Candle Lights & Virgil: Days 6 & 7


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Candle Lights & Virgil: Days 6 & 7

  1. 1. Decisions, decisions, decisions. That’s what these last two days are all about, one has to win and two have to leave. The winner will be up against dark forces trying to destroy them, their children and grandchildren because whoever wins, their grandchild will be the one who faces off against Xylen in the end. And they will become the new God of Peace. It’s as big an honour as it is a curse to have that coming down the pipes. And knowing the way I don’t play everyone for equal time, my sixth generation heir and spares (except for Dione, remember her?) will still be around to see the final fight. Is that good or bad? I don’t know…
  2. 2. Virgil: I hate this part…Miranda: I know, I get to know these girls and seeing them leave is always hard. Aphrodite: But in the end, you still have a good friend right?
  3. 3. Virgil: Polly…Polly: I know. I think I did know for a while though. I just couldn’t get that one last point I needed.Virgil: I’m sorry. I do care a lot about you, and coming from me that’s rare to hear. I hardly like anyone. *grins*
  4. 4. Polly just couldn’t get that last one little point. No matter what I tried, that one little point just would not inch up. And the incompatible aspirations, that hurt too…  1. Miranda and Aphrodite: 141 Crush, Best Friends, Three Bolts 2. Polly: 140 Crush, Two Bolts
  5. 5. Cupid: Polly?Polly: I—I don’t know what happened…one point, that one freakin’ point… Cupid: Sounds to me you really liked him. Polly: I did. But I guess he didn’t like me quite enough to stick around.
  6. 6. Cupid: Are you going to stay playable or become a Townie? Polly: What is my sister doing?Cupid: The others are still thinking on it, but I think Hokey is going to choose Townie. I know Biro is for sure.
  7. 7. Cupid: Well, as I told the others until either Miranda or Aphrodite come back here, you don’t have to choose now, there’s still time. Polly: I think I may need that time. Cupid: I figured as much.
  8. 8. Polly: What would you choose if you were me?Cupid: Me? I’d probably stay playable. Easier to stay in the loop about everything. He told you about Xylen didn’t he? Polly: Yes, he did. I can understand that. But it’s nice to hear options anyway. Cupid: I’m sure your sister would like to see you if you don’t want to talk to me anymore.
  9. 9. Polly: No, it’s alright. Hokey is probably doing something.Cupid: Well okay, your room is still prepared for you so settle in whenever. Polly: Thanks. I might do that.
  10. 10. Aphrodite: So…final two huh? Miranda: Final two.Virgil: And I can only choose one of you…this sucks. I hate pressured decisions. Miranda: Of course we’ll each make our own cases to you, that’s for sure. Virgil: I figured as much.
  11. 11. Virgil: Make outs…nice. This could make or break their cases for me. And I’m sure you’ll be soo torn up about it… Virgil: I might be; you never know. Get to it Romeo.
  12. 12. Aphrodite goes right in for the butt- grab, Virgil doesn’t seem to mind a woman who takes charge I’m sure. ;)
  13. 13. Boosted relationship points FTW.
  14. 14. Next up is Miranda with the tantalizing Glamour Life dress with a bit of a peek-a-boo for Virgil? No, it just matched her eyes and it looked nice on her. 
  15. 15. Oh, the dip and kiss huh? Maybe the dress worked after all O_O?
  16. 16. Miranda: Whoa, nearly lost my breath there.Virgil: Good to know I leave you breathless. Miranda: Wow, nice pick up line. Virgil: I try.
  17. 17. Aphrodite: We want you to know we’ll be alright with whoever you pick. Virgil: Great, no pressure or hidden meanings in that… Aphrodite: No, no hidden meanings all truth and straight up. Miranda: She’s right.
  18. 18. Aphrodite: We both know what we’re getting into. Miranda: Yes, even though I don’t have the legacy experience you two share. Aphrodite: Well, it’s not really legacy experience I have in common with him. My dad is the one who is trying to stop it.Virgil: But the important thing is, you aren’t with him on it. I mean, knowing what I face with Xylen, if you were you’d be outta here so fast your head would spin. Aphrodite: Exactly. I saw the other side of fence with Hex and fighting my dad is something I should be doing.
  19. 19. Day 7: Winter arrives on Mykonos because I forgot to remove Winter from the seasons when I made the sub-hood…so yeah, moving on…
  20. 20. The girls become besties over the delightful turkey dinner breakfast…
  21. 21. Miranda did get to Besties with Virgil too but picture is missing…so you get one ofAphrodite instead. Today there’s three flirts with each of the remaining two then the winner is revealed at the end and we have our generation 8 spouse.
  22. 22. The three chosen flirts: A Suggestion, Goose and Serenade. All weresuccessfully taken by Aphrodite as you’d expect of triple-bolters, boosting their total relationship to 162.
  23. 23. Miranda also got a Suggestion, Goose and Serenade, all were accepted as Iexpected; boosting their relationship to162…and therein is the problem another tie. So what do I do about it? FACE OFF!!
  24. 24. Well, for those of you who read my BC for Solan, and if you remember that; back thenthere was a tie between Pet Tech’s simself and Ginny Marmite. Both had triple-bolts, both had dead even scores and only one had to win. So I had a Fish Off and whoevergot the better fish won. But…since this is Winter, I have no pond, and neither girl hasever seen a fish I went with the next best thing: Punch Off. You know mean sims love to nail their opponents with a pile drive so what better way to see who Virgil wants more, than to see who he pile drives first. First up is Aphrodite.
