earth moon liquid solid orbit gas environment planets sponge sun volcanos weathering mass atoms heredity solar system erosion water gravity molecules deposition rotation tides energy solar landforms wind cycles volume molecule light winter fall spring summer soil humus silt minerals sand clay food oxygen evaporation water cycle motion carbon dioxide weight force new moon phases nuclear crust hydro electric plates satellite adaptations earthquake atom venus biomes herbivore carnivore omnivore ml cc climate fossils oil natural resources coal core plate movement habitat needs balance matter space meter drainage inertia acceleration decomposers newton cubic centimetre measurement variables particles states of matter magnetism carbon cycle coniferous prairie plant adaptations savanna hibernation migrations adaptions adapting to cold full moon dependent body structure behavior camouflage predators protect use of chemicals/poisons surface life-cycle stem flower root seed embryo. seedling frequency topsoil organic fungi porosity horizons soundwave pitch wane wax feet bird webbed woodpecker talons survival wants scale. generation sound chemical mechanical friction motor subduction mares temperature thermoregulation warm and cold blooded animals air methane. oxygen hydrogen order of planets control variable independent variable dependent variable outer mantle inner mountain lifting convection air mass clam scallop cretaceous ammonite oyster casts sediment landform magma tephra lava ash landslides biomass geothermal renewable non renewable movement tectonic nuclear fusion galaxies stars dust cloud dirt rock teeth molars fangs etc earthquakes layers size star seasons gas molecules science review elementary probability fractions odds decimals ratios safety goggles lab mercury rotate mars neptune uranus jupiter pluto universe animal adaptions magma granite continental crust oceanic crust basalt genes day-night displacement photosynthesis beaks plant needs coniferous. deciduous instinct learned behavior reflected reflection source cm mm tropical polar weather particle movement natural gas casts trace molds chromosphere photosphere night dat transform boundary convergent divergent mountains plate tectonics glaciers moraines tldes beaches shelter protection extinct mixtures physical properties solutions solubility planet gravitation student classroom laboratory equipment groups condensation metric units of measurement english newtons laws of motion insulation conduction pvc angle plants carbon fossil fuel nitrogen gram kilogram length experiment scientific method steps of scientific method elementary science ed electric charge physical science nitrogen cycle
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