The quest for peace chapter 20, part 1


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Chapter 20, Part 1: The beginning of the Days of Night.

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The quest for peace chapter 20, part 1

  1. 1. The Quest for Peace Chapter 20: The Days of Night Part 1
  2. 2. The Days of Night begin when the first tears for blood are shed… The Battle of the Shadowed Temple was one that will never be forgotten as it was the primary event that caused the Days of Night. With the death of Paris Reed, the whole of Olympus was thrown into deeper chaos. Dalen had won the battle and driven a wedge the size of the Grand Canyon between the legacy and its guardian Reias. Reias, his mind now consumed with revenge for Paris’s death; has cast a dark shadow over Hidden City. Apollo is still missing, the God of the Sun is not around to make sure it will continue to shine. So the world went dark. The last day the sun rose was on the day of the Battle of the Shadowed Temple. Crops now face destruction without the life giving rays of the sun to sustain them. The city is dying…
  3. 3. Drinn: Just who the hell are you to be giving me orders? Arwyn: I told you already, you can’t stay here anymore. Drinn: And how do you plan on taking me to Elvendia when I’m still tied to my master? Peredwyn: We can, and we will you’re dangerous. Drinn: I ain’t going.
  4. 4. Drinn: I have a right to choose. Arwyn: You’re a weapon. You don’t get rights. Drinn: Look bitch, I said I’m not going and I’m NOT going!! I have a life here!! Arwyn: What life is that? You are meant to kill. Drinn: I love Helen, why can’t I stay here?
  5. 5. Arwyn studied him for a moment, in all her years as a goddess she had never seen an Adriel act like this. This one actually had a conscience. He had developed an awareness that she had never thought possible from an Adriel. Her mission was to take the Axe Adriel back to Elvendia before it could be used to harm a god of Earth. If he was left with Dalen then that god would be Reias. Their bitter rivalry turned into outright hatred after the death of Paris. Since that battle it had become clear that Reias was no longer fit to be a master of an Adriel either.
  6. 6. Drinn: Why am I being punished? Reias has fucked up as badly with his Adriels as my master has. Arwyn: He will lose his as well, once we get you back through the gateway to Elvendia we will return for Botan and Pellas. Drinn: What about Helen, what happens to her? Arwyn: She is not our concern only you are.
  7. 7. Peredwyn: Drinn, you know you don’t belong here. This is not your world. Drinn: And just what do I have to look forward to back in Elvendia? I was nothing there, a forgotten relic of a time long since past. Sitting alone in that damned, dark, cold chamber in a burned out castle; trapped as a weapon. Peredwyn: At least there in that castle you weren’t dangerous to anyone. Drinn: And I’m not a danger to anyone now. Helen has given me a new purpose in life. She saw me as a living being, she loved me. Do you know what love is?
  8. 8. Peredwyn: I do. Drinn: Then you know how it can change someone. Like it changed me, I don’t want to kill or be used to kill by a master. Peredwyn: But it’s what you are, a weapon. You were given no other purpose but to be a weapon. Drinn: Don’t I deserve a chance to find a new purpose? To be something other than just a weapon of death and destruction?
  9. 9. Peredwyn: Do you know what you’re asking us to do? Drinn: Yes, I want you to give me a chance to change. Peredwyn: No, I don’t think you understand. To do what you’re asking requires a major sacrifice… Drinn: Like what? Peredwyn: You would have to die, then be reborn. Only then can you be given a new purpose in life.
  10. 10. Arwyn: And you would still have to come back with us to Elvendia. Drinn: You can’t do that here? Why? Arwyn: Because Drinn, to kill you we have to take you away from Earth. An Adriel can only be destroyed in the same place it was created in. Peredwyn: If you ask us to do this, you will have to sever all ties to Earth, including Helen. Otherwise you cannot be reborn pure and innocent. If you hang on to your previous life, it corrupts your cleansing. Are you prepared to lose all contact with Helen? Drinn: How can you make me innocent again? Peredwyn: We would have to kill you and take your body to the Wellspring of Purity. There we would submerge you in its waters and you would be reborn pure and innocent again. Drinn: Will I—I remember Helen after this? Arwyn looked over at her brother, the worry that crossed her face told Drinn what he wanted to know. Drinn: I see. Being reborn means losing my old life…and Helen. Arwyn: That is the price you pay for getting a chance to start over Drinn. Now do you really want to do this? There is no do-over or any chance to go back on it.
