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Scott rains slide share


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Scott rains slide share

  1. 1. Scott RainsMULT 1103 Slide Share Presentation
  2. 2. Google Reader RSS feedsCoast to Coast AM: TMZ: Celebrity News & Articles GossipGlenn Beck: Oklahoma Gazette: The Blaze Chicken Fried News Off Road Racing Forum
  3. 3. smrains.Word Press BlogTheme: Digg 3 columnBackground: GreyHeader: PhotoshopMenus: 1; Tabs: 3; Bio, Blog, OtherSidebars: RSS Feeds, Twitter, Flickr, facebookIntegrated in body: myspace, Pintrest, YouTube
  4. 4. Required Blog Posts Mari Smith 2013 year of the Video:  Best $12 spent: Personal post, Optimized with hyperlinks hyper-linked and linked to Instagram Social Media in Business: Hyper-  Spell Check…Always: Static linked embedded image picture, hyper-linked to news Simple Formula for marketing website, and ‘pinned’ scripts: Hyper linked, embedded  Other Things: Personal Post, image (modified) hyperlink to a news and facebook Instagram: Hyperlinked and  BIO: Hyperlinked to points of embedded image hyperlinked to interest and Myspace easter egg personal Instagram  Slide Share:posted to Blog and Adobe Flash Class: link to my Drop bo YouTube video, tagged
  5. 5. TwitterCreated Optimized account: @ScottMRains@ to Heidie Brandes# greatandpowerfuloz included images: directly and thru Hootsuite and facebook
  6. 6. HootSuiteSet up Account: ScottMRainsLinked: to TwitterLinked: to facebook tweeted and FB posts from HootSuite
  7. 7. face bookOptimized alternate facebook account : Befriended only Scott Rains’ continent wide scott.rains.77920Created facebook page: The Scott Rains Page: showcased skills pages/Scott-M-Rains/132363526939510Applications Added: None
  8. 8. PinterestHad myself invited: username/scottmrainsCreated an account / linked to the othersCreated a boardAdded a pin to blog post: Spell Check Always
  9. 9. Linked InOptimized account: pub/scott-rains/67/70a/b94Connected with 3 friendsJoined GroupsAdded Applications: none
  10. 10. FlickrCreated account: smrainsIntegrated with: wordpress widget and an old Yahoo accountAdded 3 sets: School, Fun, BandPosted images
  11. 11. You Tube Created account: /user/retardomontobond Produced and posted video about car repair Produced and posted Flash video Favorited videos in which I am dancing or acting like a fool. Customized background with this picture  Created Playlist using add button
  12. 12. Delicious & DiggDid not do Delicious or DiggDid optimize GRAVATAR and verify external services through it.Updated Myspace profile that is hidden on BIO page. New layout, arranged songs, updated info.
  13. 13. Slide Share14 Slide power point.Will integrate with Linked in and post as final post.Put in the drop box.
  14. 14. D2L interaction Interacted on Ethics Discussions. 1,2,&3 Commented on Blogposts:  April is Blessed: Does Twitter help students get better grades?  Life is a Journey: Russia’s Big boom  Nerd Girl Project: Pucker up for Instagram