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Stress Among teenes (questionare)


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Set of questions you can ask to the teenagers while studing their stress level...

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Stress Among teenes (questionare)

  1. 1. A STUDY ON STRESS MANAGEMENT AMONG TEENAGERS INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Fill in the asked detail about you correctly. 2. Please read the questions carefully and answer them sincerely. 3. Please darken the bullets of your selected answer.  NAME:______________________________________  AGE:_______________________  GENDER:___________________ 1. Words like tension, anxiety, burden, pressure, hormonal changes, expectations and unhappiness defines stress according to you? o Yes o No o Maybe 2. As a teenager do you think your teenage life is stressed? o Yes o No o Maybe 3. As a teenager what stresses you and your life the most? (Please number the following from 1-6 as per your choice where 1 is highest Stress in the given space next to the option) Academic Pressure -________ Peer pressure-____________ Parents pressure-__________ Financial pressure-__________ Love Relationship-__________ Future plans pressure-________ 4. Does your stress influence your health? How? o Yes, I have started eating more/less o Yes, I suffer from weakness and dizziness o Yes, I often get headaches and cramps o Yes, I am losing lot of hair o No, stress doesn’t affect my health 1
  2. 2. 5. What do you feel at that particular time when you are stressed? o Scared and feel like crying o Restless and nervous o Locking yourself in a room and shout o Feel like ending your life/hurt yourself o Smoke or drink 6. Do you think stress is important? o Yes o No o Maybe/Sometimes o Not at all 7. What are your stress busters? o Spending quality time with friends/family/loved ones. o Spending quality time alone o Practicing your hobby o Going for a outing or trip o Yoga and Meditation/Exercise 8. Do you think stress management is important? o Yes, because it helps to cope up from stress o No, because teenage is a stress bearing age anyway. o Maybe at times THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR VALUABLE TIME……………. THIS DATA WILL BE USED FOR ACADEMIC PURPOSE ONLY…….. HAVE A GOOD DAY  2