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Business applications on Microsoft technology


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During 15 years of partnership, TotalSoft has continuously expanded its competencies and currently develops solutions on a comprehensive suite of technologies including CRM, SharePoint and Business Intelligence, both on-premise and on-demand (SaaS) in different activity fields: services, constructions, medical, automotive, retail and distribution, oil & gas in different sectors: services, constructions, medical, automotive, retail and distribution, oil & gas.
Our solutions developed on Microsoft technology can be seamless integrated with Charisma ERP and with any type of ERP solution, providing also native integration with Microsoft SharePoint (Document

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Business applications on Microsoft technology

  1. 1. Business Applications on Microsoft technology Innovation | Passion | Performance | Success
  2. 2. The only Romanian Microsoft Gold Certified Partner in CRM The partnership dates back in 1997 and has helped TotalSoft gain the highest competencies for solutions such as CRM, BI, Data Platform, Application Development, Application Integration, Sharepoint and Document Management. In Romania, 20% of the companies listed in "Top 300" are using TotalSoft’s solutions developed on Microsoft platform. The reasons that recommend us as one of the most important Microsoft solutions provider are: è Adaptability - the power to develop beyond standard product functionalities according to clients needs; è - highest number of CRM implementations on the Expertise Romanian market; è Reputation - selected by international clients to deliver complex solutions; è - own products based on Microsoft technology Portfolio During 15 years of partnership, the company has continuously expanded its competencies and currently develops solutions on a comprehensive suite of technologies including CRM, SharePoint and Business Intelligence, both on-premise and on-demand (SaaS) in different activity fields: services, constructions, medical, automotive, retail and distribution, oil & gas in different sectors: services, constructions, medical, automotive, retail and distribution, oil & gas. Our solutions developed on Microsoft technology can be seamless integrated with Charisma ERP and with any type of ERP solution, providing also native integration with Microsoft SharePoint (Document Management).
  3. 3. CRM CRM Partner and Customer Portal Medical CRM è Microsoft Dynamics CRM technology, provides consolidation of Based on all information about a company’s partners, regardless of the industry they serve. è three components: sales, marketing and customer support; Includes è Sales, marketing and customer support processes are inter-connected via CRM functionalities and streamlined in order to develop and maintain customer loyalty, increase revenue, deliver consistent and high quality services and finally to assess clients that need to be focused on. è Enable easy integration of data from Charisma CRM, Charisma ERP or other existing systems, such as: contact information, financial information, dedicated marketing campaigns, customer and partner’s interactions (tickets, incidents, complaints, sales or service requests), partner related activities etc; è visibly increases communication and efficiency in the B2B, B2C scenarios; è delivers: è information-sharing and collaboration tools that foster powerful teamwork and improve performance è optimization of the operational effort and reduces internal costs è exceptional flexibility è the same three components: Includes è Sales è Marketing è Call Center è information related to addresses, subscriptions, services, etc. are Partners’ published from Charisma Medical Software in Charisma Call Center, through standard modules;
  4. 4. Collection è and comprehensive solution for all major activities involved in Integrated managing debt collection, repossession procedures, in addition to remarketing. è process efficiency for collecting debts from delinquent customers, Increases ultimately increase your company’s cash balance and decrease the costs of managing your customers’ receivables. Collection è module: èthe analysis time and increases the efficiency of the collection reduces associates through an efficient ticketing system - debtor identification, grouping debtors based on delinquency level and creating delinquency tickets; è the operational effort and reduces the internal costs through the optimizes elimination of manual labor, both expensive and time consuming, needed for managing invoices and communicating with customers with debts; è customers' debts, optimizes the profit and increases the cash flow decreases through a quick and structured process of debt collection; è the value of DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) indicator by decreasing decreases the average number of days needed to turn the debts into cash. Legal module: è è the optimization of the management for recovering any type of allows for damages; è process and information continuity during the legal procedures, provides ultimately decreasing the damages and increasing the profit opportunities for the financial institutions; è maximum flexibility in the file management by seamless integration provides with Charisma ERP or any other financial asset management system; è the analysis effort by using a complete and real-time view of each decreases active file status; Repossession module: è è the management of the collected assets, as well as the additional optimizes penalties the consumer must pay in order to cover the seller's repossession costs; è the damages of the financing company through consistent and decreases real-time updated view on the financial situation of the required contracts and repossessions; è the operational flow and automates the accounting records by optimizes recording each expense associated with the repossession, maintenance and repairs during the life of the asset in the management of the company and these expenses automatic accounting; è Remarketing module: è benefit of an integrated solution for a complete and advanced brings the management of the entire flow of repossession and collected assets resale, and eases the remarketing efforts by positioning the product for sale or rent, and stimulating the demand by adapting it to the market changes; è the loading and sale process by efficient and fast management of improves assets delivery-receipt reports, sales invoices and object reservations; è the operational activities by a high-performance system for optimizes notifying each representative in the process of sale and management of the collected assets (inbound, outbound, booking expiration);
