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  2. 2. IGNITION OVERVIEW Ignition moment is the critical moment during triggering when there is a realization that due to open defecation all are ingesting each others’ faeces and that this will continue as long as open defecation goes on.
  3. 3. IGNITION OVERVIEW Disgust, shock and embarrassment are written large on the faces of those present. A sign of ignition is that some community members start to come forward and talk about stopping open defecation and how this could be done.
  4. 4. CLTS “What works best for triggering CLTS is a combination of boldness, empathy, humour and fun”
  5. 5. BOLDNESS
  6. 6. BOLDNESS
  7. 7. EMPATHY
  8. 8. EMPATHY
  9. 9. HUMOUR
  10. 10. FUN!
  11. 11. FUN!
  12. 12. Strong feeling among different sections of the community act as drivers to IGNITION, for example:-
  13. 13. EXPLAIN THE POSSIBILITY OF THIS The families with toilets realize that, due to OD, they are equally likely to ingest shit as families without toilets.
  14. 14. HIGHLIGHT THE RISKS INVOLVED The people without land are criticized for using other people’s land as toilets.
  15. 15. Women and young girls who are affected and inconvenienced most by the lack of privacy in OD.
  16. 16. Religious leaders upholding the need for cleanliness and clean clothes during prayer.
  17. 17. This agreement is reached by playing on shame and disgust as a people face the consequences that OD has on their community.
  18. 18. If some positive action toward CLTS begins, then extend help and facilitate carefully.
  19. 19. Enthuse the community by say informing them that if they could achieve 100 per cent total sanitation and stop open defecation,…
  20. 20. …many people from outside and neighbouring villages would come and visit their village to see it. (use any other motivation factor based on the community profile and their responses)
  21. 21. Tell them about the possibilities of their becoming famous as the first open defecation free village in the block, sub-district or district.
  22. 22. Help the community to come up with a village action plan to achieve ODF. The process of planning should concentrate on immediate positive action plans.
  23. 23. Encourage early action-takers to come and sign up. As they come, give them a big clap, and say that they are leaders for a clean future.
  24. 24. Find out their wellbeing status, and praise them especially if they are poor. Keep them standing in front of the crowd. Do the same with any who comes forward as donors
  25. 25. Take a photograph of the group as those who are going to transform the community’s environment. Write up the names of the committee.
  26. 26. Ask how long before they will stop OD totally. If the answer is more than 2-3 months, ask if 60-90 days of ingesting each others shit is acceptable. The response may be to share toilets and dig pits to cover shit almost at once.
  27. 27. Tell people about other actions by nearby communities and what they are doing. If the community is the first in an area, stress the recognition they will receive, and the chance of a special celebration if they become ODF.
  28. 28. Together with the community agree when you will come back for monitoring of ODF and latrine construction.
  29. 29. Although the process of completely ending open defecation will take some time, it is necessary to start the first step toward that process immediately.
  30. 30. Some actions that can be taken immediately are: Digging pits to use as makeshift latrines.
  31. 31. Some actions that can be taken immediately are: Learning more about low-cost technology models.
  32. 32. Encourage them to take lead and share their ideas with the whole community about the consequences of open defecation and what best could be done to avoid them.
  33. 33. DO involve children in the discussion and ask them what they will do to stop open defecation.
  34. 34. Often children start processions shouting loud slogans against open defecation. Encourage these activities. They find it great fun.
  35. 35. CAUTION Don’t make any commitment of benefits
  36. 36. CAUTION DO watch out for the natural leaders emerging from the PRA process.