The Geology OWBC: Chapter 9


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The Geology OWBC: Chapter 9

  1. 1. Chapter 9New Frontiers
  2. 2. As the title picture suggests, Belladonna Cove had to be nuked. The lagging on the saves was getting worse and I couldnt stand to lose a lot of play time with the generation three kids because the neighbourhood hangs up while saving. I suspect it was due tooverpopulation, the folder I deleted had over 3,000 items in it and most were probablycorrupted character files that should have been cleaned out long its gone now (and been reset), but what happened to the kids?
  3. 3. "Where in the world did you take us now Olivine?"
  4. 4. “I took us where we needed to go Okenite, where it was safe.”“And your idea of safe was that Three Lakes place? We were nearly caught!!” “We had to run, mom and dad made us. You know how it went down back in Belladonna, Black Star tore that town apart looking for the Diviner, he neverfound us thank the gods, but he could have. I did what they told us to; I saved all three of you.”
  5. 5. Okenite regarded her twin with a practiced look of authority; they had toleave when Carnallite was just a toddler and running for so long with a little kid in tow slowed them down. Carnallite grew up on the run; Black Star wasrelentless in his pursuit of them. Their parents and grandparents did all theycould to distract Black Star so they could escape, and they found out that the power of the Diviner now rests with their brother, Pyrope.
  6. 6. The power came on suddenly and without warning; they used that power to keep them from running out of money while they ran. His ability to findhidden treasure in the remotest of places saved them from starving. Okeniteand Olivine were the oldest so they became like a mother and father to their two younger siblings. They essentially raised them on the road. Carnallite made life difficult, because she was just like their aunt Limonite and preferred to take her Bad Apple title as far as it would go. Now in this backwater town, they finally have some semblance of a home.
  7. 7. Carnallite inherited their mother’s big eyes, at first glance, you would never know their mother was half alien; you’d probably just think that her eyes were naturally big and bright. All four of them have the distinct ear shapethat tells of their otherworldly heritage, going all the way back to their greatgrandmother Geodessa. Perhaps, it was also a blessing that they did not have their grandfather’s purple skin too, that would not work too well if one was on the run from a hated enemy.
  8. 8. Olivine: We made it all the way to Riverblossom Hills, it’s about as far away from the mainstream as you can get Okie, Black Star will never find us here.Okenite: Are you sure? He tracked great grandma Geodessa all the way from their home world, who’s to say he won’t find us here too?Olivine: Small towns are known for helping out their neighbours in trouble, the friendly people here will help us disappear, we have to protect Pyrope; he’s the Diviner.Okenite: And that’s what worries me the most…can he dial back on the Diviner powers enough to keep us under the radar here? Or will he blow our cover?
  9. 9. Olivine: I do hope that Carnallite will take this seriously enough too, you know howmuch trouble she was growing up, Bad Apples are notorious for their Free Will antics.Okenite: Well we can only hope we raised her right. She barely remembers mom and dad, let alone grandpa and grandma, she was just a baby when we left Belladonna behind. Olivine: How did we suddenly become the parents? Okenite: The curse of being born first I suppose.
  10. 10. Pyrope used his power once again and found them a treasure trove; more than enough to renovate their small-ish home to house all four of them comfortably without being on top of each other all the time. It was a far cry from the six digit bank account theyhad in Belladonna Cove though, a paltry $2,500 is all they had left after the renovationsand Okenite was adamant that Pyrope not use his Diviner ability again. They didn’t want to arouse suspicions from the neighbours over how a new family like them had a ton of money already and were never seen working a day for it. They had to all find jobs in their new town soon, because they were expecting to be staying a while…