  5. 5. Cost Control è Suite of independent applications (eExpense Request Approval, eProcurement, Supplier Contract Management) that can be seamlessly integrated with Charisma ERP or any other enterprise resource management system (ERP). è companies that seek to have access and control the administration flow Empowers of operational costs and provider contracts. è the relation with the suppliers due to the transparent communication Improves and a “best offer” selection process. è Request Approval module: eExpense è the optimum solution for tracking, controlling and streamlining a company's expenses; è tools used are the expense budgets, the ordering sheets, the The main processes and flows for approving the expense requests, the possibility to consult the internal inventory; è the time needed to create the expense budget, via a user-friendly decreases interface and/or by integration with an already configured ERP system; è offers transparency and quick access for all the company's employees by posting the requirements that appear and centralizing them; implies the removal of human resources allocation for this procedure; eProcurement module: è è the management of purchasing, contracts and renegotiations with facilitates various partners, in the safest and most appropriate way, regardless of the strategic approach of the company; è a quick access to potential or current providers through the provides management and querying of a partners database; è an optimum platform for opening bid type actions, for a determined period, by inviting the providers with the best offers to compete for the final selection; Supplier è Contract Management module: è the solution required for tracking the complete life cycle of a purchasing contract, from creation and signing until concluding; è the compliance and eliminates financial risks through rapid access increases to a tool where "learned lessons" can be stored, and in time, helps the company define and observe a series of policies and rules (such as "do not sign contracts where penalties are above a certain threshold");
  6. 6. Office Automation Call Center è Service dedicated particularly to suppliers, which simplifies the tracking of projects, streamlines the resources involved in their execution and maximizes revenues associated with contracts concluded. è Streamlines and automates the billing and collection cycle under timesheet hours, manages documents of interest and provides support in management decisions based on metrics and performance indicators. è Time & Expense Management module: automate the collection, validation, approval, billing processes or any other information provided by the employees regarding the worked hours, in a project-oriented business. è Project Management module: solution dedicated to project management that targets the tracking, assessing and improving all the operational activities within a project. è Management: schedules the company's resources by projects in an Resource efficient manner, by providing its best use, without doubling efforts and based on the competence profile and skills of the employees. è Management module: centralizes and manages the services' execution, Contract according to the agreed terms and conditions, immediately notifying any deviation, thus supporting a professional, agile work environment, based on a strongly customer-oriented culture. è Management module: manages the operations and project execution Financial from the financial point of view, regardless of the type or nature of the concluded contractual terms. è Management module: developed based on the latest technologies Document from Microsoft, providing an easy to use and automation of the management activity of any type of content, regardless of its format. è Office Analysis module: includes a set of reports that provide critical information regarding the company's performance, from resource use to profitability per customer, project, task, employee, team, department or company. è company to contact clients from its data base in order to deliver Allows the surveys or to inform clients on a certain situation such as: residual payment amount, new rate payment possibilities, etc. è Approaches three processes: è Clients assistance- offers a complete image on client’s history; è generates, initiates and monitors specific actions; Collectionè Telemarketing activities; è integrates in user’s daily activities through native integration with Naturally Microsoft Office solutions.
  7. 7. Success Stories TotalSoft implements Microsoft CRM at OMV Vienna EconGas GmbH was created by a merger of its owners’ business-to-business natural gas marketing operations, effected by way of a multi-stage reorganisation. Headquartered in Vienna and with an office in Linz, EconGas has been a strong and reliable partner for its Austrian customers since its inception. EconGas Italy was formed in June 2005, and EconGas Deutschland in the following November. Both of these foreign subsidiaries have enjoyed growing success. Another subsidiary, EconGas Hungária was set up in January 2007. the capacity to answer promptly to client requests and also the flexibility. EconGas' target market is equal to 23 percent of total European (EU-31) natural gas demand, which was 530 billion cubic metres in 2006. For EconGas, the project implied the substitution of the Siebel that covered only the contract and document management functionalities, with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 that includes additional functionalities for tracking and optimizing sales processes and marketing activities. The entire solution runs on servers hosted in Vienna, but can be accessed by users from all European subsidiaries of EconGas. In that direction, TotalSoft implemented the multi-language functionality, so that each subsidiary EconGas can access the application in the language of its choice. The collaboration with the Group OMV Petrom started in 2007 with the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 within Petrom Gas. The successful finalization of this project was the catalyst for the conclusion of a new contract in 2008, also for the implementation of Dynamics CRM 4.0, this time within OMV Vienna Group – more precisely within EconGas. Moreover, TotalSoft ensured the development of interfaces with the SAP and Oracle applications existing in OMV Vienna (that allows users access to complete information about the client) as well as the training of key users based on pilot version resulted from the configuration of the application on the specific needs of OMV Vienna. This project was awarded to TotalSoft following a rigorous selection process in which TotalSoft competed with local partners. The main advantages of TotalSoft taken into consideration during the selection process were the relevant experience in implementing this type of product, The collaboration with OMV Vienna is not finalized, this project being followed by another: the migration of Microsoft Dynamics CRM from the 3.0 version to 4.0 version.
