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America’s rise to world power, 1890 1930


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America’s rise to world power, 1890 1930

  1. 1. 1Rise of America as a world power KTHS, Modern World History 2013-14 , Mr. Peal
  2. 2. 1. America became the world’s leader in ________________ in the late 1800s. 2. America acquired an __________. It took control of land in other places. 3. As an empire, America took part in world events, including __________. 2Rise of America as a world power
  3. 3. 1. America became a world leader in industry 3Rise of America as a world power
  4. 4.  STEEL: In 1890, the US became the world’s largest steel maker, thanks to ___________.  OIL: ______________’s company controlled the production and sale of oil in the US.  AUTOMOBILES: Henry ________’s Model T enabled millions of working people to buy a car.  RAILROADS : American railroads connected the goods and people of all _________ (North, South, and West). Production of steel, 1875-1900 4Rise of America as a world power
  5. 5. The US had great influence on other countries:  _________________ came from other countries to work in American factories, farms, and railroads.  Factory owners needed __________ from other countries.  Workers bought and sold goods from around the world. 5Rise of America as a world power
  6. 6. Everyone wanted to live in America in the late 1800s. 6Rise of America as a world power
  7. 7. 2. America built an empire 7Rise of America as a world power An empire is a country that controls land in different parts of the world.
  8. 8. 1. To get _________________. It needed coal for its machines and ports for its ships. 2. To increase ________________. It wanted to be as strong as other empires, such as Britain (England) and Germany. At this time, countries created large _____________ (fighting ships) to protect trade and show their strength. 8Rise of America as a world power
  9. 9. 3. Americans thought they had a mission to “civilize” and ____________ other people. Americans thought they were better than others. 9Rise of America as a world power Who does the teacher represent? Who are his students? What is his attitude toward the students?
  10. 10. A. THE WEST 1. America acquired land in the NW (Oregon) from ________________by treaty. 2. America then acquired land in the Far West and Southwest from ______________by war. 3. America conquered the Great ________________ by taking the land from Native Americans by force, destroying herds of buffalos, and building reservations 10Rise of America as a world power Railroads connected the new states of the West with the powerful industrial cities of the East.
  11. 11. B. ALASKA 1. In 1867, America bought Alaska from ____________. The US government wanted to expand American power in the Pacific Ocean. 2. Alaska had natural resources such as f_________ and f_______________. 3. In the 1890s, ______________ was discovered in Alaska and the territory became very valuable. 4. Alaska became the 49th state in 1959. 11Rise of America as a world power
  12. 12. C. HAWAII 1. The island of Hawaii was an independent country with a ___________________ (king & queen). 2. Benefits for America: o Place for ships to load up with ____________ when crossing the Pacific Ocean. o Place to grow_______________ cane. 3. American sugar planters helped force the Queen of Hawaii to sign a ________________with US giving it control of Hawaii. 4. Hawaii became the 50th state in 1959. 12Rise of America as a world power
  13. 13. D. Many small islands in the Pacific Ocean (Midway, Wake, Samoa, Guam, Philippines) 1. These islands gave America excellent _________________ for their ships. 2. Provided a source of ________________ (bird dung, used as fertilizer for farmers). 3. Guam and the Philippines were taken from Spain after America’s victory in the ________________- ________________ War in 1898. (More about this later…) 13Rise of America as a world power
  14. 14. E. Puerto Rico 1. Puerto Rico was a ______________ colony since the early 1500s. 2. ________________ labor was introduced in 1513. Sugar cane was grown on the island. 3. Americans wanted to create a base for America’s __________________in the Atlantic. 4. After America defeated Spain in the Spanish-American War, Spain gave America Puerto Rico. It was now an American ________________. 14Rise of America as a world power
  15. 15.  Why American wanted a ___________ in Panama o Shorten trip between East and West coast, which was good for business o Make it easy to move navy ships between territories in the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean  Panama was part of Colombia until US supported a rebellion in 1903 that brought a new government to power and gave US control of the ______________________ Zone  The Panama Canal was built between 1904 and 1914; 25,000 workers __________________ while building it (disease, accident, overwork)Rise of America as a world power 15
