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TotalSoft introduced in Romania the project management concept through Oracle Primavera, the project management application mostly used by the local market.

Currently, TotalSoft has a portfolio of over 650 Primavera customers in areas such as public administration, construction, engineering, shipbuilding, defense, energy and oil, accounting for 90% of the project management solutions market in Romania. These results, along with the technical skills held, allowed obtaining the Oracle Platinum Partner status, TotalSoft being the only company in Romania to hold this title for the Oracle Primavera specialization.

In fact, TotalSoft managed to be elected for 11 consecutive years in the Primavera Club President, where are recruited only partners with outstanding results. Moreover, only 7 companies in the world have managed to enter this exclusive circle. In over 17 years of experience in this field, TotalSoft completed the Oracle Primavera suite with a series of applications tailored to the local specificity, but also with consulting services, maintenance, technical support and training in project management.

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Primavera Project Management

  1. 1. Project Management Predicting | Planning | Progress | Performance
  2. 2. Main benefits Ensures thoroughly control of deadlines and the provisioning of resources assigned to the projects at organization level; Accurately describes the progression and identifies the key events; Provides full control during the execution phase; Forecasts, plans and manages the budget based on history, models and targets; Tracks, coordinates and corrects by scenario method; Provides information about the project progress stages as tables and Gantt charts; Ensures features for risk management, document management or alerting in case of exceeding the costs, terms or time; Analyzes the contractors performance via economic efficiency indicators (Earned Value and ROI-type analyses).Management benefits Provides unitary and structured insights for all the ongoing investments; Analyzes the results; Supports the decision basis by analyzing the alternatives; Allows finding the blind spots of the investments and making corrective decision in real-time.Project responsible/user benefits Automatically retrieves the information from the quotes/cost estimates programs; Keeps the history of investment execution, allowing to improve the processes based on the cumulated experience; Tracks down to the smallest detail the execution stage of the works and the settlements, and allows comparing the execution stage to the initial planning; Provides real-time information for fast and objective decisions; Builds "What If"-type analyses.Costs benefits Decreases the project execution time by 22-27%; Savings of 15% of the total cost of the project; Makes available completely assessed terms, costs and resources; Automatically matches the spent item quantities to the works physical stage (the payments can be done depending on the achievements).
  3. 3. In 1995 we introduced in Romania the concept of project management through Primavera, the most used professional Primavera is the most project management application powerful, robust and easy-to- worldwide. Nowadays’ we have a market use solution for prioritizing, share of over 90% and we are the only planning, managing and Romanian company having Oracle Platinum executing the projects and Partner status. portfolios of an organization. Along with the expansion of investments in The product is distributed and Romania, we constantly had in our minds to completed by solutions tailored extend the range of software solutions to the local specificity and dedicated to this segment, by developing dynamic market needs. competitive products and services that increase the coverage of Primavera system. For achieving a maximum of efficiency in managing However, based on the experience projects, we have developed a cumulated in the over 650 implementations series of products comprising of the system, we became the most skilled features that provide the Romanian organization in providing organizations with a complete consultancy and training services in project project management platform, management field, regardless of the able to support the targets up beneficiarys business field. to the highest performance You have the opportunity to see the standards. solution live, visiting one of the reference customers from abroad. Primavera is the main component of a project management platform comprising Charisma Portfolio Management (a product developed by TotalSoft, dedicated to the management of works, projects and contracts, designed to minimize the risks by increasing the efficiency of the contracting process of the customer, provider or business partner), Primavera Risk Analysis (an application enabling an advanced risk analysis of the projects, thus improving their management) or other products in Primavera