  11. 11. Peredwyn: Well? Drinn: I don’t like you, or you. I wanted to say that before I forget who the hell you two are. Arwyn: Is that a yes then? Drinn sighed; this had to be the hardest decision he had to ever make. To have Helen, he’d have to lose her; to be free, he’d have to become trapped again. Lost, directionless with no past to draw upon and with no guarantee he would ever remember her again. Drinn: Yes. Take me back to Elvendia.
  12. 12. If Drinn really knew what he would be forgetting…
  13. 13. What he would be losing, missing out on…
  14. 14. The most important thing anyone could become…
  15. 15. Becoming a father. A parent to a child, would he still do it? Would he still want to forget? To never know that he had twin sons who needed a father to care for them, to teach them, to love them… Would he even know it?
  16. 16. Julius, having recently aged gracefully into his golden years, held his first grandchild carefully. For some reason his grandson Castor felt more fragile than any of his kids had been, it was strange. Castor and Pollux were clearly Drinn’s twins and he could feel their power as he held them. He was curious and a little afraid, Reias had not spoken to them or even seen them since Paris’s death; it was worrisome. He felt lost and alone without Reias’s guidance. He didn’t realize how he had taken his constant presence for granted all his life, until he stopped hearing from him.
  17. 17. For Marsha, she couldn’t be more ecstatic about her first two grandchildren, her life wouldn’t be complete until she had Six Grandchildren running around. Little Pollux was a handful, he was a happy baby. His twin was more quiet and subdued, he reminded her of Perseus. Marsha couldn’t feel the power emitting from Pollux like Julius could, she wasn’t attuned enough to feel anything.
  18. 18. Being children of a supernaturally powerful father, they grew quicker than most kids. Castor and Pollux were coming into stronger powers with every age transition they made, Julius felt the power emanating from them but so far he appeared to be the only one who could feel it. He wished now more than ever that Reias would talk to him, he was confused and scared by what he felt from his grandsons but he couldn’t tell Marsha or Helen about it, he didn’t want them to get scared too.
  19. 19. Julius wasn’t just concerned about Castor and Pollux, his third grandson Icarus had the same power feelings. Icarus was a quarter-god and Julius thought that was what he was feeling from him. But with the twins, the power was slightly darker than what Icarus was giving off…what a time for Reias to go AWOL; he needed to talk to him now. Generation six was beginning to become stronger than all others before it, as the end of the Quest was drawing nearer. This was a crucial time, a time when Julius needed Reias’s guidance more than ever…
  20. 20. Meanwhile on the other side of Bluewater Village… Perseus smiled; he felt fulfilled and happy. Tonight he had finally been recognized as a World Class Ballet Dancer thanks to the talent scouts in the audience at his performance. Steph would be so happy for him, he finally joined them in the state of Perma-Platness.
  21. 21. He didn’t have much time to change before he heard the howling and colourful language of his wife coming from the front lawn. This night was getting even better. Dobby: Dobby never gets used to seeing this. Epiony: I’m so glad I’m gay, that looks painful…
  22. 22. Steph: WHY?? Why am I surrounded by idiots? Dobby: Dobby knows Steph doesn’t mean to say Dobby is an idiot. She forgives Steph. Epiony: …
  23. 23. Perseus cuddled his newborn son Vance in his arms. His mind was imagining all the things he would teach his son when he got older, how to fish, cast magic spells, tend a beautiful garden full of succulent vegetables… Steph: Don’t ask me to do that again anytime soon. Or else you get a date with the telescope, savvy? Perseus: Yes, dear. I’ll try to restrain myself.
  24. 24. If worrying about his grandsons wasn’t enough, Dakota’s passing surely would put it into the worse category.
  25. 25. She had been part of the family for so long, even though she never had puppies with Scout she still was like a fifth child for Julius and Marsha.
  26. 26. Losing Dakota was hard for me, she was 35 days old. I cried, and I never cry for sim animals. I don’t know why she made me cry, she never wanted to give me puppies with Scout no matter what I tried. I don’t think I’ll get another animal for the main lot any time soon. This was hard for me…
  27. 27. At the main lot, Julius had his worries and concerns over his grandsons but over at Marc Antony’s house there was something different going on. Amy had been pressuring Psyche for grandchildren as soon as she heard of the births of her great-nephews from an overly excited Marsha. Psyche kept trying to put it off, by claiming she wanted to focus on her career first; but Amy’s pressuring won out in the end. She called Aiden. It didn’t seem like the brightest idea at the time, but Psyche couldn’t think of anyone else to call. Rodney was off on business and unreachable. She promised Pyrrah she wouldn’t see Aiden anymore at their graduation but that didn’t mean she forgot about him.