  25. 25. Virgil: Come on girlie girl; hit me. Aphrodite: Alright then… She didn’t, and neither did he…
  26. 26. Miranda: Oww…really?Virgil: Come on…show me what you got Red!! I dare you!!
  27. 27. Virgil: THIS is how you punch back. *pile drives*And with that we have our winner. Miranda Blue of the Here We Go Again, OWBC. Miranda: *sniff* Now I have a bruise the size of *Wales on my arm from it…  *British reference just for Sam ;)*
  28. 28. Virgil: Aphrodite… Aphrodite: I know. I’ll miss you but it’s alright. One of us had to win.Virgil: Me too, don’t be a stranger hmm? I’d love for you to visit Hex though, he and Solan could use your insights. Aphrodite: I will, I promise.
  29. 29. Aphrodite: I’ll help keep your future family safe, count on that. Virgil: I appreciate that, more than you know…
  30. 30. So Aphrodite Wrongway becomes the sixth one to leave. Back to the temple for her, to find out what everyone else decided on.
  31. 31. Virgil: So it’s you and me Red.Miranda: Oh. Right there, yeah… Virgil: So…
  32. 32. Miranda: Champagne? Virgil: This is Greece, it’s Dionysus blessed wine. Miranda: White wine?Virgil: Yep. The red wine is for weddings and stuff…I think anyway.
  33. 33. And in separate rooms…Virgil and Miranda finally fall in love. Hereally did wait to the very last day didn’t he?
  34. 34. So once the night falls, they get to the much awaited conclusion of this week-long event. But unlike his father, Virgil did not have to kidnap his bride to produce the nextgeneration, Virgil wants a real wedding this time around. Being Family and all, it’s like hard coded into his DNA…
  35. 35. Look familiar? I love this AL interaction…
  36. 36. …déjà vu at its finest…it must be a family thing.
  37. 37. Cupid: You’re the one? Aphrodite: I am the one, yes. He chose Miranda. Cupid: And are you alright with that?Aphrodite: I realized that I have a much more important mission to do; I want to help Hex and Solan protect Virgil and his future family. Cupid: Wow, so you want to remain playable then? Aphrodite: Yes, I do.
  38. 38. Cupid: Well, the other five have made their choices, they’re going to be Townies. But you’re staying with us here; just until we update everyone and make sure they’re all on the same page. Aphrodite: Okay then. That’s fine.
  39. 39. So one by one, the five other eliminated girls hit the computer for their new lives asTownies. Aphrodite had become friends with everyone and she hopes that they’ll stay in contact and not lose too much of their memories once they cross that line from playable to Townie…
  40. 40. Once Jezabel was gone, it would be down to just the three of them; Aphrodite, OtherAphrodite, and Cupid. Now all that was left was to get everyone else up to date on the situations…
  41. 41. Back in Hidden City…Virgil: Well, this is my father’s temple, we’ll be staying here for a bit until things get settled and stuff. Miranda: Wow…it’s huge. I have never seen such a place.Virgil: All gods usually have temples like this, each trying to out-do the other…you know how it is.
  42. 42. Miranda: I’m sure your parents will love me.Virgil: I hope so, just let me know if my dad gives you a hard time. He loves to scare my friends, girlfriends, unfortunate strays who cross my path…it’s his thing. Miranda: Lovely…
  43. 43. Ilea was used to chess cheating; Thanatos did it all too often. Morpheus was a little less cheat-happy though so she did enjoy playing with him a little more.
  44. 44. Ilea: Your move. Morpheus: I’m thinking…give me a break.Thanatos: Just tell me if you want me to distract him or kick him into gear my love, I’ll do it. Morpheus: Yeah I bet you would…
  45. 45. Thanatos: Virgil is home my love.Ilea: He is!!?? Sorry Morph, game’s over my baby boy is home!! Morpheus: About time.
  46. 46. Ilea: Red hair? How lovely!! I have not seen that since my great grandfather Julius was around. I had wanted it back in the family. Miranda: You’re the seventh gen. heiress? Ilea: Yes, I am. Call me mother, or Ilea I don’t care which.
  47. 47. Morpheus: I’ll say this for my nephew; he sure knows how to pick them. Miranda: Morpheus right? God of Dreams? Morpheus: You’ve heard of me? How nice. I’m honoured.Miranda: Virgil told me a lot about the family tree on the way over here.
  48. 48. Miranda: And you’re his father, Thanatos; God of Death…yes? Thanatos: …Miranda: Umm, nice to meet you I can see why Virgil is so attractive now. Thanatos: I like you. You can stay.
  49. 49. Virgil: And now that you’ve met my parents and not headed for the nearest shuttle to the airport in Athens…let’s finally wrap this challenge up. Miranda Blue; will you marry me? Miranda: Of course, you even need to ask? Virgil: Yes, rules are rules. Miranda: I love you Virgil.
  50. 50. Virgil: I love you too Red. And with that; Generation 9 has officially begun. Next time you’ll see thesetwo is the weddings, I have a lot to get through for this generation and until the heir is married, no babies for the spares. So see you next in: Dark Moon Saga Chapter 6.20!!