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The Quest for Peace, Dark Moon Saga 1.75


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New plots and dangers await the legacy this time...

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The Quest for Peace, Dark Moon Saga 1.75

  1. 1. The Quest for Peace: Dark Moon Saga, Chapter 1.75
  2. 2. The end is near, he can feel it coming closer and closer. Its cold, unfeeling fingers reaching for his dying form, Aiden’s mind creates one last fantasy before it shuts down. He longs for this one last happiness, to be with her he would even marry her just to prove his love. He no longer cares about where he is, all he wants is death’s sweet embrace…
  3. 3. Once more he’s happy, safe in her cozy room on the top floor. Her loving gaze never leaving his face…
  4. 4. She comes closer to him entwining her slender fingers with his gloved ones, her scent fills his nose, jasmine and water lilies. He never told her how much he loves that scent…
  5. 5. “ I love you Aiden, with all my heart.” He holds her close as she whispers in his ear. “I love you too Psyche, always have.”
  6. 6. Another errant tear, he couldn’t tell her. “I love you but I’ll never see you again.” His thought remains unvoiced…
  7. 7. The lovely scene fades into blackness, he feels himself fall down; down into the waiting arms of death. Whoever it is that comes for gods, they’re waiting for him. He hears voices, strange ones; speaking in a language he’s never heard of. Ancient Greek perhaps? He doesn’t know, nor does he care anymore. Footsteps? Is that what they are? Or is it just his heart beating its last beat? Oh well, he’s just happy to finally be free of his pain and suffering…hey, look it’s the famed Light at the End of the Tunnel he’s heard the mortals talk about, it’s coming for him…
  8. 8. He hurts, his head is pounding painfully. Shouldn’t he be at peace? What the hell’s going on here?? Where is he?
  9. 9. Saraya had heard there were some people coming to visit her parents. They all went into the War Room, leaving the other man outside on the couch. She smiled, a new friend!! But he looked sad, and kinda like he was hurting…
  10. 10. Saraya: Are you okay Mr. White Hair? You look sad. Aiden: What? Where am I? Saraya giggled; it hurt Aiden’s head. “You’re in Allocarre silly billy. The purple people brought you here on their star ship.”
  11. 11. He opened his eyes, they were severely dilated and the light hurt them. He had been in the dark so long in Exile his eyes got used to it, but this wasn’t the same black pit he remembered, and Allocarre…that sounded so familiar to him. Aiden: Is this, Elvendia? Saraya: Yep. My house on the moon.
  12. 12. Aiden: Okay, HOW can I be here? I was in Exile, it was all black and… He trailed off, she was mimicking him. Saraya: Are we playing charades? I don’t know all the rules of the Earth games yet, am I supposed to talk? Aiden: What?
  13. 13. Saraya: My mommy said you were from Earth, I barely remember you but you do look familiar to me. I was pretty young last time you were here, but where’s your daddy? And the pretty one with the black hair? Aiden: I was here before? When? Saraya blinked; “You don’t remember coming here? The Dragon thing?”
  14. 14. Aiden thought about it for a moment; he didn’t remember this girl, or much about whatever this Dragon Thing was that she was referring to; it was all hazy and foggy in his memory. It annoyed him that his memories were missing, how long was he in Exile? “ No, I don’t remember. What’s your name kid?” Saraya: Saraya, Goddess of Children and Innocence.
  15. 15. Aiden: Saraya huh? Is your dad or mom around? Saraya: No, they’re in the War Room with the purple people. I can’t go in there when they’re talking, I’m not old enough. Aiden: So I should wait then? Is that it? Saraya: Yep!! Wanna play with me? Aiden: Sure, what the hell kid. Got nothing better to do right now.
  16. 16. In the War Room, Ani-Mei greeted the visiting monarch in a traditional welcoming way. She had not seen Juno in a long time, and she wondered about why he chose now to come all the way here to see them.
  17. 17. Ani-Mei: I must say Emperor Juno, your arrival here is most surprising, pray tell, what is it that brings you here tonight? Juno: Rumours mainly, I’ve been hearing some very disturbing rumours indeed. Adahy: Please, elaborate if you may. Juno: Chaos. I hear Chaos is free again. And I have to ask, is it true?
  18. 18. Ani-Mei glanced nervously at her husband, that alone told Juno all he needed. Juno: And you thought this was not of enough importance to tell me??!! I thought we were allies!! Adahy: We would never keep something like that from our allies, your Grace, we had not yet prepared a full conference to announce it. We were in the midst of preparations for the banquet when you arrived suddenly.
