Evaluation of my music magazine ‘volume’


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This is the evaluation for my music magazine 'Volume'

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Evaluation of my music magazine ‘volume’

  1. 1. Evaluation Of My Music Magazine ‘Volume’ By Jessica Nelson
  2. 2. Masthead Main ImageFlash box
  3. 3. Skyline Cover lines Lead line Date, issue number andBanner Barcode
  4. 4. I choose the black background fromthe Kerrang! magazine as I thought itwould give my magazine a rock edge.Also the black goes well with thepinks and purples in my magazine andmakes the writing and images standout well.
  5. 5. I decided to add a skyline (at the top) and a banner (at thebottom) like this Kerrang! Magazine front cover because, itmakes the writing stand out more and it brings more colour intomy magazine. Also I think it makes my front cover look moreprofessional.
  6. 6. I liked the idea of the main image being in front of themasthead as it makes the main image stand out welland gives a little bit of a 3D effect.
  7. 7. I chose to do the colour scheme of pinksand purples like this Bliss magazine asthey contrast beautifully with the blackand seem to stand out well. In addition tothat the pink adds the pop genre to mymagazine.
  8. 8. Title and skylineIntroduction Colums Pull-quote Banner
  9. 9. I decided to put a littleintroduction into mycontents page like theone in the sugarmagazines contentspage. I decided to dothis because it givesmy magazine a moreintimate and morepersonal feel.
  10. 10. I choose to do my imagesand page numbers like thisbecause, I liked the layoutand it makes the pagenumbers stand out.
  11. 11. I did my contents columns similar to NME magazinebecause, the layout is quite clear to read. And thebackgrounds for the sub titles make the them standout well.
  12. 12. I added a skyline like this NME one because it adds colour andmakes the title stronger than it would on its own.
  13. 13. I included this in my contents page because, it allows you to add morepictures to the page which means less writing which could getconfusing. Also I think it makes the page look more attractive and fun.
  14. 14. Originally I wanted to put a Vin the background of mycontents page for ‘Volume’as it would carry on thehouse style. However, itdidn’t look right so instead Icoloured the skyline behindthe title purple as well as theintroduction and the bannerat the bottom behind thesubscription box. I decided tothis because it added colourand also as it is purple addeda house style to my contentspage. Moreover, the purplemakes a C shape for contentsso adds a bit of quirkiness.
  15. 15. Pull quote inTitle Drop cap a flash box Main image
  16. 16. Columsintroduction Banner
  17. 17. I decided to highlight the interviewersquestions like on this Kerrang! magazinebecause, then all the writing doesnt all flowinto one and also this way you can make thedouble page spread a lot more colourful andconsequently a lot more eye catching.
  18. 18. I done my drop cap quite similar to the Kerrang!magazine one as I didn’t want mine to be too big sothat it would take up too much space and distract thereader from looking at the writing.
  19. 19. I think it represents teenage girls as being individual and complexas this music magazine includes artists from both pop and rockbackgrounds. Moreover, ‘Volume’ also shows that teenage girls arenot straightforward pop or rock lovers and do not belong to astereotype.
  20. 20. After doing some research I have decided that the mediainstitution that might sell my magazine would be the publishesBauer. I think this because, they publish Kerrang! magazinewhich is one of the magazines that mine is based on. Bauer alsopublish magazines such as heat as well as publishing 4music.
  21. 21. The audience or readership of my magazine would be Teenage Girlswho are interested in buying monthly magazines who wouldperhaps have a part time job are in voluntary jobs or who areunemployed/ students as my music magazine doesn’t cost much asit is only £2. My audience would also be interested in both POP andRock and indie music genres. And see music as very important tothem. They would also be people who enjoy going to Gigs andfestivals. In addition to that they would also be people who aremaybe fashion conscious or enjoy clothe shopping. They may alsobe facing common teenage problems and may not feel veryconfident in themselves. In addition to that my audience would bepeople who enjoy finding out new and young up and coming artists.
  22. 22. From this question result I decided that my target gender for mymagazine would be Females. Due to this I decided my colourscheme as well as articles.
  23. 23. Most people who done my survey were in their teens with thehighest percentage being in the 16-20 category. Due to this Idecided that my target audience’s age would be middle teensand up.
  24. 24. From looking at this survey respondents answers I decided that mytarget audience would be interested in a range of music genres andstyles. Which is what I originally wanted my magazine to includeanyhow but these answers showed that my target audience would bemanly interested in POP Rock and Indie music.
