Clara in Matera


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Clara writes about her experiences in Matera during the AIMS Comenius Visit

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Clara in Matera

  1. 1. CLARA IN MATERA (DIARY) Personal Experience
  2. 2. 1ST DAY!(16TH FEBRUARY) ·This night I couldn´t sleep very much because I was really nervous. I was thinking about the tiring and exciting day that we would have. ·At 7.00 h all of us were waiting for the bus at the high school door. ·At 11.30 we were ready in our first plane; and at 14.00 h we arrived in Rome. In Rome airport we ate something, I ate a tomato and mozzarella sandwich that won´t be the last one in this trip… ·Finally we had the second flight from 17.15 h to 18.20h.
  3. 3. • We arrived in Matera at about 19.30 h, my partner was waiting for me with her parents in the Palace Hotel. My new friend was called Paola. • My trip didn´t finish yet, because I had to go to Montescaglioso, the village where I lived during this fantastic experience.
  4. 4. • In Montescaglioso a fantastic Italian dinner was waiting for me… spaghetti,formaggio,insalata,biscotto MY NEW FRIEND PAOLA!
  5. 5. 2ND DAY!(17TH FEBRUARY) • I got up very early and after breakfast we went to the school at 9.00 h, we went running because we were late! • During the morning we had the presentation activities and the logo contest. I had to recommend the Spanish logo, because of course it was the best. Italy was the winner!
  6. 6. • The first lunch in Matera was very early, because we usually eat at 15.00 h, but in Italy we ate at 12.30h. We went to have lunch in a nice restaurant. • After having lunch we spent the evening in Sassi doing a treasure hunt.
  7. 7. • During the Maths treasure hunt we visited amazing places in Sassi, the old streets, the cave churches, casa Grotta,etc. I won´t forget them in all my life. • When we finished I went with my friend Paola to have a walk. • When we arrived home another fantastic Italian dinner was waiting for us, mmm.
  8. 8. 3RD DAY!(18TH FEBRUARY) In the morning we went to the lonian coast , place where people thought that Pythagoras could be buried, but the guide told us that this couldn´t be possible. We visited the Archeological National Museum of Metaponto. It had a lot of interesting objects and ceramics from this area.
  9. 9. • After having lunch in the restaurant we came back to the Liceo Classico. • We had a busy evening rehearsing our sketches with our Romanians, some Italian and French partners. We had to rehearse several times because it wasn´t very good… but at the end it was ok!
  10. 10. • I went with Paola to have another walk in Matera and we ate a well-deserved gelato after so many rehearsals…
  11. 11. 4TH DAY!(19TH FEBRUARY) • We got up at 3.00 h ! I was sure that this day would be an exhausting day in Naples. • We left Matera at 5.00 h and after 4 hours in the bus we arrived to the Science city. We had an interesitng morning learning about our brain system and we watched an entertaining theatre play about Frankenstein.
  12. 12. • At about 14.00 h it was time for eating the famous and I must say enormous Italian pizza! • After the cuatro estacione pizza we had a tour in Naples, we went to the main square, we walked by the sea and we arrived to the castle, thanks to the French teacher that guided us. It was a pity, we couldn´t watch the Vesubio volcano because of the fog which every afternoon accompanied us during our visit in Italy.
  13. 13. 5TH DAY(20TH FEBRUARY) • This morning all of us went to the Space Geodesy Center. We were very tired because of the trip to Naples. I enjoyed this interesting visit because it was an opportunity to see the telescope, the control rooms, etc. • Then we went by the last time to the restaurant, we were very sad because it would be our last lunch in Matera…
  14. 14. • In the evening at Liceo Classico the expected moment of the sketches arrived. We were a bit nervous. But fortunately our Archimedes sketch was perfect! I liked very much this activity because it was funny and a pleasant way for learning Maths history . • Next the teacher announced the winner of the treasure hunt, Spanish team was in second position! That means that we are great mathematicians !
  15. 15. • After that we enjoyed a fantastic buffet that the parents of our Italian partners prepared with typical Italian food. I loved it, everything was really good, especially I loved a chocolate cake, I took a lot of pieces of it. For me it was a homely buffet, and I was very comfortable because Italian people are very warm and friendly. • After that I went with Paola to visit a famous abbey located in Montescaglioso. ·For finishing the last night we had a party! We danced and we took a lot of photos with all our new friends.
  16. 16. 6TH DAY!(21ST FEBRUARY) • I couldn´t believe it, this experience was ending. I was very sad. I prepared the bag to go to school by the last time. • We went to lessons with our partners, Alice and I had Latin, Greek and English . This morning was very funny for me because we spoke with a lot of people and they explained us a lot of interesting things about the Greek culture. We did a work about the differences and similarities between Spanish and Italian culture.
  17. 17. • At 12:00 h the inevitable moment arrived, we had to say good bye to our partners and our new friends. After a lot of tears we said ¨ see you later¨ to Liceo Classico because I´m sure I will come back again. • We arrived to Bari airport and after eating an other tomato and mozzarella sandwich we went into the plane.
  18. 18. • We went shopping in Rome airport because we were 5 hours waiting for the next flight, of course we bought Italian pasta and typical products. • We had lunch for taking energy for the last flight to Madrid, guess… yeah! Another tomato and mozzarella sandwich! Fortunately it was the last one. • Finally we arrived in Madrid at 12.00 h and in Avila around 2.00 h. In this moment we realized that this experience was definitely finished. THE FAMOUS SANDWICH!
  19. 19. • I will never forget these five days in my life. I loved the experience, meeting new friends from all around Europe I knew amazing places:Naples, Matera and Sassi, Metaponto,etc. And of course I thank the hospitality of all Italian people, they are fantastic people. • I think that people that participate in this kind of activities are enriched like persons and also we get a lot of new knowledge.
  20. 20. I am sure about one thing: I´LL COME TO THIS FANTASTIC PLACE CALLED MATERA AT LEAST ONE MORE TIME! By: Clara García Herráez