  4. 4. Primavera - international standard in project management Meeting the budget and deadlines of the projects executed by the organization directly reflects to its performance and success. In order tovalue as many business opportunities as possible, it is highly required to plan the projects to the smallest details, at low costs and during a shorter time period, withoutneglecting the quality of the outcome The 4P that has a direct impact upon the recommending Primavera success and durability of the organization. Primavera was especially designed to 1. Predicting support the project management of One of the factors conditioning the success of a project is forecasting all the most complex investments, thus the situations could interfere with its execution by changing the desired becoming an international standard flow. Primavera provides advanced forecasting and planning, for managing this activity. Primavera collaboration, analysis with multiple reference projects and takes into account the needs of an standardization across the projects by using the templates available in organization, being a real support in Methodology Manager. With Primavera, the organizations have the minimizing the risks identified within chance to continuously learn both from the mistakes and successes of each project, by a powerful planning each executed project, so that project managers can predict, based onanalysis, clear forecasting of costs and previous experiences. coordination between designers, Primavera allows managing projects regardless of their complexity, contractors and beneficiaries. The viewing the updated execution stages of the ongoing projects and the system eases managing big scope resources provisioned within them, enabling comparisons between the projects by providing charts, project forecasted data and the actual situation, thus facilitating quick and documented implementation of decisions. 2. Planning Primavera has a rich and user-friendly interface for planning and controlling even the most complex projects. The system features Gantt"From my point of view, in case of a charts, PERT network charts, resource and cost histograms, predefinedrefinery, the duration of a project filters specific to each field and preset report formats for providing ainvolving operation downtime is the clear insight on the of each project. Additionally,main element, because a single day of Primavera also makes available a powerful report builder for easyinactivity induces "lost profit generation of customized reports.opportunities" with very big values.Primavera helped us create an initialcomplete and extremely detailedplanning, including all the activitiesrelated to each equipment orinstallation, and allowed us toefficiently manage the duration andthe budget of the project."Petrotel LukoilAurel MareşReliability Manager 4 5
  5. 5. "Thanks to the "what if" analyses, I get an insight on the impact of an unwanted event, I can see the costs and effects of a financing discontinuation. If I can estimate a probability, I get a view upon what could happen." Transelectrica Roxana Marciu Project Manager3. ProgressThe system has features that enable easy integration with thecontractors planning, improving the communication within the projectteam and decreasing the risk by using the cost, time and valueparameters. As the project progresses, the system allows identifyingand analyzing the time reserve, the conditioning relations and theeffects of discontinuations inevitably occurring during complex projectsthat are run over larger periods of time or unappropriately. The successof each project depends mainly on making the best managerial decisionin certain crisis situations, such as: unavailability of a "driving" resourceor the defective provisioning due to lack of communication between theproject participants. In this context, Primavera is a comprehensive toolthat eases the relationship with the contractor, stimulates thecollaboration and provides the flexibility required for supporting theproject teams.4. Performance "OMV Petrom intended to align toBy highlighting the deadlines, the critical tasks and the resource the international projectrequisition, Primavera provides project data consistency. The management principles acceptedinformation made available by the reports are intended both to project and used by other multinationalmanagers, by providing an overview of the performance and efficiency companies. We wanted to apply arecorded within each project, and the companys management, who worldwide known concept that wasbenefits from a real support in the decisional process - best decisions still new in Romania; so, we neededwith minimum effort and, especially, in due time. both professionals and the right Project Management tools. Thus, we contacted TotalSoft that provided us with Primavera licenses, but also its expertise in project management field." Petrom Umair Mir, Project Manager, Project of Oil Well
  6. 6. The new dimensionîn Project ManagementA business vision for the entire company’s ongoing projects. Users can view bothsuccess costs and key performance indicators.Primavera provides a complete businessoverview in order to manage, control and Multiple participants, multipleplan projects of an organization, from the perspectives, a single databaseidentification of a project opportunity, up to The beneficiaries, engineers, designers,its completion. planners, project managers, contractors andPrimavera ensures: sub-contractors - all the participantsn of adequate programs and Selection responsible for the project completion - projects for determining the appropriate need fast, efficient and real-time investment strategy for the business communication and collaboration for expansion. Identification, prioritization meeting the targets set by each of them. and selection of the best opportunities As a multi-user and multi-project system, for the company, based on risk tolerance Primavera provides centralized access to all and resource constraints; the project information to multiple users inn Quantification of risk projects by the same time. By integrating with the Web, determining the level of confidence of server-client and desktop features, success projects and easily identifying Primavera becomes a solution meant to contingencies. The risk analysis is based satisfy the needs, responsibilities and on the cost of raw materials, available requirements of every project team labor, funded projects, projects member. proposed for regulation and new technology upgrades;n Streamlining decision-making for all projects: Primavera helps to align all the business projects and define their execution. The easily customizable screens present the project status, budget, perceived risk, changes in costs - based on the latest information. It helps the company gain operational efficiency, effective planning, with control over the execution, expansion and maintenance. Users can easily view the project’s progress through graphs and diagrams.n Cost and performance monitoring: Primavera provides a common database platform, especially conceived for a maximum visibility over performances of 6 7