  25. 25. Although most people said that they never read music magazinesthe second highest answer was monthly .
  26. 26. When I asked people to comment how much they would expectto pay for a music magazine most people commented aroundthe £2 bracket. And when I quizzed people about whether theprice was right most said it was just right.
  27. 27. When I asked this question I was hoping that the majority ofresponses that I would receive would say yes. But these resultsconfirmed that you can have a magazine which is not clean cut popor rock etc. Also due to this question I decided that the magazines Iwould look at would be ‘Top Of The Pops’ ‘Kerrang!’ And ‘NME’.
  28. 28. Due to this I put the an article about top 10 festivals you do not wantto miss as well as gig reviews.
  29. 29. From these responses I decided that my music magazinewould manly be about music and would contain notmuch, but still some usually magazine articles such asastronomy . And Trend or Tragic.
  30. 30. I have learnt how to use Photoshop correctly and efficiently . Aswell as, the fact that when taking photos you need to have aprofessional camera and usually proper lighting as well otherwisethe photos may come out blurry or dark.
  31. 31. I used dafont to create my masthead for my magazine as well as the titles on my contents page and double page spread.I used survey monkey to create my surveys forpeople to fill in about my magazine pages.
  32. 32. I used both of these network sites todistribute my surveys for my magazine.
  33. 33. I used photo shop to do all the construction work formy magazine pages.
  34. 34. Looking back at my college magazine and my first try at my musicmagazine I think I have learnt a lot about the importance of the layoutin the magazine. As well as, the colour scheme used.
  35. 35. 1st try. I changed this idea becausethere was too much blue, and thearticles didn’t stand out enough.
  36. 36. There seemedto be a bit ofconfusion as towhat genre ofmusic mymagazine was.
  37. 37. Even though most said they did notice a particular style it wasalmost 50 50. So I decided that I would have to change the colourscheme because of this.
  38. 38. I then decided from this question that the mastheadneeded to change as it is supposed to be one of the mostimportant if not the most important parts to the magazinefront cover as it is the part that when people are flickingthrough the magazines they can identify and find theone/ones they are looking for.
  39. 39. 2nd I changed the imagecompletely as before theimage was blurred and I nowdecided to not do a Christmasedition of my magazine. I havealso changed my masthead asthe other one didn’t stand outvery well, and my cover linesslightly. Moreover I have nowadded a banner at the bottomof the page. And have changedthe colour scheme so thatthere is a better house stylerunning through this page.
  40. 40. Most of theresponses I got herewas about the articlesand the lack of colour.
  41. 41. 3rd try I then decided that Ineeded to add some more colourto my magazine to make it standout better. I also added a fewmore cover lines. And moved thetext of ‘With our step by stepguide!’ Down and to the right alittle as well as increasing thefont size.
  42. 42. 4th and final version of my musicmagazine. I have coloured mymasthead and lead line in tomake the front cover morecolourful and eye catching to thereadership of my magazine. Ihave also added a flash box alsoto bring more colour into mymagazine.
  43. 43. 1st try I ended up changing thispage as the title needed tostand out more as it blended inwith the skyline. Also the fontswere not all the same colourand need to stand out more so Imade them more bolder. I alsoended up changing one of thephotos as it was too dark.
  44. 44. 2nd and Final version of mymusic magazine contentspage. Here I had to changethe front cover picture as Ihad changed my front cover. Ialso changed the bottomright picture to a differentone as the last one was toodark. I have also darkenedthe edges of the title slightlyas before it was hard to read.Another thing I have done isthat I duplicated the textlayers so that the text wouldbe bolder. Moreover, Idarkened the backgroundslightly as it was too bright.
  45. 45. 1st try. Due to the responses onsurvey monkey I added a fewthings to my double page spread.
  46. 46. 2nd edition of my double pagespread. Here I have gave myflash box a outer lining to makeit look more creative and standout more. I also change theintroduction colour to pink andwrote less. In addition to that, Iadded another photo in thebottom left corner as this wassuggested. Moreover, In thebanner at the bottom of thepage I added a where you canfollow Taylor Ann on. I addedthis in because, when I did myreader profile I found out thatall the people who did mysurvey said they listened tomusic on YouTube.
  47. 47. 3rd and final edition of mydouble page spread. I havenow got rid of the pullquote at the bottom of thepage because, it didn’t fitor look right.