Death valley (USA)


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Death valley (USA)

  2. 2. Death Valley is a very mountainous place located in thestate of California and it spreads out to Nevada (USA).Death Valley covers an area of 13.517 km 2 with 225 km oflong and between 8 and 24 km wide.
  3. 3. Death Valley is located in USA, so in Death Valley thelanguage that it is spoken is English.Dolars are used in USA, so in Death Valley we have topay with Dolars.Death Valley is the most dry, low and warm of NorthAmerica , to provide a part of two deserts of the USA.We could get there crossing Las Vegas (Nevada) or wecan get there from San Francisco (California).
  4. 4. In Death Valley the Amargosa river harboring a depression that it is namedBadwater, located to 86 m below sea level.
  5. 5. Death Valley has a lot ofsightseeing every year,althought it has not gotplaces that we can visit.
  6. 6. In Death Valley we can do a lot of activities of risk: Rapelling: Climbing: Canoeing: And much more…
  7. 7. There were 2 important monuments:1.- Bodie: It is a ghost town of Death Valley:
  8. 8. 2.- Mount Whitney: This mount is the highest mount in theContinental USA with 4,421 metres of high.It was named Whitney because it was named as the boss ofthe department of geology, Josiah Whitney.The first climb was made by Charles Begole, A.H. Johnsonand John Lucas in the year 1873.
  9. 9. HISTORYFour Indians cultures was living in DeathValley 10,000 years ago. There was avery wet climate, so there was a variedflora.In winter the indians had to leave of themountains because it was very cold.They could be fed thanks to the food thatthey took.
  10. 10. The Death Valley is named of this form in the year1849 because a group soldiers had been finding outthe location of the gold.When the gold had been found by the explorers, theexplorers wanted to leave but they hadnt been able tofind the exit, so they had to camp and they fed thereserves of food.Some weeks after they found the exit and the pioneersaid: `Goodbye. Death Valley.
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