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Ch. 4 sec. 2 aod pt.1


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Ch. 4 sec. 2 aod pt.1

  1. 1. Chapter Four: The American Revolution Section Two: The Revolution Begins A. Massachusetts defies Britain a. 1. The Boston Tea Party i. Patriots protest and ______________ the sale of tea. ii. May ____________ - Parliament passed the _______ Act. iii. This law was designed to save the ___________ East India Company which was nearly bankrupt. iv. It granted the company a ____________ on the tea trade in the colonies. v. They could also sell tea directly to ___________. vi. This upset __________ who felt they were being put out of business. vii. December 1773 – a boatload of tea arrived in ___________ Harbor. viii. Around 150 colonists disguised as Mohawk Indians boarded the ship and threw the tea into the ___________ Harbor. b. 2. The Coercive Acts i. Designed to _______________ Massachusetts. ii. Boston Harbor was _________ until the tea was paid for. iii. Town meetings were banned and self __________________ was limited. iv. The Colonists called these laws the __________________ Acts c. The First Continental Congress i. Meeting of the colonists in response to the ___________ Acts. (Sept. 1774) ii. Created a Declaration of ______________ and Grievances. iii. They explained they were _____________ to the king, but condemned the Intolerable Acts B. The Revolution Begins a. _______________ (civilian soldiers) began training and preparing for war. b. These soldiers were called minutemen because they were ready to fight within a _____________ notice.
  2. 2. c. Two sides began to develop in the __________ d. _______________ - those who supported England e. Also called _________ f. Patriots - those who felt the ___________ had become tyrannical i. 1. Lexington and Concord ii. April 1775 – first battle of the American Revolution. iii. British troops set out to destroy a colonial _____________ near Concord, MA. iv. The colonists were warned by Paul ____________. CHUNK #2 Pg. 130 Study the map Why do you think Paul Revere and William Dawes took different routes on the first leg of their journey? v. Colonial militia met up with the British soldiers at ____________ and fighting broke out. vi. The British were forced to ___________. vii. The colonists continued to attack from behind trees, ____________, and houses. (English lost more than 100 men). 2. The Second Continental Congress a. Met 3 weeks later in _______________. b. Voted to create the _____________ Army and appointed George Washington as its’ commander. c. They would act as the central government of the colonies for the rest of the _________. 3. The Battle of Bunker Hill a. First ___________ scale battle b. __________ 16, 1775 c. Colonists pushed back several _________ attacks before retreating d. Morale victory – helped boost the ______________ of the colonies.