New features in Charisma Business Suite 2014


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New features in Charisma Business Suite 2014

  1. 1. New features in Charisma Business Suite Florian Ridiche Product Manager
  2. 2. Result analysis on tablets: the new Cell Monitor  Functional upgrade:  Drill down features (cell with sub-cells)  Summary type cells  Improved design  Rewritten in WEB HTML5 technology: runs on any device and any operating system in any modern browser
  3. 3. Events Traceability  New concept in Charisma aiming to control business processes  Events may be determined by:  Triggers in the system automatically generated by Alerter  User actions other than generating documents  Results of interfacing with an external system (e.g.: Collection or CRM application)  Traceability screen shows now also events
  4. 4. Electronic Invoicing  Enables efficient integration of the billing process with providers of electronic signature, stamping and archiving services;  Compliant with actual legal requirements;  Advantages:  Simplifying and streamlining the way the bill reaches the customer;  Improved relationship with clients.
  5. 5. Electronic Invoicing  Components:  Charisma (invoices issuance, interfacing with external services)  Signing or stamping service (external application)  Portal enabling the invoices to be downloaded by the client (can be replaced by an eCare application)  Alerter Module which sends invoices via e-mail  Server for electronic archiving
  6. 6. Light Invoice: Integration with Stock Engine and Wizard  Ongoing technological upgrade in Charisma: Adaptive platform takes over increasingly more core components  Wizard and integration with stock engine: Charisma foundations  Objectives:  The technological upgrade benefits of de pattern tested over time  Streamline development activity
  7. 7. VAT Payers Validation  Integration with ANAF website which enables the identification of suppliers or providers who are or are not declared as VAT payers (taxable person)  Dual Functioning:  Specialized display to check and list active suppliers  Punctual validation within the screen for defining partners  The result is used in the application for VAT upon collection or statements
  8. 8. Agricultural Production Module  The agriculture vertical is a strategic direction for Charisma  We have developed and enhanced the product:  New features (multiple crops)  Specific post calculation (implementation of the post calculation according to dimensions)  Features specific for Zootechnics
  9. 9. Database Archiving  A significant number of organizations that use Charisma for over 5 years  Archiving: natural need to "exclude and put aside“ transactions which are possible to be archived  Smart process: keeps the traceability and consistency of documents (documents in the balance, documents with effect after the date of archiving)  Result: The data corresponding to the archiving period shall be reduced by about 95%  Benefits: enhanced performance, reduced need for hardware
  10. 10. Database Audit  The configurable audit mechanism provided by Charisma supports organizations to secure and control data  Provides application’s administrator, in an intuitive manner, with a complete picture of the operations that were performed on sensitive data (who, what, when changed)  The mechanism can be used also for events with business significance (e.g. changing a partner’s information)
  11. 11. Cash Flow Standard Reports Dan Giușcă New Projects Manager
  12. 12. Cash Flow 2013- New Tool for Cash Flow Tracking and Planning  Standard Configuration (the specification)  Configuration Control (“others” line)  Exchange rate differences in cash flow  Reimbursement in cash flow  Exceptions in cash flow
  13. 13. Standard Reports  Documentation  Download from online (  318 Reports (Simple grid, Crystal, Charisma Analyzer)  Any version in production (2.5 -> 3.4 -> 4.x)
  14. 14. Strategic planning and aligning organizational strategy by using Balanced ScoreCard Silviu Crețean Software Development Director
  15. 15. Balanced ScoreCard – General Presentation  BSC - IT tool for measuring and managing organizational performance  It brings together key performance indicators (KPI's) on strategic and operational objectives associated with each strategic perspective (Financial, Citizens / Clients / Customers, Internal Processes, Learning and Growth)  The result obtained by the use of BSC consists of a set of direct, measurable objectives  The system allows viewing the state, namely the degree of achievement of objectives, using “semaphore” mechanisms
  16. 16. Progress Indicators (Targets and Results) To measure progress in achieving these objectives, application users will define specific values ​for each performance indicator (targets, results). ă
  17. 17. Degree of meeting KPI-s To measure progress in achieving a target, the degree of fulfilling initiatives associated with the target must be known. ă
  18. 18. History of Indicators' Evolution BSC system allows keeping track of each indicator. Depending on its target, comparative reports can be extracted. ă
  19. 19. Charisma Mobile Suite Bogdan Grigorescu Mobile Apps Product Manager
  20. 20. Using Smartphones to organise business  Charisma Mobile Suite  Cash Flow  Mobile HR & Workflows  CRM
  21. 21. New features in Charisma Business Suite Daniel Bălăceanu Business Applications Product Manager
  22. 22. Charisma eProcurement  New features  Supplier profile  Sales events  New reports Expenses Requests Set up budgets Approve Expense requests eProcurement Supplier contact database RFX process (offers) Auction Sign contract Contract Management Track contract execution Payments schedule Case management Payment approval
  23. 23. Sales Representatives Portal  New features        Tracking activities Client profile Opportunities Tracking results Objectives Teams and coordinators Competitions
  24. 24. SFA – Sales Force Automation Activities My results Email CRM Contacts My team ERP Opportunities Support Center App1 App2 …
  25. 25. Examples
  26. 26. Reports
  27. 27. FFA – Task Management Planning Execution Monitoring BI • Schedules • Optimizes • Forecasts • Delivery • Services delivery • Technical Inventory • Operational Dashborad • GPS tracking in real time • Routes Renewal • Strategic Dashboard • Data mining & analysis • Costs & Productivity
  28. 28. Main Features • Technicians management • Cases management • Sending • Real time monitoring • Planning • Routes • Optimizing Back Office BI • Dashboards • Predefined reports • Data mining & custom reports Optimizer Mobiles • Daily calendar • Offers management • Product activation • Customer feedback
  29. 29. Daily working orders – map viewing
  30. 30. Q&A Thank you!