The Quest for Peace: Prologue, Redux


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The first of many reconversions of my first chapters, not much is changed some cropping and minor rewording really.

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The Quest for Peace: Prologue, Redux

  1. 1. The Quest for Peace:<br />Prologue<br />Continuation from my OWBC<br />
  2. 2. So here it is, the first of what I know will be a long and painstaking process of reconverting my early chapters into Slideshares. I will crop, resize and probably slightly reword the chapters from the way they were originally simply because I’m OCD like that . Reconverted chapters will have this design and layout because it’s awesome and I love it. I left in the oil barrel in the second picture of the prologue because cutting it out would take out most of Rhea’s head and well it’s kind of a running joke I have with it so why mess with the classics?<br />
  3. 3. Welcome to the second last chapter of my second OWBC where you all chose Oliver to be the final heir. Also I will be changing the narrative to a more journal like narration told mainly from the current heir's POV, or I'll try to anyway.<br />Rhea here is about to tell her son he just how much he's really won.....<br />Rhea: Son, stop bouncing on my $1300 couch we need to talk.<br />Oliver: Can't help it mom, I'm maxed playful and half Pleasure.<br />Rhea: I'm serious boy.<br />Oliver: Oh okay, just don't turn me into a frog or something.<br />
  4. 4. Oliver: Huh?<br />Rhea: Son, what I'm trying to say is that your great-grandfather, my grandfather, was once a god.<br />Oliver: Okay mom, you've been breathing too much of your red fuming smoke from that cauldron or yours.<br />Rhea: Don't make me cast a spell on you boy!! I'm serious here.<br />Oliver: Okay, okay. So what does that have to do with me?<br />Rhea: You're the final heir and as such it's become your responsibility to restore our godhood. When it was taken from my grandfather it had serious repercussions across the universe, like a black oil, it seeped and oozed into everything and everyone. He was the God of Peace and because it was taken from him, nobody had the ability to resolve conflicts anymore.<br /> War is on the horizon if the God of Peace isn't returned to his place among the Olympians. All nine worlds in this universe are in danger of self destructing due to unresolvable wars and battles, you have to get back the God of Peace before it's too late for everyone.<br />Rhea took a deep breath before beginning, after all the news was earth shattering to her too.<br />Oliver: Mom, what?<br />Rhea: I just found out something about our family that I should tell you. Apparently, in your great-grandfather's time he had a somewhat unique heritage...<br />Oliver: Uh huh...<br />Rhea: And that heritage was well, I suppose the only word close enough is destroyed.<br />
  5. 5. Oliver: And how am I supposed to do that?<br />Rhea: You need to find the world which we originally came from, it's called Hidden City.<br />Oliver: So how do I find a Hidden City?<br />Rhea: Creator will take you there, she realized what she had done and she feels horrible about it.<br />Oliver: So, I just get teleported away to a whole new world, far away from everyone I know and love here? Sounds like a raw deal to me.<br />Rhea: I know, baby boy, I know but this is for the sake of simanity here.<br />Oliver: Is there a catch? There's always a catch...<br />Rhea sighed; her old heart was breaking as she prepared to tell him the awful catch, the one that would ultimately leave him lost and alone...<br />Oliver: Mom?<br />Oliver bit his lip; he had never seen his mother so upset before, she was the most powerful woman he knew. Not just because she was a powerful Dark Witch, but because she had just found out their family secret. Or curse....<br />Rhea: You won't remember us, your father and I, your brothers and sisters, cousins nor your friends. It's also likely that your personality will be altered as well. You won't remember anything except the fact that you must restore the God of Peace. Your final heir will become the new God of Peace, but the journey will not be easy. Hidden City is a world nearly lost in time, where the ancient religion of the Greeks is very much alive, including the Olympian gods themselves.<br /> I'm almost certain that there will be those who will try to stop you, try to derail your mission, even try to kill you. But you must be strong son, buried deep within is the power of a god, you must find it again.<br />
