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Maconomy Management It Consulting Brochure


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Maconomy Management It Consulting Brochure

  1. 1. the business solution for managementand it consulting companiesThe business processes within consultancies that provideknowledge-intensive services on a project basis to their customersare supported with Deltek’s Maconomy business solutions
  2. 2. business painsFor more than two decades, Deltek has been successfullyworking with Management and IT Consulting companies. Thiscollaboration has given us in-depth knowledge of your industryand enables us to provide expert advice on how to manage andimprove your business processes.Do you have the tools and processes that will enable you to price projectscorrectly and secure transparency of actual costs and profit margins?Do you know the impact of a 1% increase in utilization rates for your billableconsultants on revenue/gross profit?Are your efforts to deliver projects on time, within scope, and within budgetsupported by your business solution?Can you monitor project profitability and billable utilization, and is project WIPcalculated automatically from actual project data?Can you reduce Days Sales Outstanding, if your Project Management systemand back-office are not integrated?Do you have access to the right data at the right time to enablebetter decision-making? 2
  3. 3. client gains Add energy group selected Deltek’s Maconomy solution because the solution aptly fulfils our needs for time capture, project follow-up, financial management, reporting and usability. Furthermore, the solution takes our expansion strategy and integration of new companies into account. Harald Justnæs, CFO, add energy group We have found a system in Maconomy that not only supports our global accounting challenges, but also offers great dashboard and reporting capabilities that will help our managers plan our resources across all of our offices globally. Rob Bothe, CFO, Opera Solutions Deltek has a strong understanding of the professional services industry, and this expertise is fully integrated in the financial and resource management solutions we have selected. This allows us to handle project management, resource planning, advanced business intelligence and all back-office processes using the same system. Todd Erlich, COO, BTS USA We selected Maconomy and now around 70 consultants work with the solution. We were very pleased with the implementation of the Maconomy system. Johan Kluin, Controller, KplusV To read the full client success stories, go to 3
  4. 4. table of contents2 business pains3 client gains5 understanding your business process model6 your business processes and how we support them9 our services10 industry focus creates results 4
  5. 5. understanding your businessprocess model Project Monitor Project ReportingBusiness acquisition Project and resource progress and economy and Businessand project initiation execution planning utilization IntelligenceAny consultancy can agree that the ability to understand and respond Our project managersto structural shifts in the market, and improve risk management capa- can now effectivelybilities, are fundamental considerations when you plan the course for manage all their projectsfuture growth. and our consultants can see their own billableIn order to secure project profitability, it is essential that you deliverprojects on time, within scope, and on budget. To do this, your busi- utilization based on whichness solution must support every step of the project lifecycle. Having bonuses are paid out.worked closely with Management and IT Consulting companies for Moreover, area managersmore than 20 years, we have incorporated the best practices of these can closely track theorganizations in Deltek’s Maconomy business solutions. billable and non-billable utilization of their staffTo build a strong pipeline and win new business, consultancies need and the performancea solution that supports the entire organization from the opportunityphase, to project and resource planning, to project execution, and of the projects for whichclosing. Being able to price projects correctly – and win them – has they are responsible.a huge impact on subsequent project delivery, billing, and resulting This has improvedprofit margins. accountability throughout the organization.Having the right tools, supporting everybody across the organiza- Hans Wolfhagen, Director of Businesstion in the execution phase, will increase the chance of successful Operations, Techniadelivery. When all data is available in real-time, it is easy to monitorprogress, profitability, and utilization. When front-office and back-officeprocesses and workflows are integrated into ONE solution, you canimprove your cash flow.Finally, the advanced business reporting tools of the Maconomy busi-ness solution enable you to base your day-to-day management anddecision-making on facts. 5
  6. 6. your business processes andhow we support themBusiness Acquisition and Project Initiation We have decided toMany consultancies lose money in the transition phase from opportunity- streamline our operationsto-project. But if you have the right tools, which can effectively tie together by implementing Deltek’syour business acquisition and project initiation processes, and ease Maconomy solutionhand-over between your sales force and consultants, then you can facili- and the Businesstate collaboration, and empower your team to fully leverage their collec- Intelligence solutiontive knowledge to win new business. Maconomy Analytix. TheIn the Maconomy business solution, sales processes and project man- integrated solution fromagement tools are seamlessly integrated, which means you can price Deltek includes a lot ofprojects based on budgets and estimates in the sales phase, and trans- software industry-specificfer the data directly to the project. Administration time can be dramat- features along with theically reduced and you will have full control over you pipeline. international setup we need.You are enabled to: Fredrik Gottfridsson, CEO, PocketMobile• Track your pipeline from opportunity to project• Manage