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National library of sweden


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Published in: Education
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National library of sweden

  1. 1. National Library of SwedenAgneta Holmenmark16 juli 2012Sidnummer 1
  2. 2. 16 juli 2012Sidnummer 2
  3. 3. Moving out!16 juli 2012Sidnummer 3
  4. 4. Operations and tasksThe National Library of Sweden has three main duties• collect and preserve the Swedish cultural heritage concerningtext and audiovisual media, and make the material available tothe public• serve as a research library, with a primary emphasis on thehumanities and social sciences• serve as the infrastructure for the Swedish researchcommunity & promote cooperation for the Swedish library sector16 juli 2012Sidnummer 4
  5. 5. Governance• The National Library is headed by National Librarian Gunilla Herdenberg• Board of Directors• Instructions for the National Library are set out by the Ministry of Education and Research• The government issues a budget and policy specification every year• Advisory council appointed by the government• Budget 332 000 000 SEK / 36 500 000 Euro (2012)• Employees 370 (2012)16 juli 2012Sidnummer 5
  6. 6. Collections• The National Library collections are made up of 20 million items• Legal deposit act since 1661 – 350th Anniversary 2011• Large collection of foreign literature• Hand-drawn maps, manuscripts, private archives• 8 million hours of radio,TV and music• Swedens cultural heritage consisting of audio and motion picture media has been recorded and stored since 197916 juli 2012Sidnummer 6
  7. 7. Organisation16 juli 2012Sidnummer 7
  8. 8. Priorities & challenges (1) Legal deposit act for digital material •Adopted in July 2012. Tests 2012:July – 2014:December on 10 newspapers, 10 journals/magazines, 15 government agencies, 17 television & broadcasting companies •Technical infrastructure •Archiving & long term preservation •At present, the National Library signs agreements with publishers and other actors to deliver digital material on a voluntary basis •Archiving the web - ongoing archiving of Swedish websites, a process that began back in 1997 and has to be improved16 juli 2012Sidnummer 8
  9. 9. Priorities & challenges (2)Digitizaition•Newspapers•Swedish governmental offical reports•Manuscripts16 juli 2012Sidnummer 9
  10. 10. Project Digidaily• Digidaily – digitization of newspapers, project financed by the European Union, National Archive, National Library and the Mid Sweden University• 2010:April – 2013:March• 3 million pages• 122 million pages• 70 million pages on microfilmSidnummer 10
  11. 11. To coordinate library development16 juli 2012Sidnummer 11
  12. 12. Refurbishment of the Library Building16 juli 2012Sidnummer 12
  13. 13. You can reach us16 juli 2012Sidnummer 13