  19. 19. Ani-Mei: We are truly remorseful for not sending word, your Highness but if I may, why have you come early and unannounced? Juno: We were on a routine trade mission coming back from Terrenon when we picked up a faint life sign on a rogue asteroid, at first I wanted to ignore it as a simple sensor glitch but then it started to fade rapidly. We transported the life form into our Med Lab and were shocked to see it was Aiden. He was nearly dead and we got to him just in time.
  20. 20. Ani-Mei: Elvendia is not along the route to Ariddea though, you made a rather large detour to come here. Juno: Yeah, I didn’t want him on my ship any longer than I had to have him there, so I dropped him off here with you. We healed him as best we could but human physiology is not one of our strong suites. Adahy: He is not human, he is a god. And I am surprised you could even heal him. Juno: Whatever, still from Earth. Now that he’s here I can get back to Ariddea.
  21. 21. Juno: And I wanted to ask about Arwyn, is she well? I have not heard from my Beloved in a long time and I was worried. Ani-Mei: Yes, Arwyn is well indeed. I would offer you some shore leave here in Allocarre, there is much more to the story than you are aware of, it is the least we can do for you and your crew.
  22. 22. Juno: My attendant, Solera. Show her where my quarters are to be and she will transport my belongings over. Juno gave a short, shrill whistle and Solera jumped up and headed off. She was a mousy woman to begin with, it amused Juno to watch her jump at his command. Adahy: I shall speak with Aiden. I am certain he has concerns about where he is.
  23. 23. The doors opened and Adahy came out to talk to him, Saraya beamed at her father. Saraya: Hi daddy!! Aiden was just playing with me! Adahy: I see, but I must borrow him if you do not mind Bright Star. Saraya: Okay, I’ll see you later Aiden!! Aiden: Yeah, okay. Sure.
  24. 24. Adahy: You look dreadful Aiden. Are you in need of medical attention? Aiden: Gee thanks. Mind saving the insults for later and tell me what the hell’s going on here? Adahy: You were rescued by Emperor Juno and his star ship, he has informed us that you were nearly dead when they found you. Can you explain to me how you came to be on that asteroid? Aiden: That was an asteroid?
  25. 25. Adahy: What happened to you? Aiden: I—think I was put there, for something…can’t remember why or even how I got there. It’s all a foggy mess. I need to get back to Psyche, where…where’s the door? Adahy: We cannot let you go back to Earth, it would be detrimental to your recovery. We shall house you here until your memory returns in full. Aiden: Am I a prisoner?
  26. 26. Adahy: Oh, no. You are a guest. You have committed no crimes. Aiden: Yeah but Grapey over there said he didn’t want to look at me anymore, like I’d done something wrong. But I can’t remember what or if I did. Adahy: Emperor Juno does not like to remember the last time you had met…it was difficult. Aiden: But what did I do? I have no idea!!
  27. 27. Adahy: Perhaps it is best you do not think on it right now. Aiden: Well, how else am I going to remember anything if the ones who KNOW won’t tell me anything!! Adahy: If you insist; it not pleasant however… Aiden: Just tell me Blondie. Adahy: You attempted to harass his teenage daughter with undue flirtatious actions.
  28. 28. Aiden: I did? Oh, no wonder he hates me. I was hitting on his teenage daughter. Adahy: Yes, now do not mention it again. Aiden: So…what now? Adahy: You need rest, and time to recover. I shall place you in the wing opposite the Emperor and his party. Aiden: Good call Blondie. Adahy: I realize that you have suffered mental trauma but if you ever call me Blondie again, I shall not hesitate to inflict more trauma upon you!! I am Lord Adahy, you shall address me as such.
  29. 29. Aiden: Yes sir, I mean your Lordship… Adahy: Very good, I shall accept that. But do not falter again understood? Aiden: Yes. Crystal clear. Adahy: Now, is there something you require for sustenance? Aiden: No…I’m not hungry I would just like to see my quarters if that’s alright your Lordship. Adahy: Very well. I shall show you.
  30. 30. Back on Earth, in Strangetown. Ani-Mei’s counterpart in Strangetown had been living under the radar as Chloe suggested for a while now, so far General Buzz hadn’t come looking for her or any other of the Non-Terrestrials as far as she knew but when she felt an intense aura of energy outside her little house suddenly appear she thought that her luck had run out.
