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Digital Camera VS Film Camera

In the past, when all we had was film photography, we had to be very selective of the kind of pictures we wanted to take. I’m sure there wouldn't be half as many ‘selfies’ ‘photo bombs’ or ‘duck pouts’ as there are today. Images have a strong emotional factor, and emotions have a powerful pull on us as human beings.

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Digital Camera VS Film Camera

  1. 1. Film vs. Digital Photography
  2. 2. What is the major difference between a Film Camera and a Digital Camera A film camera exposes photographic film to light in order to take a picture A digital camera produces digital images that can be stored in a computer and displayed on screen.
  3. 3. Facts about Photography The first image that was ever captured on film was by Joseph Niepce. The biggest SLR lens made to date is the Carl Zeiss Apo Sonnar T*. It weighs 564lb/256kg and has a focal length of 1700mm.
  4. 4. Facts about Photography The most expensive camera ever sold was a 1923 Leica camera, which was sold for $2.8 million at an auction in Vienna. In 1990, Kodak used cuddly collectible toys to promote their brand to entice children into photography. The toys were called Kolorkins.
  5. 5. Benefits of Film Photography They have full frame depth and a greater dynamic range therefore captures more colour and light than a camera sensor. They give the photographer a consistent and similar look to their work pieces.
  6. 6. Benefits of Film Photography Film challenges the photographer to think more and produce better pictures by thinking about light, shadows, colours etc. making it a good picture. Film negatives can last for years as long as the surface is not scratched and if it is stored properly.
  7. 7. Disadvantages of Film Photography • Does not have autofocus and auto exposure systems which allows face detection or contrast detection on images captured. • Pictures can not be seen until printed out which can sometimes be inconvenient. • Film cameras perform better outside which makes shooting indoors a bit impaired.
  8. 8. Disadvantages of Film Photography • Sharing images amongst friends and family is considerably more expensive to digital images. • To capture a variety of fast, slow, colour etc. films, one might need multiple cameras. • Unlike digital, you need a dark room and it takes time no where close to instant.
  9. 9. Benefits of Digital Photography Digital allows you to adjust the look of your photographs to match the mood you are trying to evoke. You can shoot as many pictures as you want and not worry about frames.
  10. 10. Benefits of Digital Photography Transparent and immediate; you are able to see your shots and decide if they are good or need to be reshot. Every copy is an original copy no matter how many times it is sent out or printed.
  11. 11. Disadvantages of Digital Photography • If you fail to import, store or back up your images from your device or computer all the images can be lost forever if something happens • Digital cameras are relatively a lot more expensive compared to film cameras.
  12. 12. Disadvantages of Digital Photography • Your storage space on your digital device will eventually reach its limit meaning you have to delete, transfer or buy a new memory card. • With a wide array of features and functions, it is a bit complex in knowing all the features. Example editing on screen or adjusting the light
  13. 13. 5 Interesting Facts about Photography A study by Kelsey Blackburn and James Schriillo from Wake Forest University documented the left side of peoples 'faces are as the better side of their face when taking pictures. Which is your best side? Your right side or left?
  14. 14. 5 Interesting Facts about Photography Dilish Parekh of Mumbai has a collection of 4,425 antique cameras. The largest collection of cameras in the world. The longest photographic negative in the world is 129 feet and was created by Esteban Pastorino Diaz
  15. 15. 5 Interesting Facts about Photography In Victorian photography times, the mothers of children getting portraits were camouflaged into the scenery. Kodak invented the first digital camera but went bankrupt because they didn't convert to digital.
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