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Landforms keynote gr. 4 2011


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Landforms keynote gr. 4 2011

  1. 1. LANDFORMSby Grade 4 ESOL 2011
  2. 2. Volcano A volcano is a mountain that sprays hot lava and rocks.Those rocks are really hot. If you touch them they will kill your hands. hansen
  3. 3. Beach . A beach is a strip of marine sediment and rocks that stretches along acoastline.. Beaches are usually made up of sand and pebbles..Small pieces of shell and coral may also be found on a beach.
  4. 4. Beach 1.It has a lot of sand fish and other stuff on it. Beach is a good place to swim and play with sand toys and jet ski like the red one over there. 2.About me. I went to a beach in California it is call Pebble beach it is so fun I love there we build sand castle.Washington
  5. 5. RIVERA river is a large natural stream of waterflowing in a channel to the sea,a lake,or another such stream Rivers float to seas and lakes. er is called Mississippi The most famous riv River BRIAN
  6. 6. Volcano• Volcano is a mountain that erupts lava• Some volcanos are formed in ice• rocks in the bottom of the volcano comes out when it justin
  7. 7. Peninsula Michael A peninsula is a piece of land, that is surrounded on three sides, by water. many people live there because sometimes the air is really cool because the ocean or sea is next to a peninsula. I heard from myteacher Ms. Frazier who lived in Hawaii, that there are peninsulas their. Florida is a peninsula. And an other fact about peninsulas is they’re rare.
  8. 8. MOUNTAINSBy Alisa - A mountain is a hill that is really large, not like the other hills and is surround by land. -Mount Everest is the worlds tallest mountain in the world, In Asia
  9. 9. Island★ An island is a land surrounded by water ✦ An island float on the ocean but it do not move✴ The biggest island in the world is the Green Land. By JUDY
  10. 10. VOLCANOS!an opening in the earths’s crust.volcanos that are not active don’terupt for a long time aredormant.Maula Loa is a example of avolcano in Hawaii.
  11. 11. WaterfallA Waterfall is formed when a riveror stream flows over cliff or ledge. I saw the Beijing,and South Korea`s Jeju Waterfall I got a photo of the Beijing waterfall.It was so!!High that I took a photoof the waterfall,and the back of the waterfall. when I was 7years old,I saw the Waterfall. It was funny,and silly.I loved thatWaterfall when I saw the Waterfall. By Jumi Lee