  31. 31. She was facing a very angry God of War… Dalen: So…this is where you hide your pitiful energy goddess. As much as I do love a good hunt it’s about time it ended. My plans for this dust speck of a town are not to be trifled with. Ani-Mei: Dalen you are not yourself!! Try to see that!! Dalen: Oh spare me!! How many times have I heard such a pitiful excuse for leniency I will make you regret ever daring to challenge me!!
  32. 32. Ani-Mei: Alright, pleasantries spared. You’re nuts Dalen, and Chaos is using that to its advantage. Do you HONESTLY think it’ll spare your life when it finally takes control of this planet’s pantheons??!! Do you really think you’re special enough to spare being eliminated like the other gods? If so, you’re also sadly deluded. And if I have to beat the shit out of you myself to prove how stupid you’re being I’ll do it gladly. You’re 5000 years too young to challenge me and win boy. I have far more power than you can ever dream of…
  33. 33. Dalen admired her tenacity to shove his attitude back at him, very few women could do that and still stand in his presence, she was something. But also it irked him. Dalen: You have fire goddess, and that is admirable. But I think it is YOU who underestimate ME. When this world falls apart I will be standing over the piles of dead mortals and gods with my head held high. I am Hope, and if the mortals are lucky enough to survive, they can Hope I won’t kill them too slowly.
  34. 34. Dalen: And then I will come for you. You are right at the top of my list once I deal with the mortals here who think to earn my favour and protection from the coming Apocalypse. I will show them that the God of War spares no one, their fearful worship will only make me stronger and make themselves easier to kill off. Your tenacity to challenge me in face of such unfavourable odds has earned some respect, meaning you won’t be the first goddess I kill, you get to watch as I eliminate every other one first.
  35. 35. Ani-Mei stared him down; her blue eyes unwavering. She knew he would perceive any flinch as a sign of weakness. The dark energy of Chaos flared behind his icy stare…but there was something else there too; his soul was still good. He is Hope, a part of the Triad; Chaos can never completely control Hope’s power and energy. Just like what remained in Pandora’s box, hope can never die as long as there are life forms who still hold onto it.
  36. 36. Ani-Mei: Very well. I will make it worth your while to fight me, however you’re sorely mistaken if you think you even scare me in the slightest Son of Arrilla. Dalen: You dare to still defy me, even in the face of my insurmountably power; I like that. You will be a worthy prize once I kill you. Ani-Mei: If…you can kill me.
  37. 37. Dalen: There is no if, I will kill you. Her defiance sparked his interest greatly. And surprisingly his passion to an extent as well. His keenly honed senses told him that this effigy in front of him was a mere fraction of her total power, just as the form he took now was one of his. Gods can appear in several places at once, it’s a basic level trick they all know inherently. Mortals don’t know that, they just know what their limited brains can process about them.
  38. 38. Back at Academie Le Tour… Atalanta had some reservations about this blind date thing, she was heiress and had to find someone to carry on with. Her brother still hadn’t taken in his date gift from Heather and it was blocking the stairway. She wasn’t materialistic in the slightest, she didn’t care if she got gifts or not. All she wanted was someone to be with…Sora had been avoiding her a lot lately, she tried to call him but every time there was no answer. She pined for him for a few days then got her act together, and this was the result.
  39. 39. Iolaus was very nice about it, he told her he was nervous too. His Greek was an inflection she wasn’t familiar with, and it was hard for her to understand him. But she knew enough to communicate, he told her where he was from and it surprised her. Who would have thought he was a time traveller? More so that it was Aiden’s younger brother who brought him here before he died, she didn’t even know Aiden had a brother, she only knew about Hope from what her mother told her about Psyche’s college relationship with Aiden.
  40. 40. Atalanta: You got like a little fleck of something there. Iolaus: Well, thanks…umm Atalanta? Atalanta: Yes? Iolaus: You seem nervous, are you sure you’re alright? Atalanta: Yes, I’m fine. I don’t mean to be so nervous Iolaus, really I don’t. Iolaus: Dating isn’t my thing either, I’m more of a fighter than a lover. Atalanta: That’s such a cheesy line, like out of some bad romance movie. She laughed, but he looked shocked and slightly hurt. Atalanta: Oh, I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to insult you!! I really didn’t!! Iolaus: Oh, okay but what is a movie anyway? It was her turn to look shocked, she forgot he wasn’t from this time so he probably had no idea what she was talking about. “ I’ll take you to one sometime. You’ll love it.” Perhaps this blind date wouldn’t be so bad after all, he was adorable in his shyness and how he acted around her.
