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Published in: Travel, Technology
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  1. 1. Robert the Rock's Adventure This is a slide show on Robert the Rock's Adventure
  2. 2. Robert the Rock's Adventure One day, I was just chilling out in my mountain. The plants were growing beautifully. Then I heard a rock fall. I was forced to roll down the side of the mountain. The landslide made me chip.
  3. 3. Robert the Rock's Adventure I was scared to death. I fell on the side of my mountain. I noticed an empty creek that I was going to hit so I shut my eyes quickly when all of a sudden rain started falling and the empty creek turned into a lake.
  4. 4. Robert the Rock's Adventure I fell into a mature lake. That was a close one. Now the lake is taking me into other places. Where will it take me? I figured I should just relax and not panic. The flow actually was pretty cool.
  5. 5. Robert the Rock's Adventure The slope was making me go fast and far. The creek turned deep because of the downward slope.
  6. 6. Robert the Rock's Adventure Eventually, I got poured into a big creek. It must have been the delta. I fell deep down far into the ocean. Now I am in the ocean.
  7. 7. Robert the Rock's Adventure It turns out I was a pebble in a beach. I was in the water, but then something started pushing me. The waves were pushing me. I ended up in a beach. The cycle went on and on when I ended up to be a grain of sand.
  8. 8. Robert the Rock's Adventure Thank you for watching my slide show.