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Social Buzz Cairns | Instagram Workshop


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Social Media Workshop Cairns | Social Buzz 17th March 2014, a guide to Instragram

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Social Buzz Cairns | Instagram Workshop

  1. 1. Social Media Flash By the end of 2014 Manila in the Philippines will be the first Mobile User Country, meaning that they will access the internet through their mobile devices rather then a PC. Micro Videos will be the trend, small videos under a minute.
  2. 2. Google Plus FINALLY Hits the Tipping Point Google Plus just turned 2 years old. 300 million people (up from 190 million in May) will it pass Facebook in 2014? the "tipping point" late in the year and be a solid threat to Facebook's dominance in 2015.
  3. 3. What? Why? How?Business
  4. 4. What?Business 1.First Network to Grow rapidly without a PC Platform 2.Mobile Native 3. Uses #hashtags like twitter, Google plus and Pinterest, also FB 4. Doesn’t require a great deal of conversation
  5. 5. Why?Business •Upload Images and micro Videos •Create a following based on your product/service •Can send private images or videos to followers/friends •Build Your Brand •Easily share with Other SM Networks
  6. 6. How?Business
  7. 7. • Social media is about people • Power of Video and Images • Consider using both of these to enhance your business • Think Locally, act Globally…
  8. 8. Lets Get Social…
  9. 9. Break to Network
  10. 10. Hash Tags Dos and Don’ts • #hashtag Do • Do take time to research your industry and niche • Do participate in the use of #hashtags to build your brand • Do follow those using your hashtags or competitors • Do create brief or short #hashtags • Do research websites to help you Google Hashtags 
  11. 11. Hash Tags Dos and Don’ts • #hashtag Don’t • Don’t Forget # are a tool that can be used to do damage. • Don’t underestimate the negative sentiment that might be bottled up about your brand and unleashed via # • Don’t create hashtags that are too general and open to broad interpretation or multiple meanings • Don’t use general trending hashtags for marketing i.e Just in Beiber • Don’t create Hashtags for Brands that you don’t have permission to use • Don’t over use them 2 to 10 is enough
  12. 12. • Create an Account • Follow others and make comments • Be proactive and very social • 80/20 rule • Have heaps of fun • Use the tools listed to asssist you
  13. 13. Time To Review & Questions? • What have you learnt? • What is the next step? • What Action can you do this week? Next Social Buzz will be Mid April Instagram Workshop April $57 half day
  14. 14. 1. Download the Social Media App in the App Store $1.99 Purchase Social Media online Training for $99 social Buzz special Discounted from $197… Up and Coming workshop on Instagram Early Bird Discount $57 1. 2. 3.