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Presentation for the National School Public Relations Association conference, Chicago, July 2012.

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  • ----- Meeting Notes (7/8/12 18:56) -----This will primarily be a nuts and bolts presentation, geared toward school PR people already using socal media, but looking for a "next step" in integrating sites so that they can mesh together better. Not talking about social media dashboards.
  • Something always happens in social media news just before I head to NSPRA, and certainly while I’m working on a presentation. In the past – Rutgers University story, Anthony Weiner story, and now this year, something else just happened that intrigued me and made me think about how social media connections can be really important. Every year, there’s a great example of the Power of Social Media. So this year, I have a trivia question for you.
  • A video called “Making the Bus Monitor Cry” is posted on YouTube by a students at Athena Middle School in Greece, NY. It initially gets a few thousand hits.Max Sidorov sees the video, is outraged, writes about it on Reddit, social bookmarking site. He announces that he’s created a crowdfunding account on Ms. Klein’s behalf on YouTube video hits increase to 8 million.
  • Sidorov’s fundraising page sets goal of $5,000, urging users to contribute toward vacation for Klein, who makes $15,000 a year. In 3 weeks, the site raises $679,000. There are still 11days left to contribute.
  • Families of four boys waive rights to hearing and agree to one-year suspensions from school and bus transportationSuspended students will be transferred to alternative ed program at district Reengagement Center in a non-school facility in 2012-13 Must complete 50 community service hours w/senior citizens, and formal program of bullying prevention, respect and responsibilityIf, after 30 weeks, students complete conditions of discipline and are in good standing, can apply for readmission to Athena Middle School
  • On June 26, Karen Klein got to meet Max Sidorov.After her trip to Boston, she said she plans to donate some of her $676,000 to charities that help kids with Down syndrome and autism.
  • Probably the best known way to connect two sites, and the two most used sites by school districts so far. Simply go to the website listed here: You’ll see the window on the left. Click on that, and any pages you administer will come up in the dialogue box on the right. Click on the “Link to Twitter” button to link your two sites. Icons that don’t say “link to Twitter” on them means they’re already linked fro this Facebook page. These are all the pages I administer or help to admin.
  • On Facebook, search for selective twitter. Make sure you’re signed up as the administrator of your page or pages. Or go to this link, and this page will pop up. If you administer administer pages, it will include tabs for Your Profile. Your Fan Pages, etc. Click on your fan pages and you can choose which one you’d like to connect IN REVERSE of what we just discussed. Once connected, if you use #fb after each of your tweets, they will appear on Facebook page. This is for people who tend to be on Twitter more often than Facebook, or in the heat of the moment, don’t want to leave their Twitter account.
  • Twitter unlinked LinkedIn from their platform this month. This means that you can no longer automatically broadcast tweets from your Twitter account to LinkedIn by using #li. But users of LinkedIn can automatically broadcast “Twitter status messages” from LinkedIn to Twitter. To post a Tweet on LinkedIn, simply type your message in the box on your profile page, click on “attach a link,” and click on the Twitter bird on the right, then “share.”
  • Simply type in your message, attach a link (if you have one), and decide if you want to share with all followers or targeted audience. The targeted audience option allows you to choose to share with only employees, everyone, and then targets your readers based on geography and type of business they’re in. Click on “share.” Once you create a company page, look often at the Insights and Page Statistics buttons for info on who’s looking at your page.
  • This is what it looks like. Doesn’t take you back to YouTube to watch, no need for a long link here.
  • Go to your Google account, click on settings button, and scroll down to connected accounts. Click on “Connecting Your Accounts” and page will come up. Choose which accounts to connect to your Google+ account.
  • The company is called Woobox, but you can find their apps just by using the URL at the top. If you admin a Facebook page, it will automatically ask you which fan page you want to add a tab to.
  • Here’s how it looks on our SWBOCES Facebook page. Pinterest tab.
  • This is primarily for Facebook, but benefits other social media sites, too, because chances are, you have the most followers or fans on Facebook. The one third-party app I use the most is provided by Involver. They let you link your YouTube channel for free to your Facebook fan page. On this screen, you can see the easy process of installing YouTube on your fan page on the left. You can then edit your YouTube page on Facebook, if you want, but this service will update and refresh your page automatically. Look for “YouTube” on your applications tabs on Facebook.
  • All of these come with certain free features, then if you want more, you have to pay.
  • This is what our news stories look like (at the end) on our website. I have shared the Tweet button code with everyone on my staff, and they’re supposed to either use the Tweet button at the end of their stories, or the AddThis button, which is coming next.
  • You can also embed a “Find Us on Facebook” box like this one on your website or your blog. Go to the URL at the top, and the gray box will appear. You just fill out your preferences on size, the Facebook page URL, and then click on Get Code. You can cut and paste the code onto your website or blog.