  8. 8. The most complex portal in Romania is developed by TotalSoft based on SharePoint technology Through the 40 companies that are part of the Group, Rompetrol has as its main activities the oil refinement and its marketing, but it is also involved in complementary projects for exploitation, production, distribution, industrial services, and industrial ecology in France, Romania, Spain and Southern Eastern Europe. Also, Rompetrol is present on the air transportation and tourism markets. The entire activity is supported by over 5,000 employees in all locations. The reasons for communication difficulties between different units and between employees came from the size of the company, the existence of many companies in the group and its numerous locations. There was no common platform that would allow all members of the organization to access relevant information, applications, processes or human resources. The viable solution for such situation was the development of a portal that would allow the Rompetrol Group to reach the following objectives: a Web page for Rompetrol Group, specific pages for the units that are not part of the core business, a structure that would allow for future expansion and growth of the company and integration capabilities with the existing applications. The solution offered by TotalSoft was a portal built on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 technology, available through the company’s intranet. The interface was customized based on the client requirements. This has been possible due to the high flexibility for configuration of the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 application. The portal makes available to all its users the following data: è numbers: a user can search for phone Telephone numbers by applying different filters: name, role, location, picture, phone number; è profiles and the management of the Employee company; èdocuments: specific forms (template for Internal vacation, payments etc.) or internal procedures and policies; è locations and a map of all gas stations; Rompetrol è Organization hierarchy; è Forum; è Multimedia section: includes videos, radio and photos of general interest. The employees need specific rights to post videos to this section (functionality similar to YouTube); ènews - section updated continuously by the Internal Internal Communications department; è forecast; Weather è Entertainment: an amusing section where one could post photos, jokes etc. è Online library: contains articles, online books, reference templates, reports of different departments, internal databases etc. è rates; Exchange è The schedule of the meeting rooms: this section interacts with Microsoft Outlook and it allows a calendar to be set up for the meeting rooms; è the section interacts with Microsoft Calendar: Outlook and it allows meetings to be set up and posted into the Outlook calendar; è Online search engine; è standard alerts include changes in the Alerts: the item list; è Links to external pages, i.e. to dictionaries and maps; è contains a list with announcements posted E-market: by users; è for teams, team leaders, common calendars E-rooms: or department specific calendars; è section: the identity of the company (logos, Branding fonts, templates), the list for the promotional catalogue, photo archives and case studies, social responsibility projects; è Communication campaigns: radio and TV advertisements; è Project status: allows project updates and the visualization of the information by the users. The portal ensures mainly the collaboration environment by facilitating user communication (forums and blogs). At the same time, the portal allows the users to see who is
  9. 9. online and who is not. One of the main requirements of Rompetrol was in respect to content management. The user access to the Portal data is controlled through access rights in such a way that they are allowed to access certain data, based on specific profiles. Moreover, the users need to be able to publish, update and delete information in their own pages. Of course, all information in the portal is subject to an approval process. Regarding the document management, the portal ensures the classification of the documents based on categories and taxonomies, taking into account the access rights specific to user roles. The portal developed by TotalSoft was integrated with more applications, such as: è Applications containing public or confidential studies; è Instant Messaging application; è Virtual whiteboards; è Virtual/Web Conferencing. The world biggest car distributor uses the CRM solution implemented by TotalSoft Toyota Romania is a branch of the multinational company INCHCAPE plc, one of the biggest and oldest automobile distributors worldwide. In 2007, Toyota Romania sales counted over 10,000 units, an increase of almost 70% to the previous year sales number. In January 2008, Toyota Romania became a national sales and marketing company, directly related to Toyota Motor Europe. Today, the Toyota network has 15 partners and 23 showrooms, of which 9 are of type 3S, having sales and post-sales services, as well as spare parts. An ERP system was already in place for the internal operations of the organization, but there was a need for a specialized software to manage the strategy for customer satisfaction. The main reason was to maximize the company value by gaining more clients, expanding the client base, while retaining its high profitability. The Microsoft CRM tool presented itself as the suitable solution. The setting up of a new department, Customer Satisfaction, as well as the fast growth of the company required an appropriate IT system. Beforehand, the client and contacts management, the identification of leads, as well as the tracking of complaints were managed using Excel files. Such an inefficient solution needed to be replaced by a top business application with extensive functionalities. Another argument for choosing the Microsoft CRM solution was the fact that the necessary reporting was very difficult and not accurate enough. For the actual implementation of the Client Relationship Management system, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0, Toyota Romania chose TotalSoft. The decision to purchase the 4.0 release of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM system was based on both the technical superiority of the solution and on TotalSoft’s expertise in customizing and implementing it; expertise obtained from previous contracts when dealing with companies with most diversified requirements for communicating with their clients. The solution satisfied the policy of Toyota – the worldwide leader in the automobile industry – to maintain a client relationship based on continuous communication, in order to reach a high degree of client satisfaction through anticipating and proposing solutions that fit their needs.