  7. 7. Easy communication Information by different hierarchical levels The practice proved that the difficult The project managers use Primavera to moments in executing projects usually easily plan the projects, to run analyses on appear when the team members do not reference projects, to understand the succeed to communicate quickly, efficiently progress of the project, to schedule and targeted. This is especially due to their resources, to consolidate the contractors failure to analyze via Web, which would planning and to eventually initiate and eliminate the distance between the manage the projects using the templates in collaborators and the incapacity to discuss the system. in critical moments requiring to make a fast Because the project information is decision. With its features, Primavera accessible via Web and Palm, every team reduces the probability of member has the opportunity to receive and misunderstandings to occur, by making reply to the latest tasks. The top available data about all the ongoing management needs information related to projects, from summary information project profitability any time during project required by the top management, up to execution. The managers can balance the detailed information for each team member. initial budgets and the actual costs by top- In this way, the system enables a clear and down budgeting and bottom-up cost comprehensive view of the information control. The beneficiary must know at any within the whole team. time and any moment the status of his/her projects and must have the possibility to collaborate with the project managers to get the answers regarding the completion dates of his/her projects. Primavera facilitates the most important thing needed in the relationship with the customer, providing continuous information to the beneficiary. The contractors/sub-contractors need to communicate with the project team members in order to understand the tasks within each project, via task lists or clear
  8. 8. Primaveraa comprehensive suitePrimavera Project ManagementProfessional (desktop version)& Primavera Enterprise ProjectPortfolio Management (Web version)Efficient planning and control of big scope he projectprojects The risk module included in Project ManagerProject Manager provides managers with the enables the project team to identify,tools required for easy and fast planning and capitalize and minimize the risks (delays duecontrol of the projects. Featuring advanced to unfavorable weather conditions, delaysoptions of modeling the projects and due to provisioning or complex works). Theresources in any situation, Project Manager risks can be classified and their control planshelps the project managers to create optimal can be included in the project.schedules and to quickly analyze the impact The risk analysis enables to prepare theof changing the availability of resources, project team for unpredicted situations byprioritizing the activities and constraints creating "what-if scenarios, in order torelated to the completion date of the project. determine the impact of the event causingIn order to minimize the project size, one the risk in terms of time and costs. Havingcould use the steps enabling to breakdown available this information, the projectthe activities, each of them having a weight, a managers can lag the potential risks andcompletion percentage and additional create in advance an appropriate strategy toindications. reduce and control the risk.Project Manager provides the analysis easy-to-use tools for different project scenarios. With The project siteProject Manager, the project managers can Project Manager provides the possibility toalso set up calendars at global, project or create a Web page where the project teamresource level, and to track the durations of can access the information and publish thethe activities in the project up to a level of latest project schedules. Using an Internetminutes. The project managers are able to browser, the team members, including thecontrol the detail level required for each general contractors and sub-contractors,report, include comments, steps for an designers and beneficiaries, can viewactivity, budgets, resource provisioning and information related to the project status, suchmatch the reference documents at project as: a situation for the next 60 days, graphicallevel. reports, summarized information related to the timeline and project costs.Forecasting and minimizing the risks during 8 9
