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SE OpenDataPortal-LUX 5 nov


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Presentation of the Swedish work on the national open data portal, at the PSI group and sub group on the pan-European open data portal in Luxembourg.

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SE OpenDataPortal-LUX 5 nov

  1. 1. Ministry of Finance Sweden Government Offices of Sweden Development of Open Data Portal Karina Aldén, Ministry of Finance Erik Borälv, Swedish Innovation Agency
  2. 2. Ministry of Finance Sweden Government Offices of Sweden Ö - a portal for innovation • Started in 2012. The aim to promote the re-use of data and to support the development of e- services with the users including citizens, businesses and other stakeholders and employees in focus. • October 2015 continued assignment with expanded tasks • Next step?... to find a long term common plattform
  3. 3. Ministry of Finance Sweden Government Offices of Sweden Further activities for a more transparent public sector • The National Archives is authorized to issue regulations on the design of the list to be published according to the PSI Act. • A comprehensive monitoring of state and municipal authorities' efforts to make documents available for re-use
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  5. 5. Goal 100% harvesting Development into CKAN core Bild 5
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  9. 9. 5 calls – 122 projects, 33 MSEK (3.6M €) Slide 12 2012-11-07 i-Days Norrköping
  10. 10. Contributions  When possible, new development into CKAN core  Responsive design  CKAN support for RDF and DCAT (ckanext-dcat)  Harvesting engine in CKAN core modules  A Broken Link Checker Plugin for CKAN (deadoralive) Bild 13
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