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  1. 1. Magazine Montage
  2. 2. Front Cover Images These are a selection of front cover images that I find particularly engaging for a number of reasons. •I like the overall aesthetic of Empire as it seems to create an entire new world. •Like the I-D cover because of the artistic make up and costume and enigma created. •Like the NME My Chemical Romance cover because of the bold contrasting colours and confiding/revealing pose. • Like the NME Last Shadow Puppets because of the interesting proxemics and retro feels indicative of the 60’s. •Like the Vogue image because of the enigma and unusual styling,
  3. 3. •This is one of my favourite cover images because of how unusual it is. It’s engaging because of it’s oddness and enigma yet there’s also a confidential look which grabs the readers attention subtly. •I want my cover image to include my favourite aspects of all the images I’ve chosen such as bright contrasting colours, stylised images/backgrounds/makeup, enigma, oddness/quirkiness and a sense of confiding in the reader.
  4. 4. Mastheads & Colour Codes • I’ve gathered images of indie and rock magazine masthead. These clearly connote rock and indie music especially through the colour codes which seem to all use the same colours of black, red and white. These are strong contrasting colours and engage the target audience and connote a uniqueness and aggression. •The font type changes drastically from the shattered font of Kerrang to the uniform font of NME. They have been used to connote the differences of music genres within the magazines.
  5. 5. •I like the font used for the NME masthead as it connotes professionalism and a togetherness; a community feel of indie lovers. •However I want my font to be slightly more artistic and free to connote the uniqueness of indie and the freedom of expression. •I want to use unusual colour codes as well so not the stereotypical red, black and white, but reference them as well as using bold bright colours to connote again the uniqueness of indie music. •I also want it to connote the rebellious attitude of my magazine so maybe slightly reference metal magazine mastheads such as Kerrang.
  6. 6. Layout •These covers show the three main types of layout for music magazines which range from the cluttered and chaotic Kerrang to the minimalistic and ordered Q cover with NME being between the two extremes with some clutter and a lot of text but a strong simple image.
  7. 7. •I like these visual styles and layouts most as they still contain the chaos and clutter through the text which connotes the confusion and disillusionment that the target audience feel but also provide a strong image which isn’t detracted by lot’s of other images on the page. This means that it is more eye catching and appealing to the target audience. This is the type of layout I want to use.
  8. 8. Logos •This is a selection of magazine logos. •They are all part of or in most cases the entire masthead. •This creates a brand identity and makes the magazine seem more professional. •The logo is created through different fonts and colour schemes. I want to create a logo thorugh my use of font and colours for my magazine.
  9. 9. Double Page Spreads •I’ve gathered images of DPS’S which contain women as I’m going to use a woman on my front cover and in my DPS. •From these images I want to include direct eye contact with the reader in the image as it engages them. Also include enigma and make it seem like the person in confiding in the reader. •Include some sex appeal to engage both male audiences as well as female with the image inspirational to women so not too overtly sexual. Also maybe an understated and individual sexuality to mimic the uniqueness of Indie. •A limited colour code with few colours but bright contrasting colours. •I also want the image to take up the majority of the page as this is more aesthetically pleasing and engaging. •I want to use visually interesting fonts as well for the titles just as they have been used in these DPS’S.
  10. 10. •I’ve also gathered two images of DPS’s from Kerrang which portray two different aesthetic styles I could use. The one on the right shows the DPS to be of a real situation or an image from a location or set with numerous smaller images whereas the one on the right shows one large image taken in a studio of just the people and no setting. •I prefer the one on the right as I feel it’s simpler and therefore more engaging. It also focuses on the actual band members and people so focuses the readers attention. In my DPS I want to recreate this style with minimalist images taken with no background and only a few images.
  11. 11. Contents Page •I like the artistic style of the one in the top left hand corner and would like to mimic that however I think it’s quite difficult to read and prefer the organised and categorised style of Q’s contents page in the bottom left as it’s much easier to read and understand. •I also like the images used in both Q content’s pages as it makes the contents page much more engaging as it reiterates what the articles are about and I would like to use images in my contents page too. •I also like the simplistic style of the top right contents page and unusual image.