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Webinar: How to Improve Your Social Presence in 30 Minutes a Day


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You know the struggle: so many posts to put out, so little time. So how can you use your time wisely while achieving the social media impact you desire? In this webinar, we discussed how to maximize your efforts with a 30-minute daily plan of action.

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Webinar: How to Improve Your Social Presence in 30 Minutes a Day

  1. 1. How to Improve Your Social Presence in 30 Minutes a Day #FalconEd
  2. 2. Jerry Potter Creative Director & CMO Maija Paloheimo Strategy Advisor Your Presenters. #FalconEd
  3. 3. Today’s Agenda. Building a Solid Base Social Media Configuration Content Marketing Social Media Engagement 30-Minute Checklist Q&A. #FalconEd
  4. 4. Basics All else BUILDING A SOLID BASE The key to improving your social presence. #FalconEd
  5. 5. Execution. Content strategy. Social identity & Audience Goals on social Reporting.
  6. 6. Build a solid base. Set your focus. ✓ Why are we on social? ✓ How social connects with our business goals? ✓ KPI’s and reporting Know your audience. ✓ Use data and persona creation ✓ What are they interested in? ✓ How do they interact on social? ✓ Why should they follow you? Create social identity. ✓ Key to authentic social presence ✓ Tone of voice & rules of engagement ✓ Can be network specific ✓ Content themes reaching beyond your brand / products
  7. 7. CONFIGURATION This isn’t a daily task, but it will save you time in the long run. #FalconEd
  8. 8. The Best Social Networks For My Business Are… ?
  9. 9. *Not patent pending ✓ Facebook for everyone (almost) ✓ Which social network do you genuinely like best? ✓ The $5 Method* for choosing social networks How Do You Choose? *Not patent pending
  10. 10. Optimize Profiles.
  11. 11. Optimize Profiles.
  12. 12. Optimize Profiles.
  13. 13. Content Calendar Frequency Schedule Posting Strategy.
  14. 14. CONTENT No longer something you can do ad hoc. #FalconEd
  15. 15. Great content. …is authentic …feels personal …sparks emotions …provides value …doesn’t seem like marketing …starts conversations
  16. 16. POLL TIME. #FalconEd
  17. 17. How to get there: Content planning. ✓ Choose content themes based on your brand’s social identity. ✓ Plan content for your audience, not for your brand. ✓ Be creative and ask for help: look for inspiration, brainstorming sessions, editorial meetings, input from colleagues. ✓ Plan ahead: idea banks, content & campaign calendar, use tools. ✓ Gather learnings: Content testing, weekly/monthly/quarterly reporting.
  18. 18. Content Theme Fabline - an imaginary cosmetics brand Theme 1: Expert Debunking myths “Ask us” Product comparison Live video Q&A “Did you know?” Theme 2: Inspiration Showing the many faces of beauty “How to…” User generated content Influencer/brand ambassador content “Did you know?” Theme 3: Seasonal Beauty Weather & cosmetics “What is your secret?” Tips & ideas for holidays
  19. 19. ✓ Content calendar ✓ Campaign tool ✓ Content Pool Other tools ✓ Google Sheets ✓ Free templates ✓ You tell us…
  20. 20. Content Calendar in Google Sheets.
  21. 21. Post Optimization. ✓ What is the goal for this post? ✓ Who is the audience? ✓ Does it fit your social media persona? ✓ Does it cause an emotion? ✓ Is it visually appealing? ✓ Will it invite engagement? ✓ Is it shareable? ✓ When will you post it? ✓ Are your hashtags well researched?
  22. 22. Content Brainstorming Grid.
  23. 23. Spotlight The Team. Remind your audience that your brand is made of people.
  24. 24. Throwback Thursday. #TBT might seem like a throwback itself, but it can still work amazingly for some brands.
  25. 25. Be Local. Remind people that your brand lives here.
  26. 26. ENGAGEMENT Does your brand actually know how to achieve it? #FalconEd
  27. 27. This is where many brands stop. Don’t.
  28. 28. Stop the Scroll. Don’t just like and move on.
  29. 29. Outbound Engagement. The importance of a two-way conversation.
  30. 30. 30 MINUTES A DAY?! YES!
  31. 31. Time Saving Tactics ✓ Plan ahead ✓ Stick to your plan ✓ Organize assets ✓ Use tools for scheduling, monitoring & engagement ✓ Quality over quantity ✓ Test and adapt
  32. 32. 30-Minute Social Workout. Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Weekend • Evaluate post performance from previous week. Any key findings? • Check scheduled content. Final tweaks. • Get inspired: • Read a blog post • Look for content ideas • Work on strategy • Schedule content for next week. • Make sure you have all assets ready! • What is being discussed about your: • Industry • Brand • Products • Target audience • Outbound engagement: • Engage with new people • Search for new relevant hashtags • Facebook groups • Other trends • Check outgoing content • Remember to enjoy the weekend! Daily - Monitor incoming messages and engage in conversations.
  33. 33. Pop Quiz Time! The winner gets Andrew Macarthy’s 500 Social Media Marketing Tips and a Falcon selfie stick. #FalconEd
  34. 34. #FalconEd QUESTIONS?
  35. 35. #FalconEd Coming Soon: 6 Big Differences Between Good & Great Social Media Marketers  ft: Cotopaxi and Steinway & Sons July 26th #FalconEd
  36. 36. REFERENCES. Five Minute Social Media: 24 Content Ideas For Small Businesses Average number of social media accounts per internet user from 2013 to 2017 #FalconEd
  37. 37.