MI and Me, Laura L.


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Laura L. describes herself

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MI and Me, Laura L.

  1. 1. Multiple intelligences
  2. 2. linguistic • This type of intelligence is related with the words and language. The people who have it are good at writing, reading, telling stories… • They have developed oral and written, they have knowledge of grammar rules, of the many different uses for language, such as persuasion, information, or pleasure.
  3. 3. Logical-mathematical • Logic is the science of formal principles of reasoning or correct inference. Mathematics is the science of quantity. • The people with this type of intelligence usually like using their brain for logical and mathematical reasoning and they really like math and have a mind "like a computer“. • They work well with numbers and they can perform complex calculations. • Usually they find, easy doing math in their head, good at strategy games, enjoy science experiments… • They use expressions like: That's logical or Follow the process, procedure, or rules.
  4. 4. musical • They love music • Musical intelligence is the capacity to think in music and rhythm. People possessing this intelligence have appreciation for music, can easily remember songs and melodies. • They have the ability to compose, sing and/or play instruments. • They can have the ability to remember some things with a rhythm that they choose
  5. 5. Bodily-kinesthetic • This is the ability to solve problems using one's body. Highly developed bodily-kinesthetic intelligence is people such as dancers, athletes and musicians. they are usually good in competitive team sports and other complex physical activities • This intelligence isn´t completetly related with the body strength in some sports you practise these intelligence with out needing a large body size
  6. 6. Spatial-visual • People with Visual intelligence are artistic. They catch images and they remember easily, They have a great sense of direction. • They can visualize pictures in head, they are good at solving puzzles in their heads and solving games related with pictures. • They like to draw, to paint, to take photographs…
  7. 7. interpersonal • These people are good with people and thrive in social interactions. They are good empathizing and understanding others. • They are social, and they like to be surrounding by people. They can help people easily • They enjoy working in groups with other persons, and make friends
  8. 8. Naturalistic • The nature lover • Those people are very interested and curious of their surroundings. They have a sensitivity to and appreciation for nature. They probably also like the space. They understand the natural world including plants, animals, and scientific studies and also patterns • Those who utilize different attributes of the environment. They enjoy learning about the different aspects of nature. • Those people like to be outdoors, to be surrounding by the nature, they feel comfortable there. They like to relate with animals and plants
  9. 9. My multiple intelligence • I´m Laura, I am 15 years and I have a naturalistic intellignece, I´m a natural lover. • I like a lot to be outdoors, I feel confortable when I´m surrounded by plants, I love animals especially dogs. I enjoy nature and learning about it. I am interested in plants and animal species of the world and in the future I would like to get a job related with my intelligence, nature smart.
  10. 10. Brief sumary