  10. 10. The implementation of this system aimed to make available, for the user, the necessary tools to fulfill the processes needed for the clients, as well as to manage the internal workflows that would allow the increase in efficiency of the Customer Service department. In that respect, a major benefit of the implementation was that it would provide real time information about the interaction between the customers and the call center operators, and it would also make possible complaint management. After the implementation of the CRM system, the main advantages were: è Management of the client, contact and automobiles data; è potential clients and information about the Tracking Test Drive requests that came through the website; è Management of client communications: tasks, phone calls, emails or faxes; è Data import from post-sales files and their management; è Data import about Urgent Alerts and their management; è with the SAP system using .csv files; Interface è contacts/Test Drive information from the Import of website; è Ccase management; è Reports. Thus, using the CRM solution from Microsoft, customized by TotalSoft, Toyota Romania will be able to implement its business strategies based on real information about its client portfolio and its clients issues and expectations. „For Toyota, total customer satisfaction represents our primary objective, with all our efforts being directed to that end. We wanted to implement the Microsoft CRM solution in Toyota Romania in order to be able to better manage our relationship with existing and potential clients. With this system, we will be able to increase the efficiency of the internal processes of our department and, consequently, we’ll be able to offer better solutions in a much shorter timeframe for every customer”, Oana Nedelcu, Customer Satisfaction Manager Toyota Romania. Depending on the success of this project, scheduled for completion in August, Toyota Romania will decide whether to continue the partnership with TotalSoft and whether to also implement the solution for Toyota Balkans in Bulgaria.
  11. 11. CRM at Raiffeisen Leasing Romania & Bulgaria Raiffeisen Leasing IFN SA, a member of the Austrian Raiffeisen Banking Group, has been operating on the Romanian market since 2002. The financing solutions tailored to individual requirements and quality services ensure a prominent place among other Romanian leasing companies. TotalSoft’s collaboration with the Raiffeisen group began in 2005 when the Romanian software company has won an international tender organized by the International Raiffeisen Leasing Austria for Charisma ERPimplementation in subsidiaries of Raiffeisen Leasing Bulgaria and Albania. The implementation of the suite at Raiffeisen Leasing Romania came later, in 2007, mainly because the business in Romania was active on a much more complex and dynamic market. CRM at Raiffeisen Leasing Bulgaria Raiffeisen Leasing Bulgaria is a universal leasing company operating through 17 branches across the country. The company also provides services through its Raiffeisen bank network (Bulgaria). The company’s principal activities include financial and operational leasing and other services associated with the management and leasing of movable and immovable property. The Raiffeisen Leasing Bulgaria project was a pilot project for implementation in branches in Albania and Romania, and of course it required the implementation of other integrated computer applications to ensure the entire management undertaken activities. Besides Charisma Enterprise, Raiffeisen Leasing Bulgaria opted for Charisma Collection, developed on the Microsoft CRM application. The project with Raiffeisen Leasing Romania has assumed the Charisma ERPERP system implementation, but also the Charisma Collection application needed to manage the debt collection process. Charisma Collection is developed on a Microsoft CRM platform that provides the following features: è outstanding debts from customers on Tracks the Microsoft CRM; è Automatically retrieves customer data from the Charisma ERPsystem (data, contracts, bills outstanding, schedule, articles of agreement, guarantee); è a series of specific reports on efficient Provides management of users and customers - to generate a customized timeline, according to company policy and requirements (time at which the notifications via email, letters, phone calls etc. are received); è efficient planning of the activities of debt Enables an recovery agencies; è a clear and complete picture of the Provides customer and its arrears, and the history of activity with him. The key features offered are: è outstanding debts from customers on Tracks the Microsoft CRM ; ècustomer arrears and debt collection Pursues activities planned for a timeline that can reach 180 days of delay in payment of the invoice; è Debt collection process automation, such as: è letters depending on the number of automatic days remaining; è sms notification on outstanding invoices; è Automatically retrieves data about the Charisma ERPcustomers (data, contracts, bills outstanding, schedule, articles of agreement, warranties) è the arrears, including for the End Close Calculates contract type - schedule is followed on each line separately, on days delay; è based on Microsoft CRM platform, which CRM Portal allows the access to an unlimited number of users accessing the application Charisma Collection; è Daily planning of the activities for visitors; è the responses received from customers. Recording
  12. 12. EFG Leasing increases the efficiency of debt collection with a CRM platform provided by TotalSoft EFG Leasing IFN SA, the Romanian leasing entity member of EFG Eurobank group, is one of the main players in the financial services market in the Balkans, being present, apart from Greece through the parent bank, Eurobank Ergasias, in Bulgaria, Serbia, Poland, Turkey, Ukraine and Cyprus. In Romania, Eurobank EFG is the majority shareholder of Bancpost, being specialized in various fields such as leasing, insurance, capital and funds markets. Although its activity began in 2006, in just four years, EFG Leasing managed to reach the top 10 leasing companies in Romania, due to its business type and orientation towards complex projects and important values. EFG Leasing has become known for financing large companies, top players from various activity fields delivering financial products with high added value, such as equipment and facilities leasing for industrial development and modernization of manufacturing capabilities. Another area of excellence is the real estate leasing, where large transactions can be highlighted (some of them were green-field), EFG Leasing funding the project from the beginning of the construction until the final necessary equipment (e.g.: maternity, industrial buildings, hotels, shopping centers). Today, EFG Leasing manages more than 1000 customers and about 3,000 contracts. The company’s asset portfolio was around 150 million euro at the end of 2010. Amid the emergent economic crisis in Europe, Eurobank’s management decided to adopt a prudent financing policy, and