Contents Page Drafts


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Contents Page Drafts

  1. 1. Contents Page Drafts
  2. 2. 1st Copy..This was the first copy of my Contentspage. I used this specific colour’s as thebackground as these were the colour’s Iused for my front cover, therefore thehousestyle would carry on through,enabling the magazine to flow throughconnecting all of the pictures together.On this page I also had enough room touse the logo I created, however, due to thesize of my masthead on the front coverthere wasn’t enough room to fit in the logo.This meant I couldn’t use the logo on onlyone page.I definitely needed to sort out my picture,due to the crop tool not working properly,and I wanted to change the picture inwhich I use as I thought it was too big andstood too much out of the page, when theinformation was the most important thing.As well as it not following the normal formsand conventions of a professionalmagazine.I also want to adjust the numbers bymaking them slanted giving the page amore lifted feel, rather than the dull look it
  3. 3. 2nd Copy…This is another copy of my contents page for my hiphop magazine Unstoppable. I believe that the housestyle follows through from my front cover to this page,as well as the fonts being the same. Due to this I thinkthat my magazine stands out. As well as the coloursbeing bright and bold.I am most happy with the little pictures in-between thecontents lines. I like them because they stand out and itbreaks everything up a little so it isnt just plain andboring.I want my target audience to get the feeling of hip hopthrough the use of colours and font as well as pictures.Hopefully I am achieving this so far.I wasnt too happy with this contents page because thepicture of Connor was too dominating and too much inthe full front of the page. As well as this, he is alsofeatured on the front cover, and he will also be featuredin the double page spread. Due to this, I think that if heisn’t on the front cover then the magazine wont seem tobe just about him.
  4. 4. 3rd Copy…• This was my final version of my contents page for my Hip Hop media magazine. I did change my contents page several times due to me not being happy with the way it looked. I am happy with the different pictures, making it more interesting, as well as the colours and type of font. I am undecided as to weather I am going to keep the orange background. I have followed it through to my double page spread, but I think that the house style will still be carried through out the magazine if I use white as the background. This may enable everything to stand out a little more and to brighten it up a little bit.• My other initial idea of how to change this page is the numbers. Im not overly happy with them at the moment as the all seem a little different, so once I have completed my double page spread I am going to make changes to my contents page in able to make it look more appealing.