  41. 41. Iolaus: Not that I mind your forwardness, but isn’t your room a little too private a place for a first date? Atalanta: Why, you expecting to do something ungentlemanly? Iolaus: Oh gods no!! I just…it’s shocking to me is all. I don’t want to face an angry father. Atalanta: My dad could care less what I do in college, it’s not like he can’t pop in whenever he feels like it anyway. Iolaus: Is Cupid your father? Atlanta: No, he’s my grandfather. My father is a half god. Iolaus: I see. I don’t see many half gods around anymore, only Herc. Atalanta: Probably because there aren’t many left, or alive anymore… Iolaus: I don’t understand, what do you mean? Atalanta: A long story. Too long for this late at night. Iolaus: This was fun, I enjoyed it. Perhaps we could do it again sometime? Atalanta: Sure. I look forward to it. He was a good guy, innocent yet mysterious at the same time. She knew he was mortal like her, he would not live as long as she would as a quarter god, maybe this would be the best thing for her after all…
  42. 42. Back in Hidden City… Callisto looked around, the living room was surprisingly undecorated for her big birthday party tonight, she was expecting more of a party atmosphere. Callisto: Mommy!! Where are all my decorations?? Where’s my cake?? Psyche: We don’t have any because Caley could get hurt on them and you cake is coming baby girl, it’s not here yet.
  43. 43. Callisto: I can’t wait for that!! I WANT TO GROW UP NOW!! Marc Antony: Impatient isn’t she? Amy: Hmm…so was Psyche at that age. Psyche: Oh come on, I wasn’t that bad!!
  44. 44. Callisto: Uhh, tell me you have better clothes than this? Psyche: Of course baby, we always do. Callisto: Good cuz I so can’t be seen like this!! Marc Antony: Like mother like daughter. Those were the days. Amy: Hmm.
  45. 45. Psyche smiled as Callisto went on about something else she didn’t like. Truth was, she was feeling sick to her stomach lately, not from Callisto’s attitude but something else. She tried to keep a smile on but she didn’t anticipate her father’s watchful eyes picking up what she was trying to hide, Marc Antony knew something was wrong with his daughter and she was hiding it from him and her mother. It worried him, he would have to talk to her after Callisto’s party was over.
  46. 46. Marc Antony: How come you’re not being honest with me anymore? Psyche: Daddy? What are you talking about? Marc Antony: A father knows when his baby girl is distressed. What’s wrong? Psyche: Daddy, it’s nothing, really. Marc Antony raised an eyebrow; she squirmed a bit.
  47. 47. Psyche: It’s just a little flu bug, that’s all. Marc Antony: I am an Elder honey, I have odd sleeping hours. You’re always in the bathroom…every morning, throwing up. It’s right next to out room, I can hear you. Psyche: If that were the case it would require something that I haven’t had since Callisto was born, do I have to really spell it out for you?
  48. 48. Psyche: I haven’t been with anyone since Aiden, nor do I want to be. I miss him but I haven’t seen him physically since Callisto became a child, only in my dreams. Marc Antony: Maybe you should get a check up for it anyway…just to be certain. Psyche: I did buy a test, but I haven’t used it yet. Marc Antony: If you want to use it now, I would like to know myself. Just to make sure you’re not sick.
  49. 49. Neither of them noticed or heard Callisto come back down after changing. She scooped up Caley. Callisto: Did you hear that Caley? Mom has no idea, it’s funny. I’ve known for like ever. Daddy’s been here, but she didn’t realize it. Mortals’ perceptions are so limited. Oh how sweet it’ll be to tell them what and who daddy really is!! I can’t wait to see their shocked faces!! Caley: *strange child*
  50. 50. Marc Antony: Well? Psyche: …it’s positive. I have no idea how or when it happened but I’m pregnant again. Marc Antony: I hate to ask this, but it’s been bothering me. How much do you really know about Aiden? Have you ever met his parents? Do they even know they have a granddaughter? Psyche: Daddy…we’ve been over this, Aiden is a very private man. He doesn’t tell me a whole lot about himself or his background.
