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MI and Me. Clara

Clara writes about Multiple Intelligences and herself

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MI and Me. Clara

  2. 2. ·WHAT IS INTELLIGENCE ? • We can understand intelligence as the capacity of ordering the thoughts and coordinate them with actions. • Some years ago the people thought that the intelligence was something innate; you could born with intelligence or not. • But fortunately it has changed!
  3. 3. EVERYONE IS INTELLIGENT • All humans are able to know the world in different ways. The people learn, represent and apply the knowledge in different ways. • That´s why Howard Gardner says that as there are different types of problems to solve there are different intelligences too.
  4. 4. TYPES OF INTELLIGENCES 1.Naturalistic 2.Interpersonal 3.Spatial-Visual 4.Bodily-Kinesthetic 5.Musical 6.LogicalMathematical • 7.Linguistic • • • • • •
  5. 5. SPATIAL-VISUAL • People with Visual intelligence are artistic. • They are very conscious of their surroundings and they usually remember images in a easy way. They have a great sense of direction. They like drawing and painting. • They learn best through drawings and visual aids.
  6. 6. MUSICAL • People love music. They have the ability to compose, sing or play instruments. They are able to recognize sounds, rhythms… we can say that they have ¨good ear¨ for music. They learn through lectures and often use music or rhythm as a way to memorize.
  7. 7. LOGICAL MATHEMATICAL • It involves a strong ability to analyze problems and use logic. They like mathematical operations, and they carry out scientific investigations. • This can include the ability to deduce and to detect patterns.
  8. 8. LINGUISTIC • They use spoken and written language. They are very expressive people and they like to speak and communicate with people. • They have facility to study foreign languages. • They study with written words, using resumes, diagrams, etc.
  9. 9. MY MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCE PROFILE • I´m Clara. • I´m 15 years old • I´m from a town of Spain, called Ávila. • I study at IES Alonso De Madrigal . • I am a naturalistic girl , but also I also have treats from other intelligences: - interpersonal and bodilyKinesthetic
  10. 10. • I am naturalistic because I am interested in subjects such as biology, chemistry, etc NA TU RA LIS TI · C I enjoy a lot when I am camping, gardening, hiking. • I love nature and I need to know more about species, the living beings structure, habits, etc. • I think that protecting the environment is very important
  11. 11. INTERPERSONAL • I consider that is very important to relate with the rest of the people. It is good for you because you meet a lot of people, new friends and you can exchange ideas, customs, and in this way you get more knowledge. • And it is always funny to be with other people!
  12. 12. BODILY KINESTHETIC • I think that sport is very important. I like dancing, running with friends, and also I like taking long walks in the nature, enjoying views. I am a very active person. My favourite sport is football, I practise it with my friends whenever I can . Remember it is very healthy for you!
  13. 13. Learn, and enjoy using your intelligence as much as you can! Because as Henry Frederic Amiel said ….¨ the intelligence is useful for everything, but, for nothing, is enough¨
  14. 14. THE END By: Clara García Herráez