  9. 9. "Think about a project of 30 million dollars, and we exceed the assigned budget with 10 -15 millions, because we considered that this does not seem to be too much, anyway. Obviously, this is not possible, because there are very big amounts and nobody could afford this thing. In other words, we have to meet the assigned budget for each single activity. And Primavera is a tool that allows one to keep the costs to a certain level, which means that one could reach the set up profit." BogArt Cristi Neagu Project ManagerWeb interface for the entire project team for the project completion.The Primavera web-enabled module offersreal-time information, only by accessing a Much easier and more efficient projectwebpage, which provides the entire project managementteam with detailed and centralized By using Primavera’s web interface, projectinformation, depending on the role of each managers can plan and manage theirteam member. projects from anywhere and at anytime.The project’s dashboard contains vital With the help of the internet browser, thesestatistics that help managers determine the can define activity constraints, differencesbest courses of action. of the conditional relationships betweenBy using this web application, the activities, new project calendars and projectcompany’s management team holds calculation method.synthetic information about ongoingprojects, while the performance indicators Methodology Manager – Fast planning byprovide a realistic overview of the using patternscompletion progress and productivity of Managing multiple projects depends mainlyeach project. on the easiness, efficiency and rapidity of aThe greatest advantage of the application is project planning.the possibility to create, modify and updateprojects, introduce and allocate resources,as well as make decisions based on theabove.Visualization of labor and materialrequisitePrimavera Web allows a fast visualization ofthe updated material requisite. No matter ifthe over-assigned or under-assigned laboror material requisite are traced, projectmanagers can quickly identify difficultperiods with the help of histograms andtables.Simplified management of activities for acomprehensive controlThe list of activities available on the weboffers the possibility to enter rapidlyactivities and resource allocations
  10. 10. Modulesavailable with the latest Primavera version P6.R8Oracle Universal Content Management+ Oracle AutoVue for Primavera EPPM(based on Oracle UCM and AutoVue)It is the world’s best performing solution for n add content with only one Users candocument and website content click;management. The solution is n Single location, single tool for all types ofcomplementary to the already existent content: documents, website content,applications within any organization. digital assets, incident registration etc.;By means of a secured interface, based on n Performing optimization of the contentroles and security models, Oracle UCM to be stored and performing search ofsimplifies the publication, visualization, information;collaboration, versioning or retrieval of n Fast integration with any type ofdocuments/ site content, ensuring that all application (Hot-pluggable) due to apublished, distributed or pending for complete solution that needs noapproval documents are safe and updated. customization or additional developments;Main benefits of the application: n to read over 200 files without Possibilityn match with any type of activity; it Perfect the need to install specialized fits perfectly any type of industry; applications (by using Oracle AutoVuen It is integrated with any business included in UCM package for Primavera). application (e.g.: MS Office, OpenOffice etc.); 10 11
  11. 11. Oracle P6 ERDB Schema (includes ODS, STAR & STAGE schemes for BI reports) This application is used for storing all data approaches to allocation capacity or related to Primavera Enterprise Portfolio resource requisite, necessary for the project Management (EPPM) in a unified database completion. The last type of scheme, related for portfolios, projects and/ or resources. to project history (Project History), allows The open architecture of the application users to perform multiple analysis (STAGE, ODS or STAR) allows users to create summarized on projects/portfolios based on their own operational reports or BI analyses the company’s “best practices”. by using third-party reporting applications (BI Publisher). Although the analysis and The ODS schemes (Operational Data Store) reporting tools are natively included in are dedicated to operational reports and Primavera PPM and EPPM, P6 ERDB, provide a detailed overview of projects, combined with Oracle BI Publisher or P6 including hierarchies, time distribution, Analytics, they allow a greater flexibility in calendars, pre-calculated fields. the creation of custom reports for the executive management or project teams. ETL Processes (Extract, Transform & Load) The three database schemes (STAR, ODS and ensure reporting quality and speed. These STAGE) play the role of structuring the are automated processes that withdraw information included in Primavera database information from the Primavera production (PMDB), in order to simplify the creation of database (PMDB), pre-calculate it based on PivotTable reports, OLAP cubes or different STAR types of schemes and make them analysis data and dimensions that are available to reporting tools. ETL Processes specific to the BI analyses. can be scheduled to run at any time or frequency, according to specific business STAR schemes schemes are included in the requirements of an organization. package as 4 types of databases that allow consolidated analysis of projects/portfolios. The detailed STAR scheme allows users to view project details such as planning, costs, allocated resources etc. in order to determine the current performance; the other 2 STAR schemes, related to project resources, allow users to discover