opportunities, client and all project details in a single repository• treamline project initiation S• ake accurate forecasts of upcoming revenue M• Manage future capacity and resource requirements based on the pipelineProject and Resource PlanningTo ensure profitability and high utilization rates throughout the projectlifecycle, your project and resource plans must be in place when youkick off the project. Otherwise, execution and subsequent phases willbe based on ‘guesstimates’. When your project management andresource planning tools are completely integrated, you are able to im-prove the overall accuracy of pricing, planning, staffing, budgeting, andsubsequent project execution. You can also provide visibility of projectmilestones to all project stakeholders.With our business solution you can:• Get a real-time overview of capacity and resources• Spot people with available time • et the complete project overview including a complete WBS G• ccess the total budget, updated cost-to-date and remaining budget A• ptimize resource planning based on real-time overview of availability O• orecast future capacity needs based on future projects in the pipeline FBusiness acquisition Projectand project initiation and resource planning 6
  7. 7. Business Project Executionconsolidation will be If a large part of your revenue originates from fixed price projects, thenmuch easier for us since it is essential for profitability that you deliver services and projects onall data automatically flow time, within scope, and within budget. When your estimates and plans are in place, then it becomes much easier to manage project delivery.from each subsidiary to When your consultants can enter time and expenses directly on thethe parent company using project, then you can increase the number of hours accounted for andstrong Maconomy back- subsequently invoiced which will, improve your cash functionality.Patricia Emmel, CFO, Devoteam Group All data is immediately available throughout the system because the time and expense features are fully integrated with financials, project and resource management tools. You are enabled to: • pprove requisitions, budgets, time sheets and expenses online A • Capture key delivery and billing milestones based on the plan • onitor project progress with readily available status reports M • Keep close control of project performance, cost, revenues, labor as well as other resources Monitor Progress and Utilization You always need a complete overview of the financial status of your projects. With on-line access to real-time reports and analytics you can drill down to the details on project performance. At any time you can follow up on the hours and costs, estimate time to completion, monitor billable utilization, and check up on invoices. With the right tools in place, you can proactively handle risks and contingencies. Integrating between sales processes, time registration, project management, resource planning and back-office financial management tools, and reporting gives you instant transparency and saves your entire organization a lot of manual work. Our solution gives you: • Details on project Work in Progress and Estimated time to Completion based on actual registrations • A complete resource overview based on current bookings and future availability • Budget versus actuals data by project Monitor Project progress and execution utilization 7
  8. 8. Project Economy The strongTo drive profitability in any consultancy, it is imperative that you intercompany functionalityminimize the time lag between when a billable hour of work is in Deltek’s Maconomycompleted and when it is invoiced and subsequently paid by the solution means that we’llcustomer. This is why the workflow from time and expense entry always know what’s goingand approval to customer billing is completely integrated in onesolution – to help you reduce the time working capital is tied up. on in our subsidiaries around the world. SinceEven organizations with multiple geographic entities everybody in the companyusing different currencies can use consolidated real- will work in the system,time data for informed decision-making. it will be much easier for us to consolidateYou are able to: all business data just• Manage full financial back-office functions including AP, AR, General Ledger, Fixed Assets, Banking and Reporting seconds after they have• nsure exact and precise time capture at time of execution E been entered into the• et the books accrued and closed fast and at low cost G system somewhere in the• et WIP evaluated fast and accurately based on actuals G world.• onsolidate data from multiple companies C Claudio Arts, Finance Manager, QuintiqReporting and Business IntelligenceThe single largest obstacle for making fact based decisions is if datais not readily available. It can be business critical, when you spend yourtime on manually retrieving, consolidating and reconciling data fromdisparate sources instead of focusing on managing your business andgiving people the knowledge they need to deliver on their goals.Each role needs access to different perspectives based on a fullyintegrated system. You can have the required information in a singledashboard and be able to link easily to performance and efficiencymonitors. Knowledge retention and innovation based on fact-basedbusiness management allows for better internal management and ulti-mately better service delivery to the client.You have access to:• Role-based dashboards• Web-based, standard reports with extensive drill-down functionality• Tools for building queries and reports through a quick selection of rows and columns• Reports can be shown as tables, pie charts bar charts, or results can be exported to spreadsheets for further processing Reporting Project and Business economy Intelligence 8
