Flipping the Classroom with Mobile Technology


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2012 - 8/08 - WWCSD Summer Technology Camp - Flipping the Classroom with Mobile Technology

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Flipping the Classroom with Mobile Technology

  1. 1. http://steinman.me/stc1Flipping the Classroom with Mobile Technology Presented by Andrew Steinman
  2. 2. http://steinman.me/stc1
  3. 3. About the Facilitator @steinman
  4. 4. About the ParticipantsUsing our Lino canvas, please share yourname, where and what you teach, andone interesting fact about yourself.Have a mobile device? Download themobile app for iOS or Android.
  5. 5. Goals for Today• Learn about the flipped classroom model• Learn how to create instructional videos• Create at least one video lesson • Share video lessons
  6. 6. Flipping the Classroom with Mobile TechnologyGoal 1: Learn about the flipped classroom model
  7. 7. The Flipped Classroomhttp://youtu.be/2H4RkudFzlc
  8. 8. The Flipped Classroom in Michigan http://www.flippedhighschool.com/ http://youtu.be/y2QgtPyk_Gk
  9. 9. The Flipped Classroom in Michigan*Click on each image to watch the video
  10. 10. Flipped Classroom DifferencesWith your partner (identified on the Linocanvas), discuss the differences you seein a "flipped" classroom compared to atraditional classroom. Share two of thesedifferences on our Lino canvas. *Click the Lino icon to access our canvas
  11. 11. Flipped Classroom ChallengesWith your partner, discuss some of thechallenges you would face if youdecided to "flip" your classroom. Sharetwo of these challenges on our Linocanvas. *Click the Lino icon to access our canvas
  12. 12. Flipping Your ClassroomWhen flipping your classroom, thereshould be one question that guides thetransformation of your classroom: “Where in the learning cycle do my students most need me face-to-face?” *Quote from Jonathan Bergmann
  13. 13. Flipped Classroom Benefits• Differentiation• Ability to talk to every kid, in every class, everyday• More time for engaging activities and assessment• No Gaps• No Place to Hide *Benefits identified by Jonathan Bergmann
  14. 14. Flipped Classroom Myths• Flipped Learning Relies on Videos• Flipped Learning Relies on Homework• Flipped Learning Creates a Digital Divide• Flipped Learning Propagates Bad Teaching (Lectures) *Myths identified by Jonathan Bergmann
  15. 15. Versions of the FlipFlipped Classroom 101 Lectures are recorded Other aspects of class stay the sameFlipped Classroom 201 Lectures are recorded Focus on mastery learning
  16. 16. Where do you start?Start with what is the most comfortableto you“You dont flip a class. You flip a lesson.” *Quote from Jonathan Bergmann
  17. 17. 3 Key Elements for Success• Quality Instructional Videos• Engaging Class Activities• Robust Assessments P *Key elements identified by Jonathan Bergmann
  18. 18. Flipped Lesson IdeasThink about a possible lesson that youcould easily ‘flip’. Share your ‘flipped’lesson idea with your partner, as well astwo other people. Provide constructivefeedback for each group member thatshares. Choose one ‘flipped’ lesson ideato share on our Lino canvas. *Click the Lino icon to access our canvas
  19. 19. Flipping the Classroomwith Mobile Technology5 Minute Break
  20. 20. Flipped Classroom Questions ?
  21. 21. Flipping the Classroom with Mobile TechnologyGoal 2: Learn how to create instructional videos
  22. 22. Tips for Creating Videos• Keep it Short• Work With a Partner• Make it Entertaining • Add humor, annotations, zooms, and video clips• Dont Waste Your Students Time• Picture in Picture• Audio is more important than video *Tips identified by Jonathan Bergmann
  23. 23. Source of Instructional VideosWith so many videos out there, do Ineed to make my own ‘flipped’ videos?The answer: Yes and No J
  24. 24. Video Creation Tools: Computer Fre F ree: 5min e: 5 min Jin g Free : 15min PC: $179 / Mac: $99
  25. 25. Computer Tablet $70 $35 Cheaper Alternative
  26. 26. Video Creation Tools: iPad Free Free FreeShowMe Educreations ScreenChomp $2.9 Free 9 Explain Everything Whiteboard Lite
  27. 27. Remote Desktop Tools $4.9 9 FreeRemote Desktop $19 $35 .99 ? LogMeIn DoceriWhiteboard
  28. 28. True iPad Screencasting $15 $12 /$6Reflection*Free for 10 minutes
  29. 29. Video Creation Tools: Android $3.9 9 Screencast Video Recorder *Require root
  30. 30. Annotate Video: iPad Free $4.9 9Ubersense Coach’s Eye
  31. 31. Annotate Video: Android $2.0 4 QuikCoach
  32. 32. Pencasting 29 .95 $1 Free Livescribe Smartpen 15% off couponPencast Player
  33. 33. Favorite Screencasting ToolIn your group of four, share which toolyou think is best and why. Using our Linocanvas, individually share your favoritescreencasting tool along with tworeasons why this if your favorite tool. *Click the Lino icon to access our canvas
  34. 34. Flipping the Classroomwith Mobile Technology10 Minute Break
  35. 35. Flipping the Classroom with Mobile TechnologyGoal 3: Create at least one video lesson Share video lessons
  36. 36. Screencasting Questions ?
  37. 37. Video Creation TimeUsing your new understanding of theflipped classroom model, along withyour new screencasting skills, create a‘flipped’ video that you could use withyour students.
  38. 38. Screencast SharingShare your new screencast to our Linocanvas. To share, simply copy and pastethe URL in your post-it. You can alsoattach your video file to your post-it.Along with your link, share at least onething that surprised you while creatingyour screencast. *Click the Lino icon to access our canvas
  39. 39. Flipping the Classroom with Mobile TechnologyGoal 3.5: Miscellaneous
  40. 40. Creating an Online Presence
  41. 41. Create AccountabilityClick here to see entire form
  42. 42. Additional Resources
  43. 43. It’s Not About the VideosRemember, the flipped classroom model is not about the videos. It’s about what is happening in the classroom. C
  44. 44. Andrew SteinmanEducational Technology Consultant at the Kent ISDandrewsteinman@kentisd.org @steinman