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Winter 2 goodie


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Winter 2 goodie

  1. 1. Arbor Watch ~The Eighth Season~ ~Goodie~ By: Pony(formerly CanImarryapony)
  2. 2. New family time in Arbor Watch. I bring you the Goodies because I haven’t ever played them before and everybody needs a sweet couple like that. I’m actually quite proud of their house. It turned out cute, unfortunately I don’t think I took any pictures of the inside floor plan. Oh well.
  3. 3. So Herbert and Faith get a minute to enjoy their new home before it’s time to get to work. They’re both knowledge sims. Herbert wants to be a mad scientist and Faith wants to be a criminal mastermind. Herbert’s might be possible, I got enough teens in the neighborhood to pull it off. Faith’s is a little more up in the air.
  4. 4. I go ahead and age them down. I want them to be able to have babies and a real fresh start. I know they could just adopt, but I want Faith to be able to have babies of her own.
  5. 5. I had to cheat a little to get them enough aspiration points to get the weather changer thing, but I didn’t go overboard. Herbet changes the season to winter, to get their house in sync with everyone else.
  6. 6. It’s off to Komei’s Klothes to get some new threads. They grew down into okay clothes, but I want to give them a makeover so I can get a good look at their faces.
  7. 7. The welcome wagon was there when they got home. Amber and Abby Vega and Lilly Smithe. I think it’s appropriate that the founder and the young women of Arbor Watch are the welcome wagon.
  8. 8. Humble also had apparently dropped by, I don’t remember if I sold it, or just stuck in their inventory.
  9. 9. Herbert and Faith changed into their new clothes, not exactly snazzy for Herbert, but it fit him so well. I don’t know his hair ended up blonde instead of red. I think his eyebrows were actually blonde. Well anyways, Herb entertained the guests while Faith made lunch.
  10. 10. I decide that Faith and Herbert are going to run a flower shop called Goodie Blooms. Original name I know, any how I want snapdragons.
  11. 11. After all the guests leave, Herbert and Faith settle down for bed.
  12. 12. Yay, Faith’s gonna have a baby….you would think after Sandy having so many kids babies wouldn’t be this exciting. But they still are.
  13. 13. Day Two begins with yummy breakfast, one of the them has a decent amount of cooking points and they got to eat omelets instead of cereal.
  14. 14. Faith got to work making daisy bouquets for their future shop.
  15. 15. And Herbert he did things, I’m not actually sure what he did because I failed to take pictures of it. So Day Two ends much like Day One.
  16. 16. Day Three begins with angsty Jay Cooke stealing the newspaper. Jay bring that back!
  17. 17. Faith makes more flower arrangments while Herbert actually does stuff for a change. They’re a little short on funds to buy the store, but Herbert’s working on that.
  18. 18. Faith finally pops. I’m so excited!
  19. 19. Faith goes to bed early while Herbert continues to dig for treasure. He almost has enough to buy Goodie Blooms.
  20. 20. Day Four and the store can finally be purchased. Yay.
  21. 21. Herbert takes a turn on the flower bench while Faith cooks up some breakfast.
  22. 22. Faith lays down for an afternoon nap. So Herbert’s off to the store for the first time. They can only afford a register and some light inventory, hopefully no one will mind buying it off the ground.
  23. 23. No one seems to mind at all. Herbet does pretty well for the first day. He closes up at six and heads home.
  24. 24. He climbs into bed with Faith when he gets home, working the store left him exhausted.
  25. 25. Faith finally gets up and jumps back into making daisy bouquets.
  26. 26. Some time after she pops again, Herbert and faith headed back to bed.
  27. 27. Early Day Five Herbert goes back to Goodie Blooms and gets it up to rank one. I cashed in on the money tree perk and got him some decent shelves and more inventory.
  28. 28. Faith’s pregnancy is taking a lot out of her. So Herbert takes a turn at the flower arranging bench. It won’t hurt for both of them to have badges.
  29. 29. Poor Faith is always either eating or sleeping. She does manage to sneak in paying the bills. I don’t know if she’s going to have more than one kid or not since she’s having such a tough time. I guess it wouldn’t hurt a small family for once.
  30. 30. At last, it’s over, Faith went into labor just before the season ended.
  31. 31. Little Ruth is born and this season is finally over. The Goodies couldn’t afford anything other than a toddler blanket for Reno Day. So I’m not going to take out taxes for them. But I believe a position in Architecture is open now.
  32. 32. Rotation: Winter 2 Households: 5 of 5 Playable Sims: 22 # Of Total Residents(PS + Gravestones): 22 Community Lots: 7 Business Districts: 0 Universities: 0 Downtown: No SM: 3 Population: 66 CAS Available: 3/5 University Funds: $6357 # of Fires: 8 # of Burglaries: 0 # of Electrocutions: 0 # of Graves: 0 *Stat sheet inspired by THEOlive211
  33. 33. Careers: Business – 1/1 Law Enforcement 2/2 Slacker 0/1 Entertainment 1/1 Culinary 1/1 Architecture 1/1 Businesses: Amber's Tales - Amber Vega - 10 More than Food - Julien Cooke – 7 Komei's Klothes – Komei Vega – 3 Smithe's Underground – Ethan Smithe – 2 The Toy Chest- Ethan Smithe- 2 Bertino’s Bolts- Dagmar Bertino – 2 Goodie Blooms – Herbert Goodie - 1