thus provide a greater attention to risk analysis and payment behavior of customers. The economic analysis prefigured an increase in payment delays and hence an increase in the debt collection activity, which would be difficult to manage without hiring additional human resources. As a proactive measure EFG Leasing has decided to implement a customer management and debt collection solution, designed to sustain this activity during critical periods foreshadowed at the world’s economy level. Also, an information system would have relieved the need to increase the company’s staff. “At EFG Eurobank group level, the signals were represented by claims that the debt collection process needed to be reinforced by informatics procedures and tools, our experience in the matter being relatively limited. For example, by 2009 we had a single contract terminated” states Madalina Paraschiv, Operation Directors EFG Leasing. EFG Leasing used to manage its leasing core business with Charisma ERP, the solution developed by TotalSoft, which is a Microsoft partner. TotalSoft’s product portfolio included Charisma Collection as well – the debt collection application developed on Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform. Analyzing this application, it was proved that the specifications of the solution met EFG Leasing’s requirements, considering also the fact that the product was already used by some of the major leasing companies active on the local market. The analysis also revealed that a development on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform involved a great usability and advantageous price-feature contribution. Thus, EFG Leasing chose Charisma Collection and TotalSoft. “Charisma Collection offered us two clear advantages: an easy integration with the ERP application from where data had to be retrieved and simplicity of use, being practically a Microsoft product.” claims Madalina Paraschiv. Discussions on buying and customizing the solution were held in late 2008, and in May 2009 Charisma Collection went into production. The project began with an analysis necessary to determine the specifications of the application and type of data that were to be imported from Charisma. The basic element was the definition of a customized workflow adapted to the internal procedures of the company. The CRM application is synchronized daily with the ERP one, the data being automatically retrieved during the night and made available to employees the next morning. Depending on the financial data retrieved, the application
  13. 13. automatically generates task-related sites in the collection of debts. The task assignment is done manually by a Collection Manager depending on the availability and workload of each employee involved in the collection process. Notices regarding the allocation of tasks are received by email in Microsoft Outlook, which is not yet integrated into the CRM. The interaction with customers is predominantly made by telephone calls in a preliminary stage whose aim is to information these on existing flows and obtaining a payment promise. After granting a resolution, the case is closed and the operator moves to the next task. If needed, customers are sent notices or warning letters through traditional communication channels (mail, fax). The documentation of this activity is not stored in CRM but by a dedicated file server, which can be accessed by the entire team. The management team has continuous access to activity reports and can make decisions regarding additional task allocation, types of resolution applied or escalated cases. After implementing Charisma Collection, developed by TotalSoft on Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform, EFG Leasing achieved the project’s aim - owning a smart debt collection management tool. The project has brought the company benefits such as: è management of the debt collection Structured process, by mapping a precise application of internal business processes and carefully monitoring each phase. Using Charisma Collection allowed obtaining an overview of consistent activities and decisions. “Charisma Collection has provided us with a structured management of the entire debt collection process and also a correct customer information”, states Madalina Paraschiv; è control over the debt collection process by Increased providing the management team with access to detailed information on customer interaction and intervention on this process in case of escalation. With Charisma Collection, the company’s management has obtained an accurate tracking of tasks of each employee; è employee productivity through a faster Increased access to information on customers and their history with EFG Leasing; è Error elimination through automatic processes and electronic workflows support. Using CRM has ensured the maintenance of internal procedures and eliminated human errors inherent in working with paper documents; è of visibility of the task volume allocated to Increase each employee through activity reports. On this basis, the Collection Manager has access to the workload of each employee and can redistribute the load to avoid exceeding certain deadlines. “Using Charisma Collection has allowed us to balance workload on people and thus to increase productivity and efficiency of the debt collection process” states Madalina Paraschiv, Operations Director, EFG Leasing; è Maintaining customer history and other documents related to this relationship and accessing it in a simple and rapid manner by any employee; è relations with customers by getting real Improved feedback from them about the existence of debts before sending notices and warning letters. The fast customer contact allowed administrative problems to be solved (bill lack or delay, for example); èconstant the cost of human resources. Using Keeping Charisma Collection management enabled the management of workload growing together with the team. Using the application has simplified the work in such a way that each employee could handle a larger number of cases; è Furthermore, due to process standardization, people from various departments were involved in the debt collection process; è Fast adoption. Developed on a Microsoft platform, Charisma Collection offers a pleasant experience, the user interface being specific to Microsoft and therefore well known. This ensures a short training period, and a high user degree of adoption. The application has become a platform for communication among employees, thus increasing the cohesion between them. Following these benefits, EFG Leasing planned the expansion of the Charisma Collection functionality through the implementation of two additional modules: è Module - module dedicated to the legal Litigations department and pending litigation files management (insolvency and bankruptcy, foreclosure in case of terminated contracts etc.); è Contentious Module - mode dedicated to asset recovery afferent to terminated contracts, track of records entrusted to recovery companies and subsequent administration of properties recovered: reception minutes, remarketing good information.
