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4/29/15 Flipped Classroom Webinar Presentation

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4/29/15 Flipped Classroom Webinar Presentation

  1. 1. The Flipped Classroom - How to Turn Your Classroom Upside Down Steve Virkstis – Teacher at Comstock Park High School
  2. 2. Flip Your Class Turn Your Class Upside Down
  3. 3. Little About Me • BS Chemistry, History, MEd 2nd Ed, MS Geosciences • 13 years as a R&D chemist • 5 years at GR Catholic Central HS • Last 18 years Comstock Park HS • Courses Taught- Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, AP Chemistry, Physical Science, Honors Physical Science, US History • Stand and deliver • Time for change
  4. 4. What Is A Flipped Class • Short video lectures are viewed by students at home before the class session, while in-class time is devoted to exercises, projects, or discussions. The video lecture is often seen as the key ingredient. • Flipped Class Example
  5. 5. It Is Not About The Video, Kinda • The flipped class allows time for the teacher to help students with concepts, problems, questions in the classroom.
  6. 6. It Is Not About The Video, Kinda • Students able to work at their own pace.
  7. 7. It Is Not About The Video, Kinda • Multiple activities take place in the classroom.
  8. 8. It Is Not About The Video, Kinda • Student homework now becomes viewing the lecture outside of class. This is where you get to be creative!
  9. 9. Statistics • In 2012, 48% of teachers flipped at least one lesson, in 2014 it is up to 78% • 96% of teachers who have flipped a lesson would recommend that method to others • 46% of teachers researched have been teaching for more than 16 years, but are moving towards flipped classrooms • Source:
  10. 10. More Statistics • 9 out of 10 teachers noticed a positive change in student engagement since flipping their classroom (up 80% from 2012) • 71% of teachers indicated that grades of their students have improved since implementing a flipped classroom strategy • Of the teachers who do not flip their classroom lessons, 89% said that they would be interested in learning more about the pedagogy • Source:
  11. 11. How I Started • Gas Law Video staring Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams • Required Reading
  12. 12. Getting Started • Hey I can do this-
  13. 13. Getting Started • Showing videos in class- record a single topic of a unit and show the video in class. Ask what students think.
  14. 14. Getting Started • Communicate with your administrators
  15. 15. Getting Started • Be comfortable with your content delivery method- • What works for you- recorded PowerPoints, video your lectures in class, rival George Lucas
  16. 16. Getting Started • Do not be afraid to try new things- bring in other staff, family members, podcasts.
  17. 17. Getting Started • Students will adjust.
  18. 18. Classroom Changes • Teacher to facilitator- from “sage on the stage” to something different.
  19. 19. Classroom Changes • Classroom much more “active”
  20. 20. Classroom Changes • Complete rethinking on how the classroom should operate • Whoa- I am out of my comfort zone!
  21. 21. Classroom Changes • Students have greater responsibility for their own learning. • This might be the most important shift in the classroom.
  22. 22. Classroom Changes • Students at different places in the unit. Organization is the key- use of Moodle or Google Classroom
  23. 23. Common Concerns • Time
  24. 24. Common Concerns • Parents- something completely new to parents. May be your biggest critics. • Parent Video
  25. 25. Common Concerns • Students- availability to technology. • Note taking- I struggle here, • Cornell-Interactive Notebook
  26. 26. Common Concerns • Resources- student and teacher • Constantly changing- recording options, video hosting sites, student availability.
  27. 27. Common Concerns • Change- is never easy • You can teach an old dog new tricks. • Sophia • Michigan Flipped Teaching
  28. 28. The Video • Use your resources- students, family, other teachers-do not reinvent the wheel!
  29. 29. The Video • Length- 5min to 10 min. Your students will let you know if your lectures are too long.
  30. 30. The Video • Types of Videos-from your phone, Bamboo Tablet, Snagit, Camtasia, video camera- what works for you.
  31. 31. The Video • Editing- WeVideo, Windows Movie Maker, iMovie, Camtasia, PowerDirector
  32. 32. Examples • Lake Effect Snow • Kahn Type Video • On Location • Creative
  33. 33. The Flipped Classroom - How to Turn Your Classroom Upside Down Steve Virkstis – Teacher at Comstock Park High School Click here to provide feedback
  34. 34. Click here to register STEM in the Classroom Steve Virkstis – Teacher at Comstock Park High School Ebiri Nkugba – STEM Consultant at Kent ISD