  28. 28. Introducing him to her father took some effort, the way he greeted her when he arrived threw her off balance. He was enthusiastic and hinted at longing when she met him outside first. The feelings Psyche had felt for him in college came back in a rush as she kissed him again. Once more he had her completely enticed under his spell.
  29. 29. Marc Antony had never met any of Psyche’s boyfriends before, she had always been very private about that sort of thing. But this guy looked familiar to him, he couldn’t place from where exactly but he felt it when he shook his hand. “ Who is this guy and where do I know him from?” Marc thought. Aiden’s mouth quirked slightly as he picked up on Marc’s thought; it amused him to no end how easily this mortal forgot his face, it was his doing of course. When he first met Psyche he knew she would be perfect for him and his plans. Mortals were so easily manipulated…
  30. 30. Their conversation changed to sports, Marc Antony learned that Aiden was captain of the varsity football team in high school and that was how he recognized him. Marc liked Aiden, he seemed to make Psyche happy and that was good enough for his fatherly instincts to be satisfied…if he only knew the truth…
  31. 31. Psyche: So it went well? Daddy didn’t give you the third degree? Aiden: Of course he liked me babe. I’m a likable kinda of guy. Psyche smiled; “Wanna play?” Aiden: You read my mind.
  32. 32. It was a good thing Psyche had the entire third floor to herself, they made quite a racket… Psyche snuggled close to Aiden and let out a contented sigh of relief. She was tired, and Aiden took that as a personal compliment of his skills and abilities.
  33. 33. Psyche: Baby? Aiden: Yeah? Psyche: I love you. Aiden didn’t reply right away, it was a good thing she was so tired otherwise she might have noticed his delay. Psyche was fun for him, a means to an end, he didn’t love her. He just liked to play with her. And she was his to play with, getting rid of her mortal boy toy was next on his list of things to do, he needed her for a plan and she had to be devoted 100% to him for it to work. He also needed Hope back, together they would show Dalen…don’t underestimate us.
  34. 34. Meanwhile at the Temple of Poseidon… Lyra threw her fishing pole down in disgust, this was no fun anymore. Lyra: Mother!! Why can’t I just shoot the fish? Why do I need this dumb old pole? Mokosh: Lyra, honey I told you; you need to learn to not use your powers for everything. Lyra: I don’t get it!! Why can’t I?
  35. 35. Mokosh: Pick up the pole and try again sweetheart. Lyra pouted but she did as she was told. Her mommy wasn’t going to let this go. Lyra: Why do I have to get along with the mortals? Mokosh: Mortals are supposed to be our friends, we as gods protect them. Lyra: I know, I know it’s our jobs to protect the mortals. I know. Mokosh: Learning how to fish like a mortal can help you get to know them better, become friends easier.
  36. 36. Hope: I still find that hard to believe. Mortals hate us. Mokosh: Only if you hate them, honey. I wish I had been able to show you that earlier. Hope: Mother…not again with the dad bashing… Mokosh: I’m not bashing your father Hope.
  37. 37. Poseidon was happy with the progress Hope had made during the time she was staying here, it pleased him to know that Dalen hadn’t completely destroyed her good heart. He knew Lyra would probably have been far worse off she was left with Batalia and Dalen, she too made some extraordinary progress. Though Lyra’s father was mortal, he never made an effort to track her down or to even get to know her. Autolycus wasn’t as bad as Batalia but he was still enough of a bad influence in his own way. Lyra’s half god powers would make her an incredible thief if Autolycus taught her how.
  38. 38. Hidden City’s plight of darkness was sending ripple effects though the Elvendian gateways at Atlantis and Pacifica. Lady Ani-Mei and Adahy had not been unaffected by it, there was a small chance of hope to save the city but it was chancy at best. There would be no telling how the Olympian feuds would affect him on Earth…
  39. 39. The Child of the Sun, eyes as bright as stars, with hair as fair as spun gold as he aged. He is aptly named God of the Sun. Ani-Mei and Adahy’s oldest son Aeridane, the Elvendian God of the Sun. His light could shine even in the darkest of times on Earth, he could save them until Apollo is found and restored to his position as Sun God of Earth.
  40. 40. Aeridane could save Earth, he could hold in Apollo’s stead as Sun God. Though it did mean leaving Elvendia vulnerable too. The shift in powers, the pending rebirth of an ancient Adriel; has left an opening in the balance that could easily be corrupted by Elvendia’s oldest and most dangerous foe. Chaos.
