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How Google Classroom Transformed an Elementary Classroom

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How Google Classroom Transformed an Elementary Classroom

  1. 1. How Google Classroom Has Transformed the Elementary Classroom Matt Becker, 5th Grade Teacher from Forest Hills
  2. 2. Matt Becker Twitter: @mbck Email: 3/18/2015 2Footer Text
  3. 3. Who am I? • 5th Grade teacher in Forest Hills Public Schools • Reading, Language Arts, and Social Studies • Teaching is my third career • A necessary traveler 3/18/2015Footer Text 3
  4. 4. Webinar Objectives • Learn about the basics of Google Classroom. • Understand how classroom works from the teacher and student perspective. • Use Google Classroom for instruction and assessment. 3/18/2015Footer Text 4
  5. 5. Google Apps For Education • Google Classroom is part of the Google’s G.A.F.E suite. • Your school district needs to use G.A.F.E. in order to access Google Classroom • If you are a G.A.F.E. school and can’t access Google Classroom, contact your Google Admin. 3/18/2015Footer Text 5
  6. 6. My classroom transformation • Since Google Classroom • G-Classroom creates folders automatically. • Easily access and manage student work within Google Classroom. 3/18/2015Footer Text 6 • Before Google Classroom • Teaching S’s how to create folders and share them. • Managing my own folder with students folders. • Access student work, folder by folder.
  7. 7. Why Google Classroom? Student Perspective • Organizes folders automatically • Easy to find work. • Easy to use. • Saves time. 3/18/2015Footer Text 7 Teacher perspective • Saves time organizing student folders • Saves time accessing student work • Easy to set up and use.
  8. 8. My current situation My challenges • Not a 1:1 classroom. • Limited by access to school Chromebooks. • We do have access to Chrome carts and a computer lab. • My solution • Preplanning • Have students work together when possible. 3/18/2015Footer Text 8
  9. 9. What is Google Classroom? • Google Classroom is: • A classroom organization and communication tool. • Connects Drive, Docs, and Gmail • Create, and assess students assignments in one place. 3/18/2015Footer Text 9
  10. 10. 5 Google Classroom Tips • Don’t click student! • Keep all of your sections/hours separate. • Be specific when naming your classes • Don’t mess around with the “Classroom” folder in Google Drive. • Don’t add items directly to the Drive folders created by classroom. 3/18/2015Footer Text 10
  11. 11. How do I get there? There are two ways to get to Google Classroom. • Go to • Go to o Click on the App menu icon • Select classroom 3/18/2015Footer Text 11
  12. 12. Setting up Classroom 3/18/2015Footer Text 12
  13. 13. Log in as a teacher! 3/18/2015Footer Text 13 Important! Logging in for the first time, you want to click Teacher
  14. 14. Create your classroom 3/18/2015Footer Text 14 • Click on the + sign to create your first class. • Name your class. • How you name your class is important.
  15. 15. About Page • The about page is for general information and class resources for your course • Idea for the About Page: o Class Syllabus o Rubrics o Often used resources 3/18/2015Footer Text 15
  16. 16. Students Page • Invite students via email to your class o You can use groups from your Gmail account o Or have students use the unique enrollment key 3/18/2015Footer Text 16
  17. 17. The Stream • Announcements o Post information and attach resources (YouTube, Drive, web links, files). o Anyone can comment on an announcement. o Great for adding communication and resources that are not attached to a due date or grades. • Assignments o Use for housing assignments with a due date. o Can use a variety of ways to distribute information. • YouTube, web links, Google Docs, computer files.
  18. 18. The Stream’s layout • It is important to note that assignments and announcements placed in the stream will be placed in chronological order. • The most recent postings will be placed at the top of the stream. 3/18/2015Footer Text 18
  19. 19. Creating Announcements • Click on the “Announcement” button • Type an announcement • Add files from Google Drive , YouTube, web links, or files from your computer • Copy to multiple classes if necessary • Post your announcement 3/18/2015Footer Text 19
  20. 20. Create Assignments • Click the Assignment button • Give your assignment a title and a description • Set the due date • Attach files (Drive, Docs, YouTube , links) • Copy assignment to multiple classes if necessary 3/18/2015Footer Text 20
  21. 21. Adding Google Documents • If you are adding a document from Google Drive, specify how you would like it to be shared. • Post your assignment 3/18/2015Footer Text 21
  22. 22. Something to Think About • When creating assignments, students will have two ways to turn an assignment in, depending on the type of file you have them working on. • If is an document you attach through Google Drive o Students will see a “Turn in” button” when they open their assignment. • If is a web link, such as a Google Form o Students will see a “Mark as Done” tab to click in order to turn in their assignment. 3/18/2015Footer Text 22
  23. 23. Join the Demo Class? • Log in using: • Username: o (Replace # with any number 1-50) o Example: • Password: kentisd14 3/18/2015Footer Text 23
  24. 24. Student Perspective 3/18/2015Footer Text 24
  25. 25. Student view • You will be logged into Classroom as a student • You will see your classes • Click on K.I.S.D. Webinar Series 3/18/2015Footer Text 25
  26. 26. Student Stream 3/18/2015Footer Text 26 • As a student, you will see your assignments • Assignment due dates • Comment section • To open an assignment, click “open” button.
  27. 27. Student Stream cont. • Once you have opened the assignment o Click the Document link o Your assignment will open in Google Docs. 3/18/2015Footer Text 27 Document Link
  28. 28. Student assignment turn-in • Using Google Docs, Google Drawings, or files not using a web link as the assignment tool. • In the Google Doc., click “Turn in.” • A second screen will appear o Click “Turn in” one more time 3/18/2015Footer Text 28
  29. 29. Assignments Using Links • Assignment using links will follow the same process as before, however the instead of a “Turn in” button, it will say “Mark as Done.” • Open the assignment and click “Mark as Done” • A second screen will appear o Click “Turn in” one more time 3/18/2015Footer Text 29
  30. 30. Resources I Use • Google+ Communities • GEG Michigan • Google Classroom • Google Apps in Education • Google Docs and Drive • Web resources • Google for education • The Electric Educator • Teacher Tech • Ditch Than Textbook • Free Technology For Teachers • Ed Tech and Mobile Learning • Edudemic 3/18/2015Footer Text 30 • Twitter • Good people to follow • Andrew Steinman @steinman • John Sowash @jrsowash • Kelly Kermode @coachk • Alice Keeler @alicekeeler • Hash tags to follow • #geducator • #googleedu • #gafe
  31. 31. Please provide feedback by going to: • Thank you for attending the Google Classroom webinar. • Google Classroom Resource Page o It will have many of the same resources you saw today o Today’s PowerPoint presentation o Links to resources o Contact information 3/18/2015Footer Text 31
  32. 32. How Google Classroom Has Transformed the Elementary Classroom Matt Becker, 5th Grade Teacher from Forest Hills