  14. 14. Henkel obtained high flexibility at low costs by using Microsoft Dynamics CRM Company Established in 1994 as a subsidiary of Henkel Austria (in 1998 Henkel Central Eastern Europe), Henkel Romania has established itself quickly as a strong brand in the local market, recorded in 2010 a turnover of approximately 560 million (about EUR 133 million ). Divided into three main divisions - "Cosmetics / Personal Care", "Laundry & Home Care" and "Technologies Adhesives" - the company currently has a portfolio of over 30 brands and thousands of products, through a complex partners and distributors system. Situation For managing customers and partners, Henkel’s "Technologies Adhesives" Division used a CRM solution developed in 2005 for the subsidiary in Poland and later implemented in several offices in Central and Eastern Europe. The constantly increasing volume of business, the partners and organizational structure system recorded over 15 years have determined Henkel’s "Technologies Adhesives" Division in Romania has to feel the acute limitations of existing CRM solution. At that time, Henkel Romania had difficulties in monitoring, controlling and evaluating the sales team because of the lack of user-friendly reporting tools. Moreover, the application did not include marketing tools, and thus, it did not allow a uniform treatment of the campaigns conducted and a thorough analysis of the results achieved; moreover, it didn’t allow the development of a complaints management policy coming from end users and did not comply with standardized procedures and flows required by the ISO certifications held by subsidiaries of Henkel Central Eastern Europe. “As the organizational structure has increased, the personnel assessment needs have also diversified; so, the limitations of the CRM application arose really fast; our solution also lacked a module dedicated to marketing campaigns and other important module for recording and processing the complaints” Mircea Vlăștean, Business Controller Henkel AdhesiveTechnologies. It was therefore initiated a process to identify a new CRM solution that would cover all flaws detected, but meet the business requirements at lower acquisition costs, implementation processes, fast customization and development and flexible use of the application. Microsoft Dynamics CRM in hosted version was the solution that would optimally cover the client’s requirements; the implementation process started in 2010 and was developed with the support of TotalSoft and Microsoft Romania. Solution “The acquisition and implementation costs were the main problem. For example, we performed a comparative analysis for a hosted solution versus a classical implementation - the classical version, 35 CRM licenses meant a substantial cost. If we add the necessary hardware and infrastructure costs for an on premises implementation we talk about considerable investment efforts.” Mircea Vlăștean, Business Controller Henkel Adhesive Technologies. Thus, Henkel identified with the support of TotalSoft, its traditional Romanian partner and Microsoft Gold Certified Partner (2005), the opportunity to adopt Microsoft Dynamics CRM hosted in a Data Center. The hosted version in a Data Center was the best solution to the problem due to costs and fast development. Thus, the company obtained a decrease in purchasing costs, eliminating the need for infrastructure investment and allocation of domestic resources in order to ensure rapid delivery of the application, while the testing phase was also reduced drastically. The implementation, customization and development of the adequate CRM solution were completed with the help of TotalSoft, and was started in July-August 2010 and divided into several stages. “We actually started this process by migrating the database, then by following a training period of two weeks during which our team introduced new customers to get used to new procedures specific to this operation; then the process was extended to other fields. Te go-live of the application was January 1, 2011, but we began to
  15. 15. work effectively with the new CRM in November 2010, primarily because the system is extremely flexible and friendly, taking advantage of Microsoft interface that is very familiar to all users” Mircea Vlăştean. promotional procedures, recipients, and especially their responses. This development allowed an accurate calculation of the response rate and profitability of the campaign. In the first stage of the adoption, we were focused on customizing the business sales team needs so that Microsoft Dynamics CRM could best meet all business needs of our beneficiaries. Thus, in addition to the customization of the data identification area, a mechanism for the automatic client differentiation on two channels (business-to-business and retail) was built. We also developed a system for the monitoring and evaluation of activities of sales agents, based on the types of activities performed by them, a system that provides real time information on each of these activities and allows fast access to the history of interactions with each partner/ final client. We also added a system of alerts and notifications for the sales team, which allows a more efficient organization of their activities. The third stage of the implementation process was the utilization of the Customer Complaints module. The module had to comply with all requirements and flows of the beneficiary, which meant a serious development effort. “The sales team performs their work according to different types of activities, especially on-site meetings part of the sales agents’ target is qualitatively related to daily reports, presentations, promotions, new products, offers and follow-ups. Through Microsoft Dynamics CRM, managers can quickly and easily get reports of various types - such as reports on types of activities: number of meetings for product presentation, offering etc. or how many new partners were introduced in a certain period. We can filter and search for customers who haven’t been contacted within a definable time. All these tools allow a proper control over the activity of the sales team.” Mircea Vlăştean. The second stage of the process was the