  51. 51. Marc Antony: That doesn’t make it right for him to leave you alone for so long, raising his daughter. He should be here with you, helping to raise her. Psyche: Daddy…please. I just found out I’m pregnant again, and I have a newly teened daughter to care for and stress over when she wants to borrow the car and blow all our money on make up and clothes, not to mention all the boys she’ll be likely to bring home. Marc Antony chuckled. “Welcome to the world of raising a teenage girl. I remember it fondly.” Psyche: Yeah, yeah what goes around comes around right? Marc Antony: Yes, it does indeed.
  52. 52. Marc Antony let it drop for now, Psyche was an expert at sidestepping difficult questions and discussions about Aiden. He would do some independent investigation on his own, tapping some old SCIA contacts for anything on Aiden he could get his hands on. She would be livid if she found out he was investigating him, and in her condition that was something he didn’t want to happen. Psyche was never sick so much with Callisto, this child was obviously going to be harder on her than she was.
  53. 53. Back at Legacy Main… Today was it, her last birthday. Pandora had known for a few days now that she would have to face the fact that she never could marry the man she loved, the father of her children and it saddened her. She missed her parents, her sister and Perseus. Ever since Diamos had to pull his energy out of him, Perseus completely withdrew. He refused to leave the house or even to come see her have her birthday. Pandora: Any progress on Helen? Reias: Well yes, actually. I am getting very close to locating her soul. Pandora: Oh… Reias: What’s wrong? Pandora: I just wish she was here with me, that’s all. Reias: I know, and I’m sorry I couldn’t locate her before your birthday Pandora. But your children are all here and Bliss too. Maybe you should go out and talk to them instead of talking to me. Pandora: Thanks Reias. I’m so glad I have you back. Reias: I’m glad to be back Pandora. She sighed, now she had to face her mortality. Reias always looked good, she felt a small stab of jealousy that he would always remain young and gorgeous while she aged like an old suitcase. But he was a god, she was mortal there’s nothing she can do about it now. Dione called her from the game room, she could hear her kids laughing and talking. At that moment she realized how truly blessed she was. She had five beautiful children. Everything she could ever ask for.
  54. 54. It was going to be a good day after all. She gazed over at her eternally young lover, the father of her children. Pandora wondered how long he would live after she was gone, how long do half gods live anyway? Would he miss her? She wanted him to be happy. She shook her head to clear the thoughts away, it was time to face facts.
  55. 55. She closed her eyes as she thought about how wonderful her life had been so far…
  56. 56. First memories of true love…
  57. 57. Tragic memories of loss and heartache…
  58. 58. Memories of new life and joy…
  59. 59. And the promise of new and happier future memories. Pandora had a wonderful life, she fought, loved and lost and now it was time for her relax and allow her beautiful children to take the reigns of the legacy. Her heiress was chosen, the legacy rests with her oldest daughter now. She would be a guide for Atalanta along the way, a sum of all experiences and a wealth of knowledge to help her along the way to generation seven.
  60. 60. Pandora: That wasn’t so bad. Atalanta: Speak for yourself mom, pink is not your colour. Bliss: Oh I don’t know, she’s still picture perfect to me.
  61. 61. But not all was good… Steph sat on the sofa with her fingers clasped in her lap. Perseus hadn’t come out of their bedroom for nearly a week and half now. It was like all his strength and will to go on were taken along with the rest of Diamos’s god energy. She worried that he might just walk out into the sun and burn to death, he seemed so depressed. Nothing she said or did would help him. Then she thought he still might be mad about Solan and the time he came over.
  62. 62. She lost the Bachelor Challenge fair and square, she’s glad that Solan and Ginny are so happy together, their kids are gorgeous. But why did she do it? She loves Perseus, they have five kids of their own…but she still wanted Solan. Was that part of his depression? Did she push him just that little bit too far? It was too horrible to think about.
  63. 63. She didn’t want to think that his depression was her fault, it was probably just what Diamos told them it was; he was going through withdrawal from feeding on his godly energy for so long. He was on it for years, nearly three decades, ever since Pandora’s kids were little; and that’s a long time to feed on Dee’s energy. Steph just had to be patient; Perseus would snap out of it sooner or later. So she will wait, her husband will come back to her in his own time.
