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Duncan Wood, Director, Mexico Institute, The Wilson Centre


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Prospects for Trilateral Climate Policy

Published in: Environment
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Duncan Wood, Director, Mexico Institute, The Wilson Centre

  1. 1. D R . D U N C A N W O O D Prospects for Trilateral Climate Policy
  2. 2. Climate policy in North America: Drivers of change 6/27/2016Dr Duncan Wood 3 The inflection point Violent weather Emerging international consensus - Paris Climate- friendly governments Rise of renewables Technological advance Consumer trends Energy intensity and efficiency Mexico’s energy reform Obama’s legacy
  3. 3. North America in the global context 6/27/2016Dr Duncan Wood 4  Overall (ranking):  USA: 5561 MtCO2 (2)  Canada: 558 MtCO2 (11)  Mexico: 457 MtCO2 (14)  Per capita:  USA: 17 tCO2  Canada: 16 tCO2  Mexico: 3.6 tCO2
  4. 4. The development of Mexico’s climate strategy 6/27/2016Dr Duncan Wood 5
  5. 5. Mexico’s energy reform – a consolidated approach 6/27/2016Dr Duncan Wood 6 International climate policy Electricity Energy transition law Hydrocarbons
  6. 6. North American Approaches 6/27/2016Dr Duncan Wood 7 NAEWG Montreal protocol phase down Toluca Summit Energy Ministers meetings North American Climate Change and Energy Working Group Bilateral/trilateral agreements
  7. 7. Climate policy paths for North America 6/27/2016Dr Duncan Wood 8 Existing proposals Carbon market Carbon and trade Integration Technologies Adaptation