  9. 9. our services We implemented We deliver an integrated solution, not just great software, but also athe solution on time comprehensive range of consulting services to match your specificand budget with a very business needs – in the pre-selection phase, during implementationsatisfactory result because and after Go Live.of our clear goals, the useof dedicated resources, Implementationand the right solution. Based on years of extensive experience with Professional ServicesJenny Curtsdotter, Project Manager Busi-ness Operations, Technia Organizations, our consultants have developed a unique, fast and cost- effective implementation methodology for deploying Deltek’s solutions. The methodology guarantees quick returns due to fast implementation, a predictable outcome and a smooth transition to Go Live. Consulting Services Our consultants help move your solution from being a tactical finance solution to a strategic business solution via business solution reviews and process analysis. With two decades of experience and expertise from hundreds of implementations, our consultants have extensive know-ledge of industry best practices. The benefits from Our consultants offer a unique combination of business and techni-implementing Deltek’s cal skills, helping you optimize your entire value chain through provenMaconomy solution methods and analysis. This ensures sound projects delivered on time, on budget and within scope.are obvious within ourorganization and I’m surethat more subsidiaries will Customer Careadopt the solution when Deltek has a centralized support organization staffed by skilled, highlythe time is right for them. experienced professionals, each with a key area of expertise. This givesThis will put us in an ideal us a strong foundation for providing high-quality problem resolution toposition for consolidating our clients.our business andcreating coherence inour workflows across the Learn more about our services oncompany.Patricia Emmel, CFO, Devoteam Group 9
  10. 10. industry focus creates resultsBTS USA selects Deltek’s MaconomysolutionsBTS, the global leader in strategic alignment and execution, isimplementing its integrated Maconomy X1 and People Plannersolutions to create business value for its global organization.A consulting business providing customized business simulationsand experiential learning solutions with 25 offices spread around theglobe, BTS needed resource and project planning capabilities thatwould drive real-time business intelligence across its organization.Designed to focus exclusively on the needs of professional servicesfirms, Deltek’s Maconomy solutions deliver project management, jobcosting and advanced business reporting in a single integrated system.“Deltek has a strong understanding of the professional servicesindustry, and this expertise is fully integrated in the financialand resource management solutions we have selected. Thisallows us to handle project management, resource planning,advanced business intelligence and all back-office processesusing the same system,” says BTS USA COO, Todd Erlich. 10
  11. 11. FMI needed a solution that understood thechallenges of the consulting industryWith Deltek’s Maconomy solutions, FMI found a system that improvedits way of doing business - without requiring significant customization.FMI consultants, the front line to all of their clients, pride themselveson offering an exceptional client experience. FMI believes so stronglyin their ability to provide an outstanding customer experience thatthey offer a moneyback guarantee if the client is not satisfied.However, FMI’s inability to provide consultants with the most up todate information was straining their client relationship. For example, aconsultant might call a client to check on the status of a payment, onlyto learn that it had been received by accounting two days earlier.“Consultants couldn’t get the latest information on their clientswithout going through finance, and sometimes it could take fivedays to get the reports back out to them,” says Denise Proctor, CFO,FMI. “That doesn’t work when you need the latest information.”Another challenge FMI had was with receivables over120 days old, which were 19% of revenue totals.“We knew that the receivables number was holding us back. Weneeded to get that number down,” explains Proctor. The highpercentage of old receivables had a significant impact on cash flows.Consultants are only paid when the money is collected from clients,so not only was FMI incurring a cash flow problem, but individualconsultants were suffering from the high receivable number.It was clear that FMI needed to decrease their receivables,increase cash-flow, better support their consultants and relievetheir overburdened accounting department. They set out tofind the software solution that could accomplish these goals.Accordingly, FMI created a task force and a list of over 150 systemrequirements in order to guide their selection process.“The most important requirement was a flexible invoicingsystem,” says CFO Denise Proctor. “We invoice in a number ofdifferent ways for all of our business groups, and we didn’t wantaccounting to have to do a lot of work on the back end.” 11
  12. 12. organic business solutionsDeltek (Nasdaq: PROJ), which recently acquired Maconomy and INPUT,is the leading global provider of enterprise applications software andsolutions designed specifically for project-focused businesses. Fordecades, we have enabled government contractors and professionalservices firms to automate mission-critical business processes aroundthe engagement, execution and delivery of projects. Over 14,000 cus-tomers use our solutions to measure business results, optimize per-formance, streamline operations and win new business.For more information, visit www.deltek.comMaconomy is a global provider of ERP business solutions for Profes-sional Services organizations. Our fully integrated business solutionincorporates financial management, project management, time entry,resource planning, CRM, HR and business intelligence for profitableresults. Selected international clients include TNS, Devoteam, Semcon,ErgoGroup, Deltares and Rambøll, as well as all of the three biggest glo-bal marketing communications networks and four of the Big Five globalaccounting firms. Maconomy services and supports around 600 clientsin more than 50 countries worldwide.For more information, visit Copyright and Trademarks: © 2010 Maconomy A/S. All rights reserved. All product names and company names are trademarks or registered trademarks of the respective companies.