  41. 41. Maritol and Andwyn’s journey to recover the One to prevent the destruction of Elvendia by Chaos so many decades previous; had been a harrowing and tiresome quest that nearly destroyed them. The Triad of Power made up of three separate pieces: Hope, Salvation and Rebirth had been recovered. Its wielder, the Keeper of the Triad had not let it leave his possession since they restored it, but that also depended on the balance provided by the twelve Elvendian gods. Aeridane was one of those twelve.
  42. 42. Aeridane’s power to manipulate light developed more strongly in his teen years, it reinforced the decades old strength of the Triad. If he were to leave the planet, that reinforcement would begin to deteriorate. The events on Earth had been a direct result of a bad decision made by Ani-Mei and as such she felt it was her responsibility to repair it as much as she could.
  43. 43. Ani-Mei: I hope you understand what we are asking of you. Adahy: It is a direct result of a faulted decision made by us, as such it has now become our utmost priority to restore before the damage done to Earth becomes too great to save.
  44. 44. Aeridane thought about what his parents were asking of him. He had responsibilities to Elvendia much more so than to Earth. He was the Sun God, life depended on his careful manipulation of light to sustain it. Why should he have to shoulder the burden of his parents’ sin? It was valid question, but it did go against his natural instinct to nurture and protect life in all its forms. Without a sun, that life would die on Earth.
  45. 45. Aeridane: I do understand mother, but I do have some concerns over it. What would happen the life here on Elvendia if I were to abandon it? I could not in good conscience do such a thing to the life of this planet. Alternatively, I cannot abandon the life of Earth either. Where is their Sun God Apollo? Should he not be carrying out his duty?
  46. 46. Ani-Mei: We don’t know. He hasn’t been there for a while. Not since Dalen and Reias first came into conflict over Dalen’s improper usage of time travel. Aeridane: Then should not the focus of this Quest be to relocate Apollo? Ani-Mei: The balance of the Olympians on Earth is severely misaligned. They have several gods and goddesses missing and that is my fault…partly. Aeridane: And you believe that my presence will help to alleviate this misalignment? Ani-Mei: Not entirely. But it will help prevent further degradation.
  47. 47. Aeridane: And what if I am ineffectual there? The degradation may conversely increase with my presence there. Ani-Mei: It may also help prevent the entire planet from dying off too my son. That is the risk of this mission, can you take it? Aeridane: I must attempt this in the very least. I shall venture forth through the Gateway to Earth.
  48. 48. As night fell, Aeridane was left to play alone at the pool table. It gave him time to think, to weigh the pros and cons of taking this dangerous mission to Earth. He worried about the effect his absence would have on Elvendia and also about Earth’s life. Their Sun God was missing, if he was dead then so would be the planet. The loss of an entire planet filled with so many life forms would send a shockwave through the galaxy, inviting Chaos to reform and attempt to corrupt everything with its evil again. They barely survived the last time it tried to take over, Amber Dawn was terrible in its own right; but the invasion of Chaos was by far worse. He gripped the pool cue tighter, feeling the wood begin to splinter and crack under the pressure of his fingers, this was so hard to figure out. Two planets, two pantheons that depended on a harmonious existence, one was tipping the scales in favour of Chaos. Earth’s population was nearly ten times the size of Elvendia’s; the Demon Wars, the Chaotic Wars they had decimated the population of Elvendia, leaving it a tenth of what it was 5000 years ago. Did the needs of the many really outweigh the needs of the few? Should he attempt to stabilize Earth’s imbalances to save their larger population? Could the tiny population of Elvendia be worth less than Earth’s, or should it be treated equally?
  49. 49. Meanwhile, back at Elysnos… Drinn sat slumped against the wall of his room, his mind was going a mile a minute about this reincarnation ceremony. It had been months since he left Earth and Helen behind and time had not done him well, he still was reluctant to let go of his life there. What would he be missing if he forgot her? What kind of life would he lead enslaved to an insane God of War, hell-bent on world decimation? Is that enslavement worth risking Helen’s life over? Dalen could order him to kill her and he would have no choice but to obey his Master’s command. Arwyn and Peredwyn offered him a chance to be rid of that forever, to be reborn pure and innocent again; he longed for it.
  50. 50. What should he do? The smallest noises in the room grated at his nerves; the flickering of the candles was like a roaring waterfall to his edgy senses. The castle’s creaks and groans like an anvil assailing his weary mind, the sound of Arwyn talking to her brother outside his door; he heard it all and it wasn’t helping his mood any. He heard a small knock on his door, but did not reply to it.