  64. 64. Upstairs Perseus was fighting his own battle. He just felt so weak, so drained he had no energy to do anything. His wife would knock on the door and he wouldn’t reply, then he would hear her walk away. His super sharp vampire ears could hear her cry, and that made him feel worse. He was hurting her by acting like this; but he couldn’t help it. Sharing his body with Diamos was so empowering, so addictive, he could walk in the daylight and not burn, he could feel the warm breezes on his face, the cool refreshment of a summer’s rainfall. He lost all that when he became a vampire. But surely that was small price to pay to avoid ever facing Death right? Immortality had a cost; he wasn’t born with it like the gods were so being this way was the closest he could get to their level. He felt like a god with Diamos inside him.
  65. 65. Why couldn’t he keep the energy? Why did he take it away? It’s not fair!! He could have handled it, but Diamos wouldn’t let him try. Perseus wanted it back, the high of a god’s energy flowing through his veins again. He thought about the best way to find it again, a new source of godly energy. There were half gods running around this city right? He could hunt them down, drain their energy…he knew how to track a god’s aura signature; a side effect from feeding off Dee’s energy for thirty years. He licked his dry lips at the thought of tasting that energy again, the power high it brought… ******
  66. 66. Diamos, unaware of Perseus’s intentions, was facing a crisis of his own back in the Astral Realm. He had no idea how Dalen found him, or even how he could get into his Peaceful Sanctuary. Diamos: How did you find me brother? Dalen: Please, you’re my twin Dee; I will always find you. True, you hid from me in the body of that undead mortal but that all went away when you left him. Though here, you’re body-less and can’t do a thing to me should I choose to wipe you out.
  67. 67. Diamos: Wait a minute; you can’t be here while you’re infused with the dark energy of Chaos…unless…this is the small piece of your soul that is still good and pure. Dalen: You’re as perceptive as ever dear twin. Yes, it’s true I am what’s left of Hope in Dalen’s heart and soul and I came to find you, I need your help. Diamos: I can’t do anything from here, as you said; I have no body.
  68. 68. Dalen: And I brought a friend. Someone you might remember. Diamos: Pellas… Pellas: Master, it has been far too long. Dalen: This is what’s left of her purity too; it’s the only way she’s here with me. Chaos is closing in on our pure lights, our goodness and we hope that this meeting won’t be found out.
  69. 69. Diamos: What do you need from me? I’m afraid I can’t be much use to you this way. Dalen: We can open a link; a pathway to another realm here, or rather a parallel reality. We can bring you a powerful weapon for you to use to get Talia back. Unfortunately as the God of War, getting me back will be much, much harder than her. Diamos: What kind of weapon? Dalen: A living one.
  70. 70. Diamos led them inside his Sanctuary, it was far safer to discuss what he had in mind inside his walls. “ Please, don’t keep me waiting. What kind of living weapon?” Dee asked. Dalen: Your daughter, Seiya. She is the combination of the Peace God and the Chaos Goddess, a perfect balance. Your oldest daughter with her is the only person strong enough to break Chaos’s hold on Talia’s soul; she’s always had a weakness for her children with you above all others.
  71. 71. Diamos: But…are you sure? I mean you know what Ares did to her… Dalen: The parallel reality she comes from is one where Ares never took her into that time warp and corrupted her light. In that universe, Ares lost. She was raised with you and Talia together and she grew up happy and pure. Diamos: How do you know all this? Dalen smiled; “I am Hope dear twin; I know how to cross into the dimensions with the strongest glows of Hope in them.
  72. 72. Diamos: And you Pellas, how are you holding up against Chaos? You’ve been pretty quiet. Pellas: I am not doing well, Master. I am losing more and more of my purity every day, Chaos is so strong and powerful… Diamos: I hate to watch this happen to you; I truly wish it were different. Pellas smiled sadly; “As do I Master. I never told you this before and I always regretted it; I love you. I have loved you for so long but I could never tell you. Diamos: Pellas…I don’t know what to say. Dalen: You jackass…totally the wrong thing to say to a lady. Pellas: I understand; it is alright God of War.
  73. 73. Dalen: We have to go now, but I’ll tell you this; don’t give up on me, please. I don’t want to be a servant to Chaos for the rest of my immortal life. And tell the heiress the same thing, if they give up on saving me then I will truly die. Their Hope keeps me from fading right now. Pellas: And me as well, they will need to wrest the power of the Crystalline Adriel from Chaos’s dark grip because without it, they cannot complete the Triad of Power. Diamos: I understand. I will do as you ask. When will Seiya arrive? Dalen: She’ll be coming across the dimensional plane with the Guardian of the Seal: Iyara. Look for them soon. I love you brother, never forget that.
