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Introduction law III Class

Introduction to Law class

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Introduction law III Class

  1. 1. 0995940033
  2. 2.  Two meanings › Shows the ambit of application of law › Its origin
  3. 3.  Law is not just determined to guide the existence of men in society, represented by the State, families, associations, etc.  Its society who creates the laws and establishes them by the competent authorities
  4. 4.  Organization as a result of a system, to always organize men in society,  It establishes an order in social life.
  5. 5.  Imposes an obligation to give, do or not to do certain things.  It only exists if its consented by the people.  It has to always liberty and natural rights
  6. 6.  Your liberty ends where the liberty of others start.
  7. 7.  It means law is established for everyone, and its rules are backed up by the Coercive Power of the State.
  8. 8.  The State can use its power so law is followed.
  9. 9.  Law differs from moral, religion or politeness rules, because of its imposed fulfillment.
  10. 10.  Supreme end of law, it consists in given to each person their rights, what belongs to them, what is theirs.  The mean of law is to establish a just social order, otherwise law would be transformed into tiranny.
  11. 11. Tyranny