  16. 16. 3. America took part in world events. 16Rise of America as a world power a. Spanish-American War b. World War 1
  17. 17. 1. Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines were ___________________colonies. 2. _____________ was a valuable crop in Cuba. In the late 1800s American businesses owned sugar cane plantations in Cuba, which was owned by Spain. 3. In the 1890s Americans supported Cubans in their struggle for ____________________from Spain. (See the cartoon on the next slide.) 4. President McKinley sent the battleship ____________ to Cuba to show Spain that America would support and defend the Cuban rebels. 17Rise of America as a world power
  18. 18. Some Americans in the late 1800s depicted the Spanish empire as cruel and unjust, like the British Empire was seen by Americans in the late 1700s. Others think this view was an excuse for the US to take over Spanish colonies. 18Rise of America as a world power
  19. 19. 19Rise of America as a world power
  20. 20. 1. Without evidence, America ________________the explosion on Spain and declared war. 2. American ships destroyed Spain’s _____________ (armed ships) off the coast of Cuba. 3. Theodore __________________ led soldiers against the Spanish in Cuba, winning a key victory at San Juan Hill. 4. Around the world, America’s navy, headed by Admiral Dewey, destroyed Spain’s navy in the ______________________and took over the colony. 5. America defeated the 500-year-old Spanish Empire in a few months in 1898. America was now one of the world’s strongest _________________________. 20Rise of America as a world power
  21. 21. 21Rise of America as a world power
  22. 22. In the peace treaty of 1898, America took over Spain’s colonies of Guam, Philippines, and Puerto Rico. Cuba did NOT become a colony. 22Rise of America as a world power
  23. 23. America after the Spanish-American War 23Rise of America as a world power
  24. 24. Rise of America as a world power 24 1.Who does the large gentleman represent? 2.What do the first five pictures represent? 3.How many states were in the US at the start of the Civil War? 4.What colonies were part of the US after the Spanish-American War? 5.Whose hands are outstretched on the right? 6.Why are they outstretched?
  25. 25. World War 1 had several causes: 1. The powerful nations of Europe were proud. This was called _____________________________. 2. England, Germany, and France wanted to expand their ___________________ in Africa and Asia (imperialism). their empires grew, they also expanded their ______________ and navies. Alliances. Empires made agreements with other empires to defend each other if war ever broke out. There were two alliances (look at the map on the next slide) 1. Central Powers: Germany and Austria in the center of Europe 2. Triple Entente (also called the Allied Powers): Britain, France, and Russia surrounding Germany and Austria  War broke out I 1914 over a small conflict between Austria and Serbia. Quickly, the alliances were fighting 25Rise of America as a world power
  26. 26. 26Rise of America as a world power
  27. 27. 1. At first, America was ___________________. It didn’t fight. America sold food, clothing, and weapons to both sides. 2. Then, in 1915 a German submarine sunk a British ship, the ___________________, believing it had supplies for Britain. Many Americans were aboard. Germany apologized, so America didn’t go to war. But Americans now sided with Britain. 3. In early 1917 Germans began to use unlimited _____________warfare. Many American ships were sunk by German submarines to keep them from trading with Germany’s enemy, Britain. 4. Many Americans and President ________________were now furious. 27Rise of America as a world power
  28. 28.  The US fought on the side of the ________________ Powers (Britain, France, and Russia) AGAINST Germany and Austria  Most fighting occurred in two places: 1. The _____________Front in northern France 2. The _____________Front in Russia American troops went to the Western Front.  The US helped France and England defeat the ____________. 28Rise of America as a world power
  29. 29.  Soldiers. America sent 10,000 soldiers a day by the summer of 1918. More than one _________________ American soldiers fought on the Western Front in France.  Supplies. America also supplied ____________ and guns.  Money. America lent the money necessary to defeat the Germans.  ________________ asked for an __________________________(ce ase fire) on November 11, 1918, ending the war. 29Rise of America as a world power
  30. 30. After the war ended, America was…  …the country least _________________ by war.  …the ______________________ country in the world, All the countries of Europe owed money to America.  A world leader in industry and popular _____________________. 30Rise of America as a world power