  74. 74. And just as Dalen said, the Guardian of the Seal arrived a few hours later with Seiya in tow. Diamos was nervous about seeing his daughter again; the last thing he remembered of her was the horrors that she inflicted on the city after Ares corrupted her, it broke his heart. But this Seiya wasn’t like the Seiya he knew; she was pure, good and had never tasted blood in battle. Iyara: God of Peace; it is an honour to be in your presence once more. Diamos: You must be Iyara, Guardian of the Seal. Iyara: Yes, I am she.
  75. 75. Iyara was beautiful, her ethereal wings glowed in the light of his aura This being guarded the gateways between the parallel universes, she was pleasant and kind but he knew she had a great power under that delicate exterior; Iyara had to be strong if she was supposed to guard the gateways to prevent the cross contamination of the parallel universes. Only a being of pure light and goodness could stand in her presence and not be obliterated by her aura.
  76. 76. Iyara: I now leave Seiya to you. My job is done and I must return to my post, be careful Peace God, you are going up against a force that has been my greatest rival for all eternity. It has tried several times to infect the other universes with its evil and I have defeated it every single time, but now it has chosen to stay in this one and it is not my job to wonder why; so long as I do not sense it encroaching into my realm. Diamos: Thank you for bringing my precious cargo all the way here Iyara, I’m truly grateful for it. Iyara: Be well Peace God.
  77. 77. Iyara vanished and Diamos took a breath before going to see his daughter. She looked just like her mother, with his eyes. But this Seiya didn’t bear the ugly scar across her chest that she got when she tried to take on a war lord in Crete. She nearly died that day when he took a cheap shot at her when she wasn’t expecting it. This Seiya had never known the horrors of war and death, it was what he had wished most for his Seiya in his universe. Seiya: Hi daddy…
  78. 78. Diamos choked on his reply, she cocked her head slightly. Seiya: Is something wrong daddy? Diamos: No, nothing’s wrong…it’s just been a while. Seiya: Iyara told me that you aren’t my dad, but in a way you are because you’re just another version of him. I don’t understand it really, you look the same. Diamos: Yes, it’s hard to understand. I don’t really get it myself either.
  79. 79. Diamos: So what else did Iyara tell you? Did she tell you why you’re here? Seiya: Yes, mom needs my help. She’s in great danger. Or this version of my mom does. She’s being taken over by something evil called Chaos. Diamos: So you know then, that saves some explaining on my part. Seiya looked down; “She also said you’re in danger too, that you’re stuck in this place and can’t leave.” Diamos: That’s true also. I can’t leave the Astral Realm I have no physical body in the Mortal Realm anymore.
  80. 80. Seiya: But there’s something else too, why did things go so wrong here? Why are you trapped here? Why’s mom in trouble? Diamos: It’s a long, sad story dear one. I have nothing but time so I’ll tell you everything. Don’t worry about having to eat here, you won’t get hungry or tired. But if you want to I do have some food and a bed. Seiya: I’m alright. I just want to know what’s going on.
  81. 81. Seiya: I’m ready to listen daddy. Tell me everything, I want to set things right here for you and mom. Diamos smiled; he’d never felt so proud of her. It was the kind of life he’s always wanted his Seiya to have, a balanced one free of evil and darkness. It made him want to find his Seiya and try to save her Arrilla would have been so proud of her granddaughter if she could see how well she grew up. ******
  82. 82. Back at Academie Le Tour… Callisto grabbed hold of Nathan’s shoulders, he smiled. Nathan: Well, that was some greeting Callisto. What’s the occasion? Callisto: Oh, nothing I just missed you that’s all. Inwardly she grinned evilly; ever since she took off for college she’d been doubling her efforts to drain the hidden powers inside Nathan. She nearly had it all now, he was almost completely under her spell. The last thing in her way was the bitch Allegra Gorey, his so called fiancée. She had to be eliminated if Nathan was going to belong completely to her.
  83. 83. Callisto pulled him in close for another kiss. “Soon enough, soon enough.” She thought. He had a bad habit of talking too much, she would fix that as well once he was her mindless slave. The power she sucked out of him would be put to good use, her use. She had a plan to use his power to attain full godhood and help out her grandfather in his quest to rid the world of the legacy. Then her father would be so proud of her, that she fulfilled his assignment for her in record time. End of Entry Thirty-Five.
  84. 84. Kawaii!!
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