Chapter 2 sec 2 Part 2


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  • Agree Disagree 1. Early Native Agree Disagree ____ ____ Americans were ____ ____ hunter-gatherers. ____ ____ 2. People of the ____ _____ Olmec civilization were mound builders.
  • Chapter 2 sec 2 Part 2

    1. 1. September 5, 2008September 5, 2008 Agree Disagree 1. Early Native Agree DisagreeAgree Disagree 1. Early Native Agree Disagree ____ ________ ____ Americans were ____ ____Americans were ____ ____ hunter-gatherers.hunter-gatherers. ____ ____ 2. People of the ____ _________ ____ 2. People of the ____ _____ Olmec civilizationOlmec civilization were mound builders.were mound builders.
    2. 2. Chapter Two:Chapter Two: Colonizing AmericaColonizing America Section TwoSection Two ContinuedContinued:: English ColoniesEnglish Colonies in Americain America C. England Returns to AmericaC. England Returns to America • Queen Elizabeth IQueen Elizabeth I grantedgranted a charter to Sir Walter Raleigha charter to Sir Walter Raleigh to start an English settlementto start an English settlement in America.
    3. 3.  1585 –Sir Walter Raleigh founded a1585 –Sir Walter Raleigh founded a settlement off the coast of Northsettlement off the coast of North Carolina calledCarolina called RoanokeRoanoke..  This new land was namedThis new land was named VirginiaVirginia
    4. 4.  The governor of Roanoke returned toThe governor of Roanoke returned to England for supplies.England for supplies.  When he returned theWhen he returned the colony had disappeared.colony had disappeared.  Roanoke is sometimesRoanoke is sometimes called thecalled the “Lost Colony”“Lost Colony”..
    5. 5. D. JamestownD. Jamestown CHUNK #3CHUNK #3 Retell – turn to page 62. ReadRetell – turn to page 62. Read Jamestown is FoundedJamestown is Founded through the 2through the 2ndnd paragraph ofparagraph of Early TroublesEarly Troubles. Retell. Retell the passage to your turn and talkthe passage to your turn and talk partner.partner.
    6. 6. D. JamestownD. Jamestown The Early YearsThe Early Years  1604 –1604 – King James IKing James I gavegave a group of investors a chartera group of investors a charter to start a new settlement into start a new settlement in Virginia.Virginia.  These investors formed theThese investors formed the Virginia CompanyVirginia Company..  1606 – These settlers arrived1606 – These settlers arrived in Virginia andin Virginia and foundedfounded JamestownJamestown..
    7. 7.  The settlement had a very difficultThe settlement had a very difficult start.start.  Few knew how to farm or buildFew knew how to farm or build houses.houses.  Almost allAlmost all of the colonistsof the colonists died in the first year.died in the first year.  Captain John SmithCaptain John Smith eventually helped theeventually helped the colony survive by tradingcolony survive by trading and working with theand working with the Native Americans.Native Americans.
    8. 8. 2. Growth of Jamestown2. Growth of Jamestown  Jamestown continued toJamestown continued to struggle for many years.struggle for many years.  It was ultimately saved byIt was ultimately saved by tobaccotobacco farmingfarming, which was very profitable., which was very profitable.  Jamestown was theJamestown was the 11stst permanentpermanent EnglishEnglish settlement in Americasettlement in America
    9. 9.  1618 – The Virginia Company created1618 – The Virginia Company created thethe Virginia House of BurgessesVirginia House of Burgesses..  This was an elected assembly that wouldThis was an elected assembly that would propose laws.propose laws.  The House of BurgessesThe House of Burgesses was thewas the 11stst representativerepresentative assemblyassembly in Americain America..
    10. 10.  In order to get new settlers to come toIn order to get new settlers to come to Virginia, The Virginia CompanyVirginia, The Virginia Company introduced the system ofintroduced the system of headrights.headrights.  This system gaveThis system gave 50 acres of land50 acres of land toto anyone who wouldanyone who would pay for thepay for the transportationtransportation of someone to theof someone to the colony. (colony. (family member, indenturedfamily member, indentured servant, etcservant, etc.) about $17.67.) about $17.67
    11. 11. E.E. MarylandMaryland  Colony founded byColony founded by George CalvertGeorge Calvert, or, or Lord BaltimoreLord Baltimore..  He was anHe was an English CatholicEnglish Catholic who wantedwho wanted to start a colony where Catholics couldto start a colony where Catholics could live and worship and worship freely.  This was aThis was a proprietor colonyproprietor colony – it was– it was owned by one person.owned by one person.
    12. 12. ReviewReview 1.1. Why is Roanoke considered the LostWhy is Roanoke considered the Lost Colony?Colony? 2.2. When the House of Burgesses isWhen the House of Burgesses is described it is said to be the 1described it is said to be the 1stst representative assembly in America.representative assembly in America. What is meant by a representativeWhat is meant by a representative assembly?assembly?