  6. 6. Oliver: Mom...I...<br />Rhea: The transport to Hidden City will occur soon, I don't know when or where but you will leave Desiderata Valley forever. I don't want to say any long good byes, because I know this is for the fate of this universe.<br />The realization hit him like a ton of bricks; he had to lose everything he held dear. Oliver didn't have time to react to the news because he already felt the living room begin to fade away from around him....<br />It all went black; he heard nothing, saw was like being trapped in a dark tunnel with no end in site. He cried out but got nothing but the sound of his own terrified voice echoing back to him...Oliver began to panic...<br />
  7. 7. Suddenly the black faded, it got really bright and he felt like he was spinning around in a whirlpool...the images began to come in as he blinked his eyes...<br />
  8. 8. He was in a field, he felt something heavy in hands. A pair of binoculars?<br />"I may as well use them to see if there's anything here."<br />I saw a barn in the distance, at least that was somewhat normal. I began to wonder how I got here, and where here was...<br />"You must restore the God of Peace...."<br />"Who's there?" <br />Okay, that was weird...I'm hearing things, am I going crazy?<br />
  9. 9. I turned around, behind me was a huge temple of some sort. First a barn now a temple? Where the hell am I? At least it's somewhat civilized, there's paved roads...but a temple?<br />I put down the binoculars, I had some money for some reason. I figured it was a good time to make myself a shelter because who knows what the weather is gonna be like here.<br />
  10. 10. Some weird dude gave me a computer, I thought about selling it for cash but I figured it would be better to keep it. It might help me find out where the hell I am, I know my name at least. Oliver Reed, or so the mailbox said but that was all. I also kept hearing some voice in my head telling me to restore the God of Peace, whoever that was. I poked around what could pass for internet and found out where I was, some place called Hidden City. I was about to look some more when someone knocked on my door.<br />
  11. 11. Three people dressed strangely were outside, the first one with the glasses spoke first.<br />Athena: So how do you like Hidden City so far mortal?<br />"Mortal?" <br />Athena: Yes, mortal you aren't a god nor a creature of immortal being so that makes you a mere mortal.<br />"I'm sorry, I'm not used to be called something like that. Maybe it's the local custom here but I would prefer you call me Oliver.“<br />She laughed; a musical, tinkling laugh. "I'll stick with mortal. I am Athena, Goddess of Knowledge and Disciplined War."<br />"Athena? Like the one from Greek mythology?" <br />Athena: We are most certainly not myth mortal.<br />"So who are they?“<br />Athena glared at the other woman in white and the guy in the blue.<br />Athena: Hera and Poseidon; my wretched family. Well not Hera, I hate that tramp with a burning passion.<br />
  12. 12. Suddenly the two of them started arguing and shouting at each other, for no reason.<br />Poseidon: YOU!! I always hated you sister!!<br />Hera: Well too bad Fish Breath!! I am the Queen of the Gods and you have to obey me!!<br />Poseidon: The hell I do!!<br />Sister? Oh right, Hera is his sister because they have the same parents. Rhea and Cronus. What sort of backwards hell did I land in? Living Greek Gods?<br />
  13. 13. "Okay then...." <br />Hera: Also there's war on the horizon, the God of Peace is missing and the God of War is amassing his power."<br />"Ares?"<br />Hera: No, Dalen. Ares is just a minor player now thanks to Batalia. Be careful mortal, I see you have a lot of potential for love and happiness."<br />Right, because Hera is the Goddess of Marriage as well as the Queen of the Gods. But who the hell are Dalen and Batalia?<br />Hera and Poseidon finally stopped harassing each other and Hera came over to me.<br />Hera: Take care mortal; there's a bitter cold coming and it's not just because Demeter is going into her solitary phase."<br />"Who?"<br />Hera sighed; "You know, every six months Demeter plunges the world into winter and cold because her daughter Persephone goes to stay with Hades. The world up on the surface becomes harsh and cold like her heart."<br />
  14. 14. After they left, I remembered vaguely something about buried treasure chests being worth $5000 and I sure could use that right about now. I figured it was time to start digging before I had to go to work. I did manage to get a job in Law Enforcement, just until I find the right job. I have to wonder what this city's police are like if they're all ruled by the gods....<br />End of Entry One.<br />