  51. 51. Arwyn came in, her stride conveying her grace and charm as well as her calm demeanour; it irritated Drinn even more that she was so comfortable about this. Arwyn: Are you ready Drinn? Drinn: If I said no, would it matter? Arwyn: No but do so if it makes you feel better.
  52. 52. Drinn: But this is what I asked for. I should be happy. Arwyn: I do not pretend to understand how this must feel to you. I did not go through what you have in your 2000 years, I am not that old. But I can tell you that this rebirth will relieve those feelings of loss and pain, of entrapment and of being given no free will. Drinn: If you say so. So when do we do this?
  53. 53. Arwyn: The Wellspring of Purity must be properly ritualized so that its effect will produce the desired rebirth. Drinn: Great. More anxious waiting… Arwyn: It will not take long, I promise.
  54. 54. Drinn wandered around the palace, trying to occupy his mind. He found his way into the small library, in it there was a great stone fireplace on one wall and a semi-circle of seating arranged symmetrically in front of the fireplace. Two of the walls were filled with bookshelves filled to the brim with ancient tomes and volumes of Elvendia’s long history. There was also Peredwyn, that did not please him much.
  55. 55. Peredwyn: I’m glad you’re doing this Drinn. Drinn: Yeah, yeah. Peredwyn: Some lingering regrets? Drinn: Always. But you knew that already. Peredwyn: I know but I really am happy for you. Drinn: Why? Peredwyn: Finding the Adriels to stop Dahak was tough, we never stopped to think about whether or not you as Guardians might not be happy as Adriels. Drinn: Normally, we don’t care. We do what we were meant to, nothing more. But being sent to Earth, being near the Peace God’s lineage changed us, changed me. It made me stop and take a long, hard look at my life these past 2000 years. The people I’ve helped to kill, races I’ve helped to destroy, genocide. It sickened me to my very core. Peredwyn: I wonder if all the Adriel Guardians are becoming aware of the change you’ve experienced. Drinn: I’ve felt glimmers of it from them, since I started to pay attention to them. Pellas especially, she loved Diamos…until Batalia darkened her Light. Peredwyn: “Eyes of shadow blacken the beacon of hope and the Path of Light goes dark.” I know. Pellas would be extremely dangerous as an Adriel of Darkness. Her power is enough to reawaken Chaos and bring it back to the galaxy. We can’t afford another war like that, we don’t have the people anymore or the abilities to fight it. Drinn: I have felt that too, it’s been weighing on my mind these last few months. If I do this, if I go through the Rebirth; my powers will be gone. If Chaos uses Pellas to regain control then I’d be useless…I can’t do this Peredwyn, I can’t lose my powers. Peredwyn: I see your point and now that I think about it, I’ve been pretty stupid myself. I got so distracted after the Battle of the Shadowed Temple that I let that slip by. Drinn: So I’m going to tell Arwyn that I can’t go through with this. I have to remain the way I am, with my powers intact.
  56. 56. Arwyn: And you are certain that this is what you want? Drinn: I have to remain the way I am, just until we can get Pellas back on the Path of Light. Arwyn: You do understand that you still cannot return to Earth; at least here you are temporarily broken away from Dalen’s control. As soon as you return, he can reclaim you. Drinn: Yes, and I will stay here. *****
  57. 57. Back in Hidden City… Psyche: What is he thinking? He had that game in the bag and he blows it. Marc Antony: Honey, it’s just a movie. Amy: This got good reviews? Whoever does these reviews should be shot. Psyche: This makes my stomach hurt…oww…it’s not just that…
  58. 58. Psyche had told her parents she was pregnant a while ago, she suspected it after she slept with Aiden that night after she came home from college. Her parents were stunned but at the same time they were happy to have a grandchild on the way. Marc Antony loved his nieces and nephews but was kind of jealous that his younger brother had grandchildren before him. He was heir yes, but still…
  59. 59. Little Callisto was born happy and healthy. She had the most beautiful ocean blue eyes and dark raven coloured hair. Marc Antony knew it was not from his side of the family, it had to come from Aiden’s. He had never met Aiden’s parents nor heard him talk much about them. Callisto looked innocent enough right now, but behind those ocean blue eyes; she withheld a terrible power. If only he knew just where his granddaughter’s genes came from…
  60. 60. Whaatt!!?? It’s over you cry. Well I must say sayanora for this chapter. The Days of Night have just begun, and the threat posed from the ancient evil known as Chaos will prove to be the greatest battle the Quest for Peace has ever known… Pellas and her descent into darkness and evil will be the gateway that opens for the return of Chaos. Eyes of shadow blacken the beacon of hope and the Path of Light goes dark…