Malcolm baldrige Award


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Malcolm baldrige Award

  2. 2. AGENDA  What is Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award?  Malcolm Baldrige, the man  Reasons for establishment of the award  How award helps an organization  How organization is chosen  7 pillars of Malcolm Baldrige  Real Example : Dr. B.V. Krishnamurthy  Quick exercise
  3. 3. What is Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award?  Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award is a kind of annual award given by the government of the United States to every organization in the United States (both profit and non profit), which is considered to achieve exceptional performance or excellent.  This annual award was introduced in 1988 and has provided significant contribution for quality improvement and business performance.  Malcolm Baldrige itself is taken from the name of former U.S. Secretary of Commerce who initiated the activities of this award.  At present, USA govt. has stopped funding Malcolm Baldrige.
  4. 4. Malcolm Baldrige  Secretary of Commerce from 1981 to 1987  He was a very big proponent of quality management at a time when quality was not a large issue.  He helped draft one of the early versions of the Quality Improvement Act.  In the recognition of his contributions in showing the importance of quality, the award was named after him.
  5. 5. Reasons for establishment of the award  Government officials saw that quality improvement was no longer an option for American Business, but a necessity.  Many businesses did not think quality was an important issue.  Others knew that it was important, but did not know where to begin the improvement process.
  6. 6. How award helps an organization  The criteria for winning the award are very demanding and simply trying to align a company to them is highly beneficial.  It can be used as a motivational toll for workers to rally behind a common goal.  Simply by competing for the award an organization sees the importance of quality in their business.  The criteria they use is also known as 7 Pillars of Malcolm Baldrige. Where the 7 criteria is indeed a very important role in determining the success of an organization
  7. 7. How organization is chosen  55% of evaluation is based on how the organization is run, 45% on the basis of performance.  Every major part of the organization is accessed.  Continuous improvement and revaluation is very important.
  8. 8. 7 pillars of Malcolm Baldrige Leadership Strategic Planning Customer and Market Focus Performance Measurement Human Resource Development & Management Process Management Business Result
  9. 9. Point Values for 7 pillars of Evaluation  110 points – Leadership  80 points – Strategic Planning  80 points - Customer and Market Focus  80 points - Performance Management  100 points – Human Resource Development and Management  100 points – Process Management  450 points – Business Result
  10. 10. The Board of Examiners  Independent board research each competing organization, and follows the specific criteria previously mentioned.  Site visits consist of 4-6 examiners.  Examiners are all volunteers.  Appointment to the Board of Examiners is a very prestigious honour.
  11. 11. Real Example: 1. Dr. B.V. KrishnaMurthy  Winner of Creative Solution Award, MB based criteria, World Conference on Quality & Improvement - Anaheim, CA, USA 2012  Winner of Star Award for Quality Implementation, ASQ – Louis Elle, KY, USA Nov. 2012  1st Recipient of Teaching Excellence Award for Asia, MB excellence based criteria – ACBSP, USA June 2012  Recipient of Education Leader of Year 2012, based on contribution to the institution building, strategic planning, stakeholder satisfaction, teaching effectiveness, scholarly publications and service orientation by International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education ( IACBE ), USA April 2012  More focused for education not any other service or sector.
  12. 12. 2. Baptist Hospital, Inc. (BHI) Winner of MBNQA 2003  Baptist Hospital, a 492-bed tertiary care and referral hospital, and Gulf Breeze Hospital, a 60-bed medical and surgical hospital — and an ambulatory care complex, Baptist Medical Park. The organization employs 2,252 people.  The organization shows extremely high overall patient satisfaction marks, as measured in Press Ganey Associates surveys.  Clinical Accountability Report of Excellence tool, which uses an index scoring method to capture more than 50 results.  One CARE indicator is the hospital-wide medication event rate: only 1.5 events occurred per 10,000 doses in fiscal year 2000 (compared to the Voluntary Hospitals of America benchmark of 18).
  13. 13.  Another CARE indicator measures the rate at which patients develop pressure ulcers, which dropped to 3.5 percent in fiscal year 2002 (compared to the VHA benchmark of 7 percent).  The overall CARE score is above the 80 percent minimum identified as a goal by BHI senior leaders.  The organization employs several listening and learning approaches to determine customer needs, including surveys and customer value analysis to examine patient loyalty.  Information is analysed in a customer relationship management database to identify key requirements for each customer group and as input for strategic planning, service design, and performance improvement.
  14. 14.  BHI’s Hospital Information System gathers, connects, integrates, and distributes data from clinical systems, employees, patients, financial systems, decision support systems, and physicians. The system is accessed via mobile terminals, a data access system for physicians, and kiosks throughout the organization.  Employee turnover at Baptist Hospital has dropped from 27 percent in 1997 to 13.9 percent in 2003, and at Gulf Breeze Hospital the turnover rate has dropped from 31 percent to 14 percent during the same period. Positive morale rose from 47 percent in 1996 to 84 percent in 2001.
  15. 15.  All employees must receive 60 hours of learning per year. All leaders and employees get together in a ―daily line-up‖ to communicate important operational information and reinforce values.  A Bright Ideas program solicits suggestions for improvement; the number of ideas implemented has soared from 370 in 1998 to 5,000 in 2003.
  16. 16. Exercise  How many companies are given MBNQA each year? More than 6 companies are given MBNQA each year.  How much Board of examiners paid for their position? Nothing, the board is a group of volunteers of experts from industry, education, government and non-profit organizations.
  17. 17. THANK YOU