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Social networking for job search 2010


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Published in: Career, Business, Technology
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Social networking for job search 2010

  1. 1. Using LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook 2010
  2. 2. Class Goal To Make Social Networking SitesWork For You In Your Career Search
  3. 3. Class ObjectivesTo learn more about Social NetworkingTo gain information about different companiesTo work on networking skills using the internetTo improve the job search experience
  4. 4. What is NetworkingNetworking is one of the most important activities that job-seekers need to masterNetworking is the art of building alliancesJob-seekers need to have a career network that can provide support, information, and job leads.
  5. 5. You are networking when you…talk to other parents when attending your childs sporting or music eventsvolunteer for a local park "clean-up" dayvisit with other members of your social clubs groupstalk to your neighborspost messages on mailing lists or in chat rooms
  6. 6. Networking PitfallsNot following up with contactsNot connecting with people in your industryNot staying current with your industryNot marketing yourself
  7. 7. What can Social Media Do For YourNetworking?Establishes your “Brand” – your networking imageGives you a way to Highlight your Skills and AbilitiesGives you the inside knowledge of a company
  8. 8. What are the benefits of SocialNetworking to the Job Search?Puts you in touch with potential employersEasier Informational Research/InterviewsYour skills reach a wider audience which equals to more opportunities
  9. 9. List of Social Networking SitesUsed for Job Search LinkedIn FacebookVisual CV NingMySpace Yahoo Twitter Wordpress
  10. 10. Tips for Social Media JobSearchHave a consistent focus on all of your profilesMake your Profile Summary 5 lines or lessFill out your Profile 100%Pick a professional PhotoConnect with your contacts on and off linePost what the “Hiring Manager” wants to read
  11. 11. Using LinkedIn
  12. 12. LinkedIn OutlineSign up and set up your profileSearch for jobs and companiesConnect with recruiters from the companiesJoin Groups
  13. 13. Sign Up Process
  14. 14. Profile Setup
  15. 15. Profile Example
  16. 16. Applications
  17. 17. Who Viewed My Profile
  18. 18. Contacts
  19. 19. Inbox
  20. 20. Job Search
  21. 21. Company Search
  22. 22. Join Groups
  23. 23. Fort Carson ACAP Networking Group
  24. 24. Discussions
  25. 25. Members
  26. 26. Jobs
  27. 27. Search
  28. 28. Differences in LinkedIn and Twitter LinkedIn TwitterYou make connections You follow peopleYou display content on You display content through screen linksYou can include large You have only 140 characters amounts of type Information is processed inInformation takes time to real time process Information is setup forInformation is setup for mobile use computer use You can setup lists andYou can setup groups of hashtags (#) of interests interest
  29. 29. Twitter OutlineSign up and setup accountFind and Follow People and CompaniesUse Lists and Hashtags to group informationBlogging to build your brand and add value
  30. 30. Sign up Process
  31. 31. Settings
  32. 32. Find and Follow People
  33. 33. Lists
  34. 34. Hashtags
  35. 35. Differences in LinkedIn and Facebook LinkedIn FacebookYou make connections You friend peopleInformation takes time to Information is processed in process real timeYou can setup groups of You can setup fan, interest community and group pages of interest
  36. 36. Facebook OutlineSign up and set up your profile/fan pageSearch for companiesConnect with recruiters/people in your fieldJoin Groups/Fan pages
  37. 37. Sign up Process
  38. 38. Personal Page Settings
  39. 39. Personal Page Settings Cont.
  40. 40. Create a Fan Page
  41. 41. Select Type of Page to Create
  42. 42. Edit the Fan Page
  43. 43. Edit the Fan Page Cont.
  44. 44. Fan Page Personal Example - Wall
  45. 45. Fan Page Personal Example - Info
  46. 46. Join Fan Page in search
  47. 47. Join on Fan Page
  48. 48. Join Group
  49. 49. Completion ChecklistMade profile on LinkedInJoined Fort Carson Networking Group (LinkedIn)Made appointment if you need additional assistance
  50. 50. ConclusionJob Search Social Benefits to SocialNetworking Helps With NetworkingOrganizations Interaction More InformationHiring and Business More Contacts Success More ExposureData Collection More Opportunities