hephaestus to get her in theright mind set for weapons training. Odds are that when Xylen came back, he wasn’t going to come back alone, he would have minions and underlings to throw betweenhim and the tenth heir. No super-villain ever fights on his own if he has underlings to push around, the gods knew there were some minions and underlings still here in Hidden City acting on his behalf; the incident with Virgil in college is proof of that. They had to be rooted out.
  27. 27. Normally, Hephaestus wouldn’t bother with meditation whenever he did it, his mind always came back to his own loss of a child; Aleidra. He had mourned his little girlfor several decades and it still could bring him to tears thinking about her. He knew better than anyone what Daphne would feel like if she ever remembered losing Callie; it’s part of why he volunteered to help her out. His pain was old, but hers would be all new and raw again if she remembered.
  28. 28. Meditating with someone else actually kept his mind from wandering too far, hewould think about Daphne, what she was going to learn, how she was going to learnit. His thoughts strayed briefly to Aleidra, but he didn’t cry, he was actually happy hecould still see her face and hear her voice as clearly as if she were right beside him. It was almost as if she was encouraging her father to go through with this training. Sensing that gave him new strength, he knew this would work out in the end.
  29. 29. Hephaestus: You did well Daphne, I’m impressed. Daphne: Thanks, it actually helped. Hephaestus: Did your remember anything?Daphne: Umm, a bit I remembered going to college with my twin brother Adonis. I remembered him and my sister Hestia.
  30. 30. Hephaestus: Was there anything else? Daphne: Yeah…Hephaestus: Well, you can tell me. I’ll listen. Daphne: I remembered…
  31. 31. “Reias.”
  32. 32. Gotcha. That’s all there is for this Interlude folks. Cruel? Yes. Fun? Most definitely. So once again Zeus is messing with things that ought not be messed with despiterepeated warnings against it. Is having Daphne back from the dead a good thing? Or a bad thing? What did Atropos mean when she warned Zeus that the fates of Solan and Derek were already being written? What will that mean for the legacy?And, most importantly; how big of an impact is trying to get Callie back going to have on Reias and his sons? Are first born children really stronger? This Interlude was not really something I had planned on doing right now, I wasn’t sure of how to work it actually. But my original idea didn’t include anything to do with Daphne or Callie, just one night it came to me. Originally this whole legacystarted out with a single RP character on Old Boolprop. The whole history of Hidden City, Dalen, Diamos, and Reias really took on a life of its own after that. I learned to listen to my dreams since they so often turn out to be awesome things like thislegacy. So I hope that this Interlude is going to be worth the writing and that no oneis scratching their heads about why I’m doing the whole thing with Daphne’s return.