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By the Numbers: 16 Ways Instagram is Outperforming the Others


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In this Slideshare, we'll share 16 ways that Instagram is absolutely dominating the social media landscape in 2016. We'll also share how users are taking advantage of this powerful platform, and how you can do the same.

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By the Numbers: 16 Ways Instagram is Outperforming the Others

  1. 1. By the Numbers 16 Ways Instagram is Outperforming the Others
  2. 2. Instagram has... 500 MILLIONmonthly active users & 300 MILLIONdaily active users. This puts it ABOVETwitter, Snapchat and LinkedIn.
  3. 3. Instagram posts generate a per-follower engagement rate of 4.21%— 58xmore than Facebook and 120xmore than Twitter.
  4. 4. An average of 95 MILLION photos are shared on Instagram every day.
  5. 5. Photos and videos on Instagram receive 4.2 BILLIONlikes on a daily basis.
  6. 6. Posts with at least one hashtag receive 12.6% more engagement.
  7. 7. Instagram posts that include @mentions in the captions earn 56% more engagement.
  8. 8. Including a location with your Instagram post drives 79%more engagement than posts without.
  9. 9. 80% of Instagram’s users are located outside the U.S.
  10. 10. Photos still generate, on average, 36%more likes than videos.
  11. 11. Instagram engagement per post has grown by 416%in the past 2 years
  12. 12. The average caption on Instagram is 138 characters long. However, unlike Facebook and Twitter, caption length has not been proven to have any real effect on engagement
  13. 13. 28% of all internet users have an Instagram account . 55% of people aged 18-29 have an instagram account.
  14. 14. 96% of US-based fashion brands use Instagram for promotion.
  15. 15. 52%of marketers say they are planning on increasing their use of Instagram for promotion and advertising, up from 42%in 2014.
  16. 16. Instagram is expected to bring in $595 million in mobile ad revenue this year and $2.81 billion by 2017, surpassing Twitter.
  17. 17. There are 200,000 active advertisers on Instagram.
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