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The Avetts in Social Media


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The Avetts in Social Media

  1. 1. THE AVETT BROTHERS Born in the South…
  2. 2. The Avett Brothers are a punk-grass, folk-rock band fromConcord, North Carolina.
  3. 3. The band formed in 2002 aftersolo projects went south. Playinglocal venues such as The WineVault, NeighborhoodTheater, and The Double DoorInn, the brothers quickly beganto gain a large fan base.
  4. 4. After ten years and 9 albums, theAvett Brothers were showcasedwith the legendary Bob Dylan onthe 2011 Grammy awards.
  5. 5. T H E AV E T T B RO S I N S O C I A L MEDIAThe Avett Brothers, fellow bandmembers, and friends are ever-present in Social Media and have web-spaces for solo projects, art, blogging, and videos.
  6. 6. SCOTT AVETT Scott is a painter and you can see his art first hand at one of the band’s concerts, as Scott paints the head of his banjo, base drum and the stage backdrop. Scott also paints portraits and his works can be viewed at the website below as well as shows around the Charlotte area.
  7. 7. SETH AVETT Seth, a former art student at UNC Charlotte, has a solo project known as, Timothy Seth Avett, as Darling. His songs are perfect for a melancholic listen.
  8. 8. JOE KWON Korean born cellist Joe Kwon, and UNC graduate, is also into the Social Media scene. You can catch him on twitter posting set lists from the shows and engaging fans to submit pictures to what he calls, “Avetts in real life.” Fans tweet picture of everyday things that have a significance to an Avett song. Joe is also a photographer and self proclaimed foodie, and keeps a blog where he tries new food from fan recommended restaurants in each town they stop while on tour.
  9. 9. CRACKERFARM An old friend and photographer, Mike travels with the Avetts on tour, capturing video, pictures and posts them weekly to youtube and twitter.
  10. 10. FOLLOW THE AVETT BROS! Support this amazing, local band!!