utilization of the Marketing module of the application. Firstly, all clients/ partners were assigned to different owners according to predefined criteria and a list of all campaigns performed by the “Technology Adhesives” division was elaborated. There was a campaign underway at that time – it implied contacting a certain category of partners, for whom the company had created a system that could check the tickets, and based on them issue vouchers. The system allowed a precise monitoring of all “This module will serve as a database to allow us access to the complete history of any interaction with any partner/ client. Currently, the information about a complaint comes to the end customer through various channels of communication - e-mail, phone calls etc. - it reaches a responsible, that is a salesman who takes over the issue, analyzes it and decides which area of responsibility it addresses - logistics, R & D, production, etc. - directs it to the responsible, and after receiving the response, he has to deliver the feedback to the end user. We want to implement a system able to track the entire flow - with deadlines, responsible within each department (who takes the complaint, to whom the complaint it is directed, who settles the complaint etc.), how it is solved - by the end of the loop. We hope that by the end of 2010 the module will be fully functional.” Mircea Vlăşteanu, Henkel Adhesive Technologies Business Controller. Results Although the adoption process is still ongoing and Henkel’s Adhesives Technologies hasn’t used Microsoft Dynamics CRM for so long yet, there is a series of financially quantifiable benefits that the division has already noticed: Cost reduction The savings recorded by the division come from many areas; however, the fact that the company opted for a hosted version of the CRM drastically reduced the initial investments. “Choosing a hosted version of the CRM solution involves, firstly, much lower costs. This is not a major investment, nor a CAPEX budget, but a monthly payment for the operating expenses. This choice eliminated the need to
  16. 16. achieve considerable investments in the hardware infrastructure.“ Mircea Vlăşteanu. Fast utilization of the solution Just a month and a half after the startup process of adopting Microsoft Dynamics CRM, users could effectively use the solution ahead of the "go live" date with a couple of months. The customization and development of the Marketing and Complaint Management modules was very fast, well below the time required for a similar on premises solution. “An important benefit offered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM was the reduction of the entire flow for approval, testing, implementation, etc. which, in a multinational company, is very complex, involving other issues such as corporate security policy. Going through all these steps would have meant, in addition to substantial costs a considerable investment in time.” High security level and redundancy elimination “By hosting the application and database in a Data Center, which provides maximum availability and regularly backup we managed to minimize risks without additional costs.“ Mircea Vlăştean. Because there is no such infrastructure within the company, achieving this goal would have required a high level of security and imposed the need for quite an investment in this respect - a dedicated server, with all afferent charges. By choosing Microsoft Dynamics CRM the issued was finally solved “The connection to the CRM application is achieved very quickly and easily through a Web browser; the connection is secure like a bank connection. Based on access policies, users have their own profile, which allows them to access only data that is considered relevant for their work.” High flexibility By using Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Henkel’s division “Adhesives Technologies” benefits from the so called “Pay as you go” payment method. The payment is done only for the number of users accessing the application and not according to a number of licenses bought based on previous estimations. This payment method allows you change the number of users without making any change in infrastructure either. “The payment is done according to the number of users accessing the application at a time. If you want to increase or decrease this number it can be done very quickly, while the payment is made for each change you have made. Licenses once acquired cannot decrease the number of users If needed - which, at present, can be a real risk if, for example, is necessary to restructure your personnel.” Reduced maintenance and development effort Microsoft Dynamics CRM has a friendly and intuitive interface, which ensures a reduced training period and a 100% adoption rate; it also enables the customization and definition of specific templates, which means, basically, a huge win: time, money and efficiency. In the previous CRM application any change meant contacting the developer, and thus, we had to pay for the development according to the requirement’s difficulty, in addition to the maintenance costs. With the new CRM application, most of customizations can be performed by the internal administrator because the application is very flexible - you can quickly add items on a form, you can easily create reports, simple queries or database. Improved employee productivity The adoption and customization of the module dedicated to the sales team, Henkel has very quickly gained control over the activities of all sales agents, by quickly assessing their performance. Due to subsequent developments, end users could benefit from a solid support for their activities, which provided a higher level of exploitation of sales opportunities. “Microsoft Dynamics CRM is more flexible than the previous application, and the access to information is much faster and easier. The sales force is not a category of end users with special skills in IT, so it is very important for the system to be as friendly as possible and to provide quick information. On the other hand, the possibility of rapid customization allowed us to create a simple interface that can deliver the information required.” Mircea Vlăștean.