  • Fill in the information on the left, including the URL of the page where you want the Facebook button to appear. Simply click on “Get Code,” and cut and paste the code onto you website, wherever you want to use it.
  • The price is proprietary information, but you can contact the company,
  • Wave of the future? Look at the good work that Papillion-La Vista already has done, with FB pages for all of their schools. It’s a matter of time and for many of us, staff.
  • Connecting Your Social Media

    1. 1. Connecting Your Social MediaEvelyn McCormackNSPRA 2012
    2. 2. Power of Social Media Question NSPRA 2012 Who is Karen Klein?
    3. 3. Klein story hits mainstream media,and she’s interviewed on all major network and cable news shows.The Today Show’s Matt Lauer calls the kids in the video “narrow minded monsters.”
    4. 4. Why Connect Your Sites?• Time-saver• User-friendly: Watch YouTube video on Facebook; read tweets on FB; read FB posts on Twitter, etc.• “Mashup” all your social media on one web page (if you’re willing to pay)
    5. 5. What We’ll Examine• Tricks on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, other sites that connect one to the other• Free (but limited) online apps that can connect accounts• “Share” buttons• Social media “mashups” (cool social media portals)
    6. 6. 1. Facebook to Twitter
    7. 7. 2. Selective Tweets (Twitter to FB) #fb after every tweet; will appear in real time on Facebook fanpage.
    8. 8. 4. LinkedIn to Twitter(but not in reverse anymore)
    9. 9. 5. Targeted Status Updates on LinkedIn Company Pages
    10. 10. 6. YouTube to Facebook & TwitterOn your YouTube channel, go to Settings Sharing. Choose“Connect” to link w/social media sites you want to share videoswith. Each time you upload a video, it will also appear on FB/Twitter
    11. 11. 7. Enewsletters to Social MediaSimple Share on Constant Contact prompts you to post your eNewsletter toFacebook and Twitter
    12. 12. 8. QR Code to Your District Website White Plains City School District QR code takes you directly to the website Southern Westchester BOCES QR codeconnects you to the website. Print QR code on back of all District business cards.
    13. 13. Google QR Code CreatorSimply type in your website URL and creates the code
    14. 14. 9. Google+ to Other Social MediaGo to your Google account, click on Accounts in left column. Scroll down toConnected Accounts. Click on “Connecting Your Accounts” and page willcome up. Choose which accounts to connect to your Google+ account.
    15. 15. Third-Party Applications Click on “Install Page Tab”Choose your fan page in thedropdown and click on Add PageTab
    16. 16. Your new tab will appear on your fan page. The tab says “welcome,” but you can change that later.Click on “Authorize the Tab Application” Click “allow”, this page comes up. Type in URL of District’s Pinterest page, then choose size of page or keep at 800 px, the default). Woobox also offers a free Twitter tab. Credit: Pinterest for Business
    17. 17. Integrate other social media sites on your Facebook fan page.Include Twitter, RSS feed, Flickr. YouTube. (two apps for free)
    18. 18. White Plains’ Involver YouTube tab
    19. 19. White Plains YouTube on Facebook Involver’s YouTube for Facebook page. Refreshes automatically w/latest video uploaded to YouTube. Library of other videos below.
    20. 20. Involver’s photo page application for Facebook. Scrolling library of photos, with afeatured photo at the top.
    21. 21. Other Third-Party App Services • Antz Media ( • Tabfusion ( • Tabsite ( • Faceitpages ( • Iwipa ( • Shortstack (
    22. 22. Share Buttons: Go ViralMultiple Sharing Sites:1. AddThis2. SharethisSingle Sharing Sites:1. Facebook “Like” Box2. Facebook “Like” Button3. Tweet Button4. Follow Widget (Twitter)
    23. 23. 1. Tweet Button on Twitter, go to About Resources Buttons. Choosebutton style & Twitter will develop html code.Cut & paste code to website.
    24. 24. 2. Facebook Plugins https://developers.fac ence/plugins/like-box/ Facebook Box
    25. 25. Facebook Button
    26. 26. 3. AddThis Social Plugins
    27. 27. Fill in URLs of social media sites, thenAddThis provides html code to pasteon website. We use it on our newspages.
    28. 28. What it looks like on our website, below a story and video.
    29. 29. Social Media Mashups and Portals
    30. 30. Flickr YouTube Featured/ Facebook Pinterest Scrollingphotos/videos via cooliris
    31. 31. Northfield Mount HermonFacebook Blog posts Flickr photos Twitter Twitter Feed YouTube YouTube Videos
    32. 32. All Harvard Social Media Featured VideoFeatured Tweet
    33. 33. • 56 Facebook Pages• 22 YouTube Channels• 128 Twitter Feeds• 21 Flickr Pages• 1 Google+ Account• 1 Stumbleupon Account• 1 Foursquare Account
    34. 34. Thanks for Connecting!• 914-592-4203•• blog:• (Powerpoint and handouts)