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Healthy Mind


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Published in: Technology
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Healthy Mind

  1. 1. Healthy Mind, Healthy worldIf I had the time and money and resources to make a campaignto change people’s behavior, I would create a campaign toreduce litter in the world, or at least in my own community.Everyday, while being exposed to the lives of native chinesecitizens, I see, hear and even smell litter around me. In the air,on land and even underwater! I step out of my house to a citywhose streets and lakes are exposed to garbage and pollution!And as I continue walking on the street, I reach a mall where Isee campaigners trying to help persuade citizens cut down onthe amount of litter they contribute. The idea itself is excellentbut is carried out in an inadequate way. Due to the fact thatthree hours later, I see the same campaigners outside, usingthe most expensive cars and spitting on the street! Themessage that these campaigners are giving out is not the bestand therefore, if I had the time and money, I would spend it onmaking a campaign that could and in fact would actually work!with the right persuaders.Littering is definitely not courteous behavior! neither is itethical or respectable! Infact it should be disapproved of andfrowned upon. Did you know that turtles often mistake floatingpieces of plastic for jellyfishes and eat them up? this eventuallymake the turtle choke and as a result starve to death. Sea trashlike plastic kills more that one million sea birds and over100,000 sea mammals along with 10,000 turtles each year.Albatross a kind of bird now mostly habitats land fills andplastic strewn beaches. Carbs often get entangled in plasticbags and nets and slowly die of the over exposure to sun whilewatching the water rise and eventually drown them. Litteringharms plants and stunts their growth. When a person buriesstyrofoam in the ground, it takes over a million years todecompose. Therefore we should all think twice about what we
  2. 2. are doing to our environment before destroying it. Littering isillegal in many countries and should be made illegal worldwide, but as people should be allowed their own personalopinion, my purpose is to persuade citizens to make a simpleyet effective contribution to our planet earth.It is important to change peoples attitude towards littering andit is important to change it now! We have to make peoplesubscribe to the idea of conservative living. Other wise, by theyear 2011, most of our resources will be famished and therewill only be 2 billion people left on our plant. Therefore it isimportant to change our attitude towards littering.If I had to start a campaign, to help reduce littering, I wouldtake effective measures, I would do it in a way that it isinevitable for people to eventually give in and not mind. I wouldcall my campaign; Healthy mind, a healthy world. This isbecause I will make the campaign so that it is extremely easyfor one to adapt to my system and not go out of the way orstress about it. It will just stumble across your path, and youwill love it! Our organization will focus on visiting offices andschools and educating them about the problems with litteringthat we face today.This will be the way that we start. As we expand we will askchildren to perhaps rather than do detention, clean their schoolor neighborhood instead. We will start off in schools andoffices, make it a competition until the point that we are able toafford to build our own kind of trash cans in corners so thatyou always have trash to throw somewhere rather than a street.Spread green peace and work on ground. Encouraging the littlethings such as using hybrids than cars and rather than havingair conditioners, using fans can also make a difference. As thenwe arent affecting the O zone layer. Asking people to use clothnapkins rather than paper ones means that they can be reused
  3. 3. and are more sustainable. Leading a sustainable and healthylife is Similar to the campaign “Keep america beautiful” we willtry to involve as many children as we can because they are theons that are going to be our future generation and i is up to usto lead them into a sustainable future.Kanchana Jaishankar