  17. 17. Procurement Cost Control for the Euroclinic Group Euroclinic Group: Health services provider of top quality and establishment with two hospitals of high specialization: Euroclinic Athens and Euroclinic Pediatric. “The Cost Control application from TotalSoft Hellas enables us to control the accuracy of our budget’s execution any moment, from every aspect - per department, per service or per time period.” - Stefanos Papadimitriou, Chief Financial Officer of Euroclinic Group “With TotalSoft system we achieved to reduce both time and cost of every purchase request’s execution, with parallel improvement to the communication with our suppliers, having also available automations and validations that eliminate errors.” - Antonis Mitsis, Logistics Manager of Euroclinic Group The Challenge The Euroclinic health services group has two large hospital units: Euroclinic Athens and Euroclinic Pediatric. The day-to-day operation of such a large organization needs continuous purchasing of a wide variety of materials and services from a wide variety of suppliers. In order to control all these purchases in terms of time, cost and transparency of the procedure, the group realized the need to implement such an Information System. The Solution Euroclinic selected Charisma Cost Control software from TotalSoft Hellas. This choice finally led to a Procurement Management Information System that provides complete procurement management, from defining budgets to the acceptance of the Purchasing Committee and the monitoring of the execution of every single purchasing. This system consists of two main modules: Front Office and Back Office. Front Office enables every user of the system to submit an Expense Request, according to his/ her role and activities. This request can be approved by the Supervisor of the requestor and then it is forwarded to the Back Office in order to be executed. Back Office can be accessed only by the users of the Purchasing department and the Financial department. The users of the Purchasing department receive the Expense Requests and they can manage them accordingly: they can submit them to the Purchasing Committee, they can transform them to Purchase Orders and they can serve them through Internal Deliveries from the corporate warehouses or initiate Purchasing Events (e.g. public tenders). The application in brief è Requests are submitted and approved by the Expense departments’ Supervisors; è The approved Expense Requests can be handled by the Purchasing department; èfor all departments can be defined, Budgets maintained and monitored; è Reports are available to the Management. Business Benefits è It simplifies and automates a complex process; è the communication and cooperation of all It enables the involved departments; è operational costs; It reduces è It optimizes the productivity of the employees; è complete overview of KPIs; It provides è the agility and competitiveness of the It improves company; è a cooperative User Interface, oriented to It provides the satisfaction of the needs and the targets of the organization. To the Management it provides: èfor the basic figures of the company; Reports èfrom a high level to a very low level of detail Reports (drill down); è Comprehensive information regarding every department; è Dashboards, indications and notifications; For the user it provides: èuser interface; Friendly è Automation of trivial operations;
  18. 18. è Use of data coming from third-party applications (ERP); è various business reports. Access to In terms of cost of ownership it ensures: è Easy updates and upgrades, without the need of coding and development; è maintenance. Consistent Technology è SharePoint Server; Microsoft è Dynamics CRM 2011; Microsoft è Charisma Cost Control; TotalSoft è services with existing ERP system. Integration The system produces automatically all the required documents (e.g. Requests for Quotations) and it can be updated regarding the offers from the suppliers through the import of the same electronic documents when they come back filled by the suppliers. According to this data, the comparison between offers can be facilitated. Every request can be managed as a whole or per line (i.e. per requested item). The users of the Financial department can manage the budgets of all the departments and they can monitor the execution of these budgets. The maintenance and the update of these budgets can be manually through the User Interface of the application but, due to the large scale of details that are required by the corporate accounting system, there are so many budget lines that an import mechanism for the related Excel files is required and the system provides this mechanism. A large amount of the data included in the system’s screens come from the corporate ERP and for this purpose integration on the data layer has been implemented (e.g. regarding the data of the items or the vendors). In this integration’s framework, Charisma Cost Control also provides data to the ERP, regarding the purchase invoices. Last but not least, the users of the Financial department and the Management are provided with a series of Reports that analyze every aspect of the purchasing business procedure, in terms of operational costs as well as in terms of the financial benefit that can be achieved by any purchase.
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