  12. 12. Oracle P6 Analytics(based on Oracle BI Publisher –includes 1 defined Dashboard)Oracle Primavera P6 Analytics is the Main benefits of the application:business solution that brings valuable n analyses, forecasts and trends Detailedperspectives to Primavera P6 Enterprise for the company’s portfolios andPortfolio Project Management by helping projects;users discover new trends, causes of n Quick identification of potentialdifferent problems or cost forecasts. These performance issues;help managers carry on projects with an n of one version of truth for Provisionincreased efficiency and support them in earned value analyses;making the best decisions. n Customization of dashboards for theOracle has acquired, over time, many years project team, project managers orof “best practices”, performance indicators executive/ top managers;(KPI), reports and scorecards, as well as n Better decisions for the project inexpertise, which have been implemented in question;all reports and dashboards supplied n to download reports in any Possibilitytogether with the application, for the type of format for its easier use in off-immediate benefits of the best variance line project meetings or portfolioanalysis and control methods, earned value analysis or review meetings.and cost/time performance analyses. Primavera P6 Analytics provides a customizable and easy-to-use BI interface for a direct impact upon project data (activities or WBS), as well as for identification and correction of areas containing errors. Thus, relevant aspects can be viewed, while the project performance can be greatly improved due to notification alerts, trends and forecasts. Primavera P6 Analytics provides warnings regarding areas with problems within the projects, allowing managers to take the best courses of action in order to maintain projects on the right track. 12 13
  13. 13. Oracle P6 Workflows (based on Oracle BPM – Business Process Management and Oracle SOA – Service Oriented Architecture) Starting with version 8, Primavera uses the Main benefits of the integration with Oracle Unified Business Process Management business process modules (Oracle BPM) are: (BPM) solution, which represents the basis for the creation of customized workflows nBPM provides endless Oracle dedicated to project, portfolio or resource possibilities to combine workflow management. All these workflows are processes for initiation, approval, visible on the interface of all Primavera Web collaboration, modification, escalation or users, being integrated in such a way that controlling of each any P6 user may initiate, participate, project/portfolio/program/resource escalate or monitor any project feature; management process without leaving the n The solution is scalable, from simple, interface they are familiar with. linear workflows, up to complex ones with multiple conditioning, or flow From the P6 interface, users can directly returns, with an unlimited number of navigate the checking and control workflow approval stages or steps; processes. n In any workflow, users can set responsibility assignments, conditions, deadlines, data population in predefined fields; n be accessed directly from the Flows can P6 user
  14. 14. Strengthen the performanceof PrimaveraOracle Oracle PrimaveraPrimavera Contract ManagementContractorPrimavera Contractor is specially conceived Primavera Contract Management is anto maintain a simple progress scheduling, application dedicated to document and costreporting and planning of works executed management, applicable in any businesswithin an organization. From the field. Thus, the projects meet the deadlinescontractor’s point of view, the ability to established, with an allocated budgetperform an efficient and easy-to-understand thoroughly controlled. Managing a projectscheduling is crucial. Primavera Contractor implies a large group of people, from projectprovides continuous communication managers, contract managers or divisionbetween team members, updated and managers, up to subcontractors, architects,precise reports, maintaining thus, the engineers, distributors and beneficiaries –agreed budget line. all of them struggling to collaborate in order to overcome potential problems or changesMain benefits of the application: while managing contracts and documents.n easy project planning and Quick and Controlling the project plan, budget and scheduling; cost and outcome forecasts plays a crucialn Identification of determinant role in successfully completing the project, relationships by using network diagrams; as well as in conducting the company’sn easy creation of intuitive and Quick and business in the future. customized graphics, including Gantt, previous charts and histograms; Main benefits of the application:n and change management, as well Budget n of the contractor’s Visibility as project completion estimates. performance; n to make payments on time, Possibility avoiding thus, complaints; n Improvement of the team’s collaboration, avoiding thus, contingencies; n management. Document 14 15
  15. 15. Oracle Primavera Portfolio Management (Pro Sight) Oracle Primavera Portfolio Management is Main benefits of the application: the leading software solution, which n prioritization and alignment of Selection, provides increased flexibility and maximum initiatives in order to ensure goal infrastructure for a company’s portfolio achievement; management. With its unique features and n Understanding the impact of changes; unlimited configurability, the solution is n new initiatives to current Adding ideal for managing any type of portfolios, portfolios. from idea to execution. Its powerful security and interface makes it suit perfectly the collaboration between shareholders of a
  16. 16. Oracle PrimaveraEarned Value ManagementIntegrated cost and earned value Primavera Earned Value Management -management part of an efficient project portfolioDue to current legal standards and management process:regulations, exerting a growing pressure to n aligns the project portfolio to the Plans –adopt stringent standards for cost and company’s strategic objectives;earned value, more and more organizations n – completes projects faster and Executesadmit they need to incorporate an more efficiently, based on the alignmentintegrated management of costs and earned according to roles;value in their project portfolio management n – measures accurately both Measuressolutions. By aligning and combining the graph costs and performance;information related to project performance n Understands – analyzes correctly andfrom the company’s graph and cost systems, efficiently and presents data related toby adding burdensome rate and increasing project performance;the involved costs, the companies can n Communicates – increases the visibilitygenerate correct statistical estimates, in on projects due to an efficientorder to understand and communicate the communication with all shareholders;project performance when they can still n – adopts the best practices in Repeatstake correction measures. order to ensure the project reiteration.Primavera Earned Value Managementprovides extended cost and earned value Advantages of cost managementmanagement features, helping organizations Primavera Earned Value Management ismanage in a better way their project costs, perfect for companies facing the pressure tomeasure more accurately the earned value keep track and measure the performance ofand analyze the budget, real costs, their entire project portfolio. Without aestimated costs and achieved costs. built-in module dedicated to the earned value, projects with issues may get out of control before someone actually refers to them and recognizes the existence of a real problem. 16 17
  17. 17. "Primavera enables us to efficiently manage the projects in order to keep the project on the planned track. Thousands and billions of dollars are yearly spent worldwide on construction projects, and many of them provide a profit rate having one single digit, and this is the reason that it is critical for all the construction and design companies to control and increase the efficiency for: project costs, activity scheduling, provisioning, contracts and changes. A fortiori, I think that Primavera application proves to be useful in our field, of offshore constructions." Grup Servicii Petroliere Isabela Bucur, Planning engineer Offshore Construction Department Oracle Primavera Cost Management n combines the information Aligns and costs; regarding costs and schedules in n the complex resource rates with Models Primavera and other financial systems; escalating factor. n the budget, actual costs, Analyzes estimated costs and burdened costs, for Understanding the performance indicators their full control; and efficient communication with the n visibility across the entire Provides stakeholders project portfolio via a single enterprise By means of extensive reports and graphical project structure; capabilities, Primavera enables cost n the schedules in Primavera Easily links managers to efficiently share the and other companys systems, via a information across the organization. flexible interface module; nthe key information with other Shares n table data with the aid of OLAP Handling modules in Primavera, including data cube; myPrimavera™; n Generating standard reports with the n features of earned value Includes report builder; analysis with an OLAP data cube, n Understanding and communicating the comprehensive reports and interactive actual stage of the projects with the aid charts. of earned value charts; n data regarding the project Sharing Primavera supports the performance performance with myPrimavera and measuring standards earned value analysis tools. ndetailed measuring and project Allows cost modeling; n actual past values and future Stores the estimates in static fields for reporting; n support for fiscal periods Unlimited defined by users for storing resources, costs and values in the schedules; n for involved costs and complex Support tasks, for a complete insight on
  18. 18. Oracle PrimaveraRisk AnalyzerRisk Analyzer is a risk analysis solution for initiative based on incurred benefits,the entire project life. Integrating cost and afferent costs and level of uncertainity;time risk management, the solution n that can be used for risk and Modelsprovides comprehensive means for emergency diagnosis or monitoring,determining the confidence levels of the providing early notifications onproject’s success, together with quick and significant threats and testing potentialeasy techniques for determining the impact strategies and actions;of a potential event and a risk response n of useless and expensive Avoidanceplan. objective recovery measures.Primavera Risk Analyzer is a decisionsupport tool, for determining confidencelevels of the project cost and success. Thesolution provides an objective perspectiveon costs and time planning uncertainty incase of risky events, as well as an efficientanalysis of costs incurred by risk responseplans. These two form the basis of “adjustedplanning of risk calculation” that is about tobecome compulsory for planning andscheduling processes.Main benefits of the application:n Notifications on unacceptable levels of risk impacting project objectives, as well as warnings regarding possible improvements of forecasts;n Operational solutions for discovering, understanding, solving and managing opportunities and risks;n action testing for improving Strategy/ the objective’s performance;n develop any accelerating Ability to 18 19
  19. 19. “Hidroelectrica has an extremely ambitious investment plan, which will reach 3 billion Eur in the next 6- 8 years, and will address both building new hydro, upgrading and modernization of current plants. The system developed by TotalSoft provides us with a full overview of all potential implications of a project, no matter the location, complexity, budget, resources, ensuring us the ability to make strategic decisions